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Kanash's Orcs

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This is the trio of females of the orc leader Kanash, one of the surviving orc leaders. They inhabit the Sulani Islands, very close to the volcanoes! These beautiful (or not so beautiful) orcs use the Ogre Mod, so sometimes they can swallow Sims ... literally!





Brute, strong, wild... Zanka is the leader of the trio and responsible for the training of Gaaki and Tawar, her subordinates. One thing her pupils learned was that Zanka always dominates... even during [sex].


[Check the Spoiler for more images of Zanka's outfits]



















Battles are exciting but... can you imagine waging war with magic?! Tawar looks forward to learning all about black magic! Despite her rough appearance, she understands a little about seduction... at least that's what Zanka says...


[Check the Spoiler for more images of Tawar's outfits]













Gaaki is by far the worst student Zanka has ever had! The general considers her very weak, childish, clumsy and not very aggressive. Gaaki doesn't have her teacher's strong physique. The good thing is that she's less likely to castrate you during a blowjob... you know, by accident?!


[Check the Spoiler for more images of Gaaki's outfits]











1.Ogre Mod

You need the Ogre Mod for them to act like real orcs, with the possibility of eating other Sims (including children), roaring, etc. The mod belongs to kawaiistacie and can be downloaded from this link (without adfly): https://www.kawaiistaciemods.com/post/ogre-mod


2. Wicked Whims

Because of nudity.


3. Optional

Well, I used some expansions from The Sims 4 to create these Sims, however, they are just accessories and other unnecessary things, so even if you don't have them, you can download the Sims without any problems. Packages used: At Work, Towards Fame, Kingdom of Magic.






You can choose to download the three orcs as a group (1.Kanash'sOrcs), or download each orc separately (2.GeneralZanka; 3.SubalternTawar; 4.SubalternGaaki), as you prefer.





After downloading the chosen file, just extract and drag the "Mods" folder into your Electronic Arts> TheSims4> Mods folder and leave it there. The other folder (containing the name of the downloaded file / Sim name) you cut and paste in Electronic Arts> TheSims4> Tray. So just log into The Sims 4 and open your library to find the downloaded Sim.






There are many cc's used to list all the developers here, but they all have their names inside the Mods folder of the file, with their respective contribution to the creation of these Sims. It was hard to find clothes and accessories for this theme, some clothes were not the way I would like but I had no options, it was a few days looking for pieces for them and not many results were found... I did the best I could with what I found!!





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Thank you for the encouragement. No one has ever tested them for me so there may be errors ... if you find any, let me know so you can fix them.

I accept suggestions from other types of creatures to create ... and I plan to explore the orc theme further, they are very interesting despite the limited content. 

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Thanks for your advice, i've forgot about Ogre Mod, thats what is causing the error, give me 5 minutes to fix that and i can do the upload again!! i'll use the "half ogre" trait instead of "ogre", then they will only be shining in green at night time!! I will fix that right now!

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These look great, downloaded!

Just a word of advice, it might be better to remove any non-cc packages (remove any script or mod related packages) from your downloads because they may conflict with stuff each user already has installed.

I notice you've included the actual Ogre Mod and a tuning file from Wicked Whims. These should probably not be included. I personally don't want the ogre mod itself, just the NPCs for their visual appeal, for example. And the Wicked Whims file will probably cause errors or override something important. Otherwise it looks OK though!

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I tried to access the link I left here, I tried to search on google too but all sites had the same link to kawaiistacie's site so ... I don't know if she completely deleted the mod or will bring it back, but it's a shame!

I thought about making the mod file available but I don't know if it would be ethical or correct, what do you think?

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I really appreciate the effort you have put in to display your Sims on this site. It shows a lot of dedication to making something unique that stands out in the crowd. I'll be the first to admit I am part of that crowd looking up at your shining example. My first take on the Orks from Skyrim took the route of looking more human, I am definitely considering making some changes after seeing this. Nice job!

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Ehehehe, I define this as my procrastination. I took the opportunity to explore my creativity a little and distract my mind from problems that I try to avoid. From what I saw, your work is excellent, beautiful and creative Sims!!

13 hours ago, BigHerpDerp said:

Eu realmente aprecio o esforço que você fez para exibir seus Sims neste site. Isso mostra muita dedicação em criar algo único que se destaca na multidão. Serei o primeiro a admitir que faço parte dessa multidão olhando para o seu exemplo brilhante. Minha primeira opinião sobre os Orks de Skyrim tomou o caminho de parecer mais humano, estou definitivamente pensando em fazer algumas mudanças depois de ver isso. Bom trabalho!


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The Ogre Mod seems to have been deleted from the author's website.
Along with other mods apparently, cause she was stressed out by users demanding more and more and always complaining.


I made some mods myself and the key is to do your stuff while taking feedback as you feel it or not. But hey I know, we are all different.


A real shame, are the orcs still playable without the mods ? I don't mind if they don't eat folks (wasn't planning on using this feature anyway), I haven't installed the game yet as I downloading and preparing mods I'll use.

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