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  1. No problem, just wanted to help too ! Thanks again for sharing ! Money/Cum bikinis are funny as hell xD will fit right in the stripclub I'll make !
  2. Hello Sstormyy, thank you for sharing, there are some pretty good stuff. As some others said, it would be more user friendly if we had some sort of image/filename reference so we can know which file to pick (personally I just can't copy all the files since I just need a few particular clothes). What I can suggest is to copy the method from another modder, not necessarily for the current items shared cause boy that's hell lot, and as you said if sims4studio allows us to quickly check what is it, we should be fine. Here is his/her patreon, I just found about it today and while there are tons of items for a single release, the catalogue helps to know exactly what you like and which file to obtain. It does take extra time though for sure, but I have no doubt this would be appreciated from everyone. Catalogue example : https://www.patreon.com/posts/complete-photo-15463391 Patreon post where you download the various files (divided in multiple posts most of the time) : https://www.patreon.com/posts/now-free-2017-3-22813602 Also as I did some modding (not for Sims though lol), don't take those suggestions as bad criticism and do as you feel like. You don't owe us shite !!
  3. wow, the hair that vanished since 2017 ! Thanks !
  4. wow some really good looking ones ! Thanks !
  5. Hello Hi-land ! Very cool presets ! I love them, thank you for sharing ! I just have one minor question about your content though if you don't mind, I'm having trouble to find a nice chocolate skintone, the one showcased on the Beach preset caught my eyes and I was wondering if you could point me somewhere to have a look at it... Still I'm gonna check out your content on tumblr for sure, quality stuff and it seems we have the same taste for thicc stuff
  6. Hello, The Ogre Mod seems to have been deleted from the author's website. Along with other mods apparently, cause she was stressed out by users demanding more and more and always complaining. I made some mods myself and the key is to do your stuff while taking feedback as you feel it or not. But hey I know, we are all different. A real shame, are the orcs still playable without the mods ? I don't mind if they don't eat folks (wasn't planning on using this feature anyway), I haven't installed the game yet as I downloading and preparing mods I'll use.
  7. Looks like Nico's hairstyle from Devil May Cry 5 to be more specific. Talking about hairstyle, I've been off the modding scene for a while, could anyone tell me if this hairstyle is available to the public and if so, which mod is it ? Thanks ! EDIT: Found it, seems it's from Commonwealth's Cuts, never noticed this one
  8. Jesus Christ man what's wrong with me, I really need to take some days off work... Thank you !
  9. Hey guys, I'm really sorry to ask this out of the blue, but I'm not sure where to post this question. Basically, I'm simply looking to install HDT for cool cloaks BUT for Skyrim SE ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17416?tab=files ). The mod that I wanted to use requires some files from some weirdass asian website that apparently deleted those pages. So I'm kinda stuck. Some of the comments said I could find a big topic with the files on LL but I admit it's been ages since I've spend time here so I don't really know where to look for compatible files with SSE. Can anyone just point me to the right direction? I'd be really grateful !
  10. Hello, I'm trying to find hidden gems which could contain an elven-themed female armor for my follower. I don't mind a few sexy features but nothing over the top would be great. Sadly most custom made armors for elves I see are essentially a few pieces of clothes. Just wanted to know if someone know where I can look for that kind of armor for a female elf. I'm aware of the ESO light armor, but I was wondering if there was something similar hidden somewhere. Thank you !
  11. Thanks for the suggestion ! Looks it could fit a vampire main character too ! I don't mind modifying textures if needed, I actually enjoy that a lot.
  12. Hey guys, I've decided to play Skyrim again after years and I'm starting to make a mod selection. I'm looking for a good Castle/City player home that could be customizable (banners/music mainly). As far as I know the LC series could fit but I was wondering if something else was done and I didn't see it yet. Thanks !
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was any type of mod that would enhance/overhaul the raider-settlers from Nuka World in the player's settlements. I may have missed them during my search for mods for a brand new install. Thanks !
  14. Hey guys, I've been out of the loop concerning recent mods for Fallout 4. Is there any mod allowing the use of both Nuka World's raiders and settlers in the same settlement ? As there are unique named settlers and I remember back in the day I wanted to keep them along with the raiders. I did a quick search on the Nexus but nothing came out of it.
  15. I didn't keep all the CC for this character and I've yet to see the game crash because you're missing some CC. You simply get a notification window and that's it. If your game crashes it's something else.
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