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Berni's Collection (Furry +18) Werewolves update

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Berni's Collection (Furry +18) Werewolves update

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Hello everyone!

First of all sorry for my english, it's not my native language.


Werewolves update in description below


I want to share my mod that adds canine/feline/equine/dragon penises and sheaths to your sim. They are rigged and work (mostly) with WW animations.


I based it on Savestate Comics http://www.savestatecomic.com/dlc/  and SoraFoxyTeils https://www.patreon.com/SoraFoxyTeils  (no longer working) models and my mod support both plantigrade and digitigrade legs!


You can change colors in tattoo slot


About head:


I was a little bored with current heads, so I made my own for diversity ?

-Work with both male/female

-Bone weight has been completly reworked to support muzzle

-You can change muzzle's length and size

-Much more


When You put head (skin details - thats where you find feet/tais/ears etc) You'll see this:


Not very nice... It's because vanilla modifiers also affect my mod





To change it simply click on nose and from preset scroll up and choose "nose" It'll reset to its default position

Chin and mouth You can adjust to your liking - click and drag on mouth to change muzzle size.


Now about husky head. When you put it You'll see this



To change it, pick the eye color i made (it's included in mod)


Now it should look like this:




I also made some textures you'll find in tattoo section at the bottom.


About paws:

If You have hand claws mod from Remus - LINK. Claws colors on feet will change too ^.^


Werewolves update

To equp werewolf with paws and tails you need CASUnlocks
They are under skin details

Werewolf penis color is in tattoo section or you can color already made werewolf in cas:

1. Change your werewolf back to sim
2. Click on mirror and then plan outfit
3. In paint mode color your werewolf however you like

WickedWhims users:

To equip werewolf with dick go to

1. Wicked



2. Personalization




4.Body selector



4.All Sims (it's important because currently you can't pick different dick for selected werewolf)



5. Select Werewolf Hard Penis



Soft penis does not work with werewolves in WW, but it can work as clothes.

DeviousDesires users:

1. SHIFT+click on sim select instant outfit


2. Select Body Parts



3. You can pick soft/hard penis and skin overlay(color) for penis


For any troubleshooting refer to DD wiki https://colonolnuttymodswiki.com/index.php/Devious_Desires_Home



Werewolf head is working as regular furry head, click on nose/chin and select any preset - it'll reset to it's default state.










WickedWhims by Turbodriver


Mods requirements:
CASUnlocks for werewolves update

The Sims 4


Savestate Furry mod

For stuff like hooves and details or other species, go here https://www.patreon.com/SoraFoxyTeils CAS Sims are free - no longer working



Know bugs:

-Some eyes may not work properly with werewolf head

-Because of the sim dick sizes, animations might not look good

-There might be issue with pubes(I personally disable them)

-I'm not an artist so the textures are the best I could



If You like my mod, consider leaving a tip. Thank You!




I'm looking for feedback and have fun!





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    The Sims 4 WW Savestate Furry mod CASUnlocks for werewolves


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6 hours ago, tanuhk said:

excellent thank you!


If you're looking for suggestions, there are Dragon/Lizard heads too, maybe a draconian slit could be something to add to the list of options for our male lizard folk?

Well, there is, but it doesn't seem to work on male body, at least for me.




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1 hour ago, alpha224 said:

is there any chance of you making it work with furry mod by betlv ?

Quick update it turns out it work with mod by BetLV, just while testing it i saw weird glitches on balls, so i assumed it was my mod that causing it. Sorry guys.

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@Bernise i must thank you very much i didnt even knew such mod exist ! your post showed me so thank you :) and thank you for your addon you make :) you should make like noir did small, average, big, extra big, huge and maybe thick versions of it also :) 


Thank You friend again have nice day :) :thumbsup:

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6 hours ago, Kasurmen said:

wow thx!!!! any1 know any female bottom that works fine with the digitigrade feet??

I'll post it tomorrow with the update.


3 hours ago, Seraek said:

does this require a specific dlc? the place where you said to change the penis color doesn't exist in my game.

Sorry forgot to mention You need dlc Get Famous.

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1 hour ago, Thirdeye said:

These are spectacular! Any chance you'd consider digitigrade hooves for females? My poor deer girl is so sad about her two legs when nude!


Regardless, this is fabulous. Thanks!


Download this

Find it in the body selector


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12 hours ago, FauxFurry said:

Are the penises still going to be adapted for use with female bodied characters and feminine framed males?


1 hour ago, spacerfelix said:

any chance for a color option in a tattoo or skin detail slot? this is exactly what I've been looking for but I don't want to have to buy GF just to make it work

Yes and yes, once I'm done with futas (won't take long) I'll move colors to tattoo section.

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