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  1. For one who has owned a variety of products from Apple, Windows, Samsung, and a few others, I honestly don't see what the hype is about for Mac anyways. Besides, I can't use my FLAC formatted music on Apple products, so I've gone back to using Third Party MP3 players. They go around acting like they invented the wheel, but in all honesty they are just a bunch of very good salespeople. Heck, why the hell does Steve Jobs get all the credit when it was Steve Wozniak that created the Apple computer. I hope Apple loses big time to teach them a lesson.
  2. You welcome and to use spoilers just type [spoiler' date='] at the front of what ya want hidden and then [/spoiler,'] at end. Type that without commas and you should be good.
  3. First thing dude put your images in a spoiler if your not able to resize them. I'm assuming the armor correct? Well if that is the case go here and then download the HighElf pack.
  4. Interesting, I heard about its development for awhile, and am surprised in the lengths the modder took to create the characters.... though like a few have said I wish they had snouts. I'm a very active Brony, but like Chase Roxand, not my cup of tea. If people are interested, I did hear that Fallout is also going to be getting a massive facelift and will be including and implementing a fanfic called Fallout Equestria. So ponies, magic, and SCIENCE!!!!
  5. Thank you Triratna Wouldn't want this to vanish and never get found by the new bloods.
  6. No, you still need to download a mod that contains the fix (Unofficial Oblivion Patch = http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=5296 contains this fix, if you have Shivering Isles get that one). HGEC variant of your choice, but I then recommend that you install setbody over that. I don't know the latest and greatest version of setbody because I've been out of the loop for awhile. Hope this helps
  7. Want to be honest, I have moved on to other things. I don't play Skyrim, so I don't think I'll be porting it, but if anyone else wishes to then it's fine by me.
  8. Hmmmmm..... taking a shot in the dark I predict there will be something MLP FIM related in about a week to two weeks time, exsepcially after DarkOne said he (I qoute) "He can't wait to play them".
  9. Banned for not entirely knowing why you banned someone.
  10. Granted, the scripts compile, but there's a horrible blackout and all your work is lost. I wish for a duck..... you know, a simple harmless duck that quacks normally and waddles in a kinda cute manner.
  11. Banned for going off topic and misusing the banning system.
  12. I'm not thinking about how spiny it will be........ but how much stretching will be involved I doubt one would be able to walk after a "close encounter" with a massive dragon.
  13. Banned for banning people with more post counts than you.
  14. LilDevil

    WTF japan

    Totally agree dude I have a few Japanese friends on Facebook' date=' and they love to send me weird stuff just to screw with me. They find me funny ....... hehe...... I found another for you guys, and I just want to say that the girls reaction is about how I felt when I watched this. [video=youtube']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pSx2tiMfpQ
  15. LilDevil

    WTF japan

    Man, I'm surprised this hasn't been put up yet so...... here's another then [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7ItSe4Q-gw
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