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  1. Normally that's what it is for, to record errors. if you read the first line it is already warning you that you are missing a mod (unlimited companion framework) The other errors are that you have configured shorter animations than allowed, this sounds like it conflicts with other mods, I don't know if you installed the universal animation patch. it may be that just installing the above will solve it, otherwise ... I would recommend two options: If you don't have many mods installed, calmly read where you downloaded them, one by one what requirements they need and confirm that you do not lack other master mods to install. the other faster option is: make you a clean installation of the game, do to the letter without skipping anything this guide: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/139374-aaf-up-to-date-adult-oriented-setup-guide-28june2020/ prove in a game that only that already works for you, see that the sex scenes work correctly, and start from that, and start installing any other mod that initially suits you. ////////////// EN ESPAÑOL normalmente para eso esta, para registrar los errores. si lees la primera linea ya te esta avisando que te falta un mod (unlimited companion framework) los demas errores son de que tienes configurado animaciones mas cortas de las permitidas, esto me suena a que es conflicto con otros mods, no se si instalaste el patch universal de animaciones. puede que con solo instalar lo anterior se solucione, en caso contrario.... yo te recomendaria dos opciones: si no tienes muchos mods instalados, con calma ir leyendo donde los descargastes, uno a uno que requisitos necesitan y confirmar que no te falta otros mods maestros por instalar. la otra opcion mas rapida es: hacerte una instalacion limpia del juego, hacer al pie de la letra sin saltarte nada esta guia: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/139374-aaf-up-to-date-adult-oriented-setup-guide-28june2020/ probar en una partida que solo eso ya te funciona, ver que las escenas de sexo funcionan correctamente, y apartir de eso, ya ponerte a instalar cualquier otro mod que en un principio te interece.
  2. Thank you very much for the recommendation! Yesterday I was testing hard ship and I found the experience a lot more fun, much more immersive. The only complaint is that it goes a bit over the length of the conversations. however the number of actions reminds me of previous fallouts. I was also testing the MCG and it has many options but it is very unstable and slow to operate the menus, which ends up making the overall experience very overwhelming. I mean when aiming in the middle of combat to force an enemy to surrender, or that many dialogues don't show up or mess around a bit. the truth I still have mixed feelings with fallout 4, in fallout 3 I think that everything related to adult mods was much more fluid
  3. yo tambien hablo español, asi que respondo de esta forma, que igual me explico mejor. veo que hiciste el paso de elegir un personje con el adv page, (nora en este caso), en teoria, si precionas la tecla "derecha" pasarias a las opciones de animaciones, te posicionas con las teclas de arriba o abajo, para escojer es solo darle a la tecla derecha otra vez para elejir la animacion, cuando se ejecuta con un solo actor deberia poder ejecutarse alguna escena de masturbacion, si en otro caso ademas de nora, elijieras a piper tambien, en el recuadro donde se muestra la silueta de mujer, aparerian 2, y lo demas seria igual, darle a la tecla de flecha "derecha" y entonces se mostraria la animacion. en caso de que no lo hicieras de esta forma, intentalo, si sigue fallando igual es que te falta por instalar algun pack de animacion, o el orden de instalacion se estan bloqueando con otros mods, otra posibilidad es que tengas desactivadas las escenas lesbicas y por eso no te de mas opciones. english translate by google: I see that you did the step of choosing a character with the adv page, (nora in this case), in theory, if you press the "right" key you would go to the animation options, you position yourself with the up or down keys, to choose it is only to give the right key again to choose the animation, when it is executed with a single actor it should be able to execute some masturbation scene, if in another case besides nora, you would choose piper too, in the box where the silhouette is shown of woman, 2 would appear, and the rest would be the same, hit the arrow key "right" and then the animation would be displayed. In case you did not do it this way, try it, if it continues to fail the same it is that you need to install some animation pack, or the installation order is being blocked with other mods, another possibility is that you have deactivated the lesbian scenes and so don't give yourself more options.
  4. so you show options pressing home, later use av pag for choose actors, then press -> (rigth key) then choose any animation with rigth key again. if this throw error, then you are missing stuff. do you follow the instalation guide?
  5. if you have the head skin darker than body in my case was a conflict betwen aaf harrasement and raiders reloaded
  6. hi all, i ahve two question, any way to make enemys autosurreder? or the only way is targeting + hotkey i am curious too if any way to make repetable interactions and no countdowns work. i enable the cheats but not work.
  7. Hello All, after 2 years I decide try again Fallout4 mods, and i am very confuced about what mods to use (sorry my bad english). I decide follow the guide : "[AAF] Up-To-Date Adult oriented setup guide (25/June/2020)" so I go for installing the aaf way, i mean. AAF Prostitution AAF SexEmUp AAF Violate AAF Sex Attributes Framework AAF Sexual Harassment these are ok, but i feel they are very simple. i am looking for mods let me a good inmersive slut/self prostitution experience, not only pick a fuck. for example i want aproach to raiders for talk with then, for offers services etc. not only fight. but after read a little MCG, and RSE and the AAF`s all are incompatible with each other, since all include similar functionalities. and i have another problem. and i dont like these wear and tear, slavery,devius devices stuff. I don't know which is the best choice, any advice?
  8. common, use the browser. for make this work you only need use the public version of ww(the patreon version dont work). on the main page of CNWW zoo module the op push some links to animations for the framework, i think actually only 5 animators are working on new zoo content
  9. what mean excl version? is like patreon content only? sorry my bad english
  10. hi guys do you know where i can find canine penis for aaf? i install some creature animations and rigs, but dogs still dont show any ;(
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