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  1. @JackBikwik Yes Furry mods morph override vanilla modifiers but it never bothered me since i play on mostly furry world. I did made sheathed human dick some time ago because i was curious how it would look like. Since You mentioned it sure I can share it and yes you can make your own version if you want to. That's how it looks like (there was also an attempt to make furry hair😜)
  2. Well I played a little and gave them more digi look, it's not perfect but work with every legs. I'll release them before christmas so you'll see for yourself
  3. Yes, You need to edit every single cloth... or just make decent looking plantigrade paws
  4. Try with these if it's working I'll update the rest. [Berni]Canine_male.package [Berni]Feline_male.package [Berni]penis_color.package
  5. I can make more detailed plantigrade paws or just make the one by Savestate compatible with WW. As for echidnas I'll pass, maybe someone else will be willing to sculp it. I'm aware and fixed it, there's no more spots on the tip of penis, however some textures don't have blank space for dick which makes colors don't appear at all At the top original texture, at the bottom with space for penis
  6. I mentioned about making animal vaginas... so who's actually interested? No need to reply, leave a like if you are.
  7. I've put link in profile info, here Click and drag by mouth (specifically under nose) not nose like in Savestate mod
  8. What kind of nub tail? The one some dobermans have or the fluffy one when you search "nub tail" in google
  9. 1. Digitigrade or plantigrade? I don't think i included digitigrade in "Berni's Collection" folder 2. Sure 3. The single mesh clothes are causing double leg problem, it's easy to fix that so they support both digitigrade and plantigrade legs, regardless of feet you chose(i already did that to penises - even human), just take a lot of determination...
  10. You can adjust eyes manually when you are done mirroring, and good luck rigging mirrored side😈
  11. Fixed and updated You can change colors in tattoo section at the top
  12. Right... seems like I forgot to include small ears. Here you go: Berni_ears_round_small.package Also here are new tails: Berni_tail_curl.package Berni_tail_short.package Have fun~ EDIT: Updated short tail
  13. If you put different ears, you can make yourself an otter
  14. You're welcome, and yes I thought about making animal vaginas, maybe when I get really bored...
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