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  1. Also I was able to get AOA's Miniskirt motion, huehue, Baidu can't stop me, and will be working on that one next along with Good Luck (I need to make sure no one has done it yet though), Like a Cat, and two more Wonder Girls motions.
  2. Haha, oh no, not every day! Heehee, I will try to update more regularly. Converting the motions isn't too bad, it's just making the preview videos for them that takes me a little bit of time. There is more than enough content behind paywall, haha, so I vehemently decide against it when it comes to any content I make ❤️ Thank you so much for your kind words! I can't wait to make more for you all ❤️
  3. Awww, yay, I'm happy you both are able to find them useful ❤️ Heehee, all my sims do is dance now. I'm still trying to get AOA's miniskirt motion. The only available download link is on Baidu and I can't connect to the website ;_____; but I will keep trying, and I'll look for Like A Cat as well 😄 Yes! I have a few Wonder Girls motions underway and will look for more T-Ara ones too 😄
  4. Thank you so much ❤️ I'm happy you like it! Omg, I didn't know you were UPlay94! Your videos inspired me to actually look into converting MMD ❤️!!! I know! The RTBP mod is amazing~ I always feel like I walk a thin line converting some of these motions. It's like can I? It's fine, honestly it's all for entertainment As you long guys can make cute videos, I don't mind ❤️
  5. Working on some new dresses ❤️ I saw this dress on a different thread and thought it was too cute to pass up to try and make. Haha, I'm a sucker for cowprint! And then something a little classier, but still sexy~
  6. I had a little bit of time today and tried to see if I could do what you had described. Hopefully this works 😄 blueberryspherefix.package
  7. This is definitely where you should be posting your problems. Are you having this issue with the WW Strip anims, or the general dance animations? Thank you! Absolutely! Anything I make will be free, forever and ever. Especially since I didn't make these animations myself (I only take he time to convert them) it would be wrong to ask or seek profit ❤️ You definitely should!! The more dance animations the better ❤️ And definitely post your content too!! One thing I love about the Sims community is the creativity, don't be afraid to show your work! Haha, well, I thought about posting my videos to YouTube, but it just one more thing to keep up with, so I decided against it. It's easier for me to just post thing here In the future I think I might. Yes Natsumi is so talented, and Ureshiiiiii has been a favorite of mine for a while~ I'm slowly teaching myself how to motion trace, so hopefully one day I can get to their level and make some motions of my own, haha.
  8. A new goodie is here, its not perfect, but I hope you guys like it ❤️
  9. It's a CAS pose I made that I converted from MMD, I haven't released it as of yet
  10. WIP pictures! I've literally been working on converting this Dallas Cowboys outfit for a YEAR. Haha, but I finally managed to get it into the game with just a few tiny hiccups ❤️ Another conversion I'm working on is a school-girl esque outfit~ Can't wait to release them!!
  11. I’m happy you like the animations! The models seen are my personal models and at this time none of them are available for download.
  12. I’m 27, female, and in a somewhat complicated situationship for the past four years, but honestly, he’s the love of my life and I can’t see myself not being with him. No kiddos. Even if I was married, I would consume adult content. I like making custom content for my game, I’ve been making content for the franchise for like 10 years now, so moving onto adult centered content made sense to me because I’m not a child anymore. I have different interests, sex being one of them. It’s a fun safe way to not only be creative, but explore fantasies I probably wouldn’t engage in in real life.
  13. It’s all still available here in the thread (the post right above yours) and all the downloads are still available here on LL There is a limit to the amount of pictures/text you can have in the main post, so once I reach that limit, I copy and paste all the old content into a post here in the thread, so I can update the main post with new picture/previews/etc.
  14. This is awesome, thank you! Heehee, I never knew I needed a lizardperson apocalypse in my game until now
  15. Previous Motions #1 All I Want For Christmas || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: MMDRandom31 Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey I kid you not, my sims almost froze to death while I was trying to film the preview video ;____; A little early for the holidays but I am not waiting until December to release this 😄 MEGA Bubble Pop || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Dr. Cossack Song: Bubble Pop by Hyuna Hyuna's iconic hit Bubble Pop! MEGA Dr. Feel Good (Updated) || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: LadieAlien Song: Dr. Feel Good by Rania (RANIA DESERVED BETTER) ❤️ MEGA Feeling Good || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Natsumi San Song: 小鹿亂撞 Im Feeling Good by 永彬 Ryan.B 狄迪 (D-DAY) I was working on converting this motion last week but apparently forgot all about it! Until now! Heehee, a cute little dance for your pixel hunnies. MEGA Like Ooh-Ahh || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Nikisa San Song: Like Ooh-Ahh by Twice, the Nation's GG I wouldn't feel right if I didn't convert a motion from my favorite GG, Twice ❤️ The includes two motions, one is the original and the other is mirrored 😄 MEGA Yes or Yes || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Kimagure Song: Yes or Yes by Twice, the Nation's GG I wouldn't feel right if I didn't convert a motion from my favorite GG, Twice ❤️ The includes two motions, one is the original and the other is mirrored 😄 MEGA Sorry Sorry || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: muramasa4429 Song: Sorry Sorry by Super Junior When I found this motion I about died! Of happiness 😄 MEGA 7 Rings || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Taitohimea Song: 7 Rings by Ariana Grande If any lyrics speaks to me it's, "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it" ❤️ I thought this motion was cute, and since I love Mrs. Grande, I had to convert this motion! MEGA Lewd Motion Pack 1 & 2 (18+) || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Dr. Cossack, YamiSweet, Daikong, なす子様 Song: Cash Shit (Deku's Verse) by . . . . Deku I guess 😂 Please don't judge me for the song choice, this is a lewd video, haha, and I needed a song that matched it's energy. Anyway, this pack is full of motions and short dances where your pixel hunnies are going to be shaking those hips and bouncing those tits! MEGA: Pack #1 // MEGA: Pack #2 Yoiyoi Kokon || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Ureshiiiiii Song: 宵々古今 / Yoiyoi Kokon by Reol Originally I had planned to release the motion conversion later on in the week, but since I was in the creative mood to film some preview videos, you all get it early (along with Goodnight Kiss ❤️) This motion is so high energy and amazing! MEGA Goodnight Kiss || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Natsumi San Song: Goodnight Kiss by Jun Hyo Seong I think this was my second favorite motion to convert (my absolute favorite will be released soon ❤️)! The song and choreo are *chef's kiss*. For this motion, there are two animations! One is the original and the second is simply a mirrored version, that way two of your hunnies can dance togther as seen above 😄! MEGA New Thang || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: ねじめ Song: Wow Thing by Seulgi, Soyeon, SinB, Chungha One of the first motions I was able to convert to TS4. I went back and added the breasts physics and I think the penis will move as well (I can't remember if I added that in to). MEGA Mr. Taxi || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: lufiliamayeh Song: Mr. Taxi by SNSD Thankfully this animation was short because having to convert 9 animations, wait for them to bake, and then try to get nine sims to actually behave and do the animation in sync (In the preview video there are only 8 sims dancing, I had to take my sim out at the last minute, she was wildin) was a hot mess, haha, but overall I think it turned out okay ❤️ This motion has the jiggles for the breasts, but none for the penis ;___; MEGA Genie || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Natsumi San Song: 소원을 말해봐 (Genie) by SNSD Tell me your wish ❤️ A new motion conversion that is oh so so sexy and adorable. SNSD always has the best choreo. Enjoy lovelies! (This motion has physics (? jiggles, I call it jiggles) for the breasts as well as the penis). MEGA Angelite || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: ureshiiiiii Song: 私たちになりたくて by Miwako Fujitani I quite literally have absolutely nothing better to do with my time than cosplay my sims as my all time favorite anime, haha. Aside from that, a new motion conversion! I would say this animation would be really great for any singing scenes you may have for your stories ❤️ (Please disregard how extra the preview video, haha, I hadn't heard this song in a while and it got me in my feelings ;____;) MEGA Shake It (Sistar) || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: ureshiiiiii Song: Shake It by Sistar This motion literally took me all day to convert (I was determined to get the breasts to bounce just right, heehee, and the penis. Yes! I also made sure to spend time on it so that it'll shake when your simmies do!) but it's finally finished! A lovely motion to Sistar's iconic bop, Shake It ❤️ MEGA Hip Sway || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Ri2Pepper & Alexander MMD Song: 2 Phút Hơn (KAIZ Remix) I remember seeing this trend on TikTok, haha, so what better way to test out my newly learned skills, than to use it on this animation! Lots of bouncing bitties ❤️ In this package their are two different versions of the dance. I'd originally converted the motion from Ri2Pepper first, but then when I saw Alexander MMD's, I noticed it was a bit more fluid, but both are awesome I kept them both! MEGA After School || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Shion Mgr Song: Afterschool by Weeekly I'm not familiar with this group but when I saw the animation, and heard the song, I knew I had to convert it! MEGA Vibing || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: Iven Padilla Song: Over The Top (Drake's Verse) & In My Feelings by Drake OVO ❤️ This package includes two different dance animations! MEGA Gee || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: 000MMD Song: Gee by SNSD For all of the Girls Generation fans, this is for you ❤️! This motion is so adorable. (You may notice the breasts movement in the video. This is because of the amazing RTBP mod by CPVC! However I've just learned how to add breast movement to animations in blender so expect to see some bouncy titties in future animations) MEGA Number 9 || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: lammysure Song: Number 9 by T-ARA Are your pixel hunnies on their way to becoming a top tier girl group and need a few moves to give an edge to their choreo? We got you. I remember being obsessed with this song back in the day and when I found this lovely motion I knew I had to have it in my game! (You may notice the breasts movement in the video. This is because of the amazing RTBP mod by CPVC! However I've just learned how to add breast movement to animations in blender so expect to see some bouncy titties in future animations) MEGA Shake It || MMD to TS4 Dance Animation PREVIEW VIDEO Motion Credits: わかちん Song: Do It Again by Twice My very first MMD to TS4 animation conversion! Yay! This dance is definitely cheer inspired so get your spirit squads ready! MEGA
  16. Awww, thank you ❤️😄!!! I hope you like the new goodies!!
  17. Previous Downloads Part 3 Wildest Dreams Dress || Exposed & Regular Still on my tutorial kick, haha, and I'm actually happy how this one turned out! I give you all the Wildest Dreams dress, a boho-chic dress for those oh so naughty dates your pixel hunnies have. MEGA Wilhemina Set || Exposed & Regular A new set! I've been trying to get a little bit better at meshing, so I've been watching tons of tutorials and this is the finished result! I give you all, Wilhemina, a cute blouse and skirt set for your pixel hunnies ❤️ MEGA Hocus Pocus Gift Set || Exposed & Regular A Halloween inspired set that is coming just a tad bit early ❤️ Named after one of my favorite movies, I bring you all, Hocus Pocus, a very witchy inspired gift set for your spellcaster (or spell caster wannabee) hunnies! In this set you get a body suit in the exposed and regular variety, a magic broom anal plug (courtesy of EA, heehee), a pair of high waisted tights, boots, and a cute little (well big) hat! MEGA Ichigo Swimsuit Set || Exposed & Regular I have two new swimsuits for you all ❤️ I was inspired to make this swimsuit tonight and was surprised I got it done so quickly. Sheer determination. Haha, anyway this swimsuit comes in two styles, the first is titled Unohana and has a higher neckline while the Aizen style is a scoop neck. MEGA CanCan || Accessory Set So I had started working on this little set at the beginning of the month, but was having major issues with the feathers. Nothing frustrates me more than the way EA set up their UV Map. ANYWAY. I finally figured my way around the issue and can finally release it to all of you ❤️ This little set includes the hat (two versions, one with the little visor thing and one without) and the necklace. MEGA Candi Swimsuit || Exposed & Regular This was originally supposed to be released with my western set but it needed a little fixing. But now it is complete and ready for your pixel hunnies to put on for the summer! MEGA Cheer Set || Outfit Conversion & Animation Conversion I have one last goodie to upload for the week ❤️! Like my previous Genie release, this also was something I had been working on last year, and subsequently lost. But then I found it and finished it today! Yay! Along with that, I give you all a sneak peek into my latest project. Animations! Slowly but surely I'm learning how to convert animations from MMD and also make my own. Within this download is an animation file that can be played with Andrew's Pose Player. A preview video of the animation is below! I hope you all find it useful ❤️ MEGA Setsuna Onesie || Exposed & Regular I've made a onesie in the past, but I wanted to make another one with just a little bit more color and spice ❤️ MEGA Genie || 3D Model Conversion I literally remembering working on this conversion last year. It got lost in the shuffle and originally i thought I had deleted it, but while doing some extensive cleaning of my HD, I found it! Did some tinkering with mesh, added some buttons, added a few of my own textures, and it is now complete! I can't remember where I found this model, I know I had been trying to track it down on different sites because it reminded me a lot of SNSD's outfit from their Genie era. I hope you all like it ❤️ MEGA Balconette Bra || Exposed & Regular A lovely new mesh for your pixel hunnies! I was supposed to release a nightgown with this as well but it's got a few issues that still need to be fixed, so for now, I'm releasing the bra! I give you all, the balconette bra. I love love love this style of bra and wanted my simmies to have one too ❤️ MEGA Old Town Road || Goodie Bag This set has been a long time in the making. I've been collecting different models here and there, but didn't realize I had a big western theme going on after a while, haha, so instead of releasing everything individually, I'm doing it all at once ❤️ I give you all the Old Town Road goodie bag gift set full of conversions and a new top I made! There is quite a bit in here. The first is my new Heavy Titties Tank top (exposed & regular) that uses Noir & Dark Sims's Heavy & Sagging breast mesh as a base. We also have the Dixie Outfit set that includes matching cow-print chaps and top along with boots and a cute choker. I also added the Claire chaps as well (exposed & regular). The texture isn't the greatest, but some may find it useful so I added it just in case. Next up is the Cowgirl outfit that is a cute little matching top and skirt combo! Then we have my favorite, the Karin set! The top comes in 3 different versions, exposed, regular (I adjusted the original mesh to close a little bit more), and semi-regular (the original with a bit more cleavage exposed). And then the shorts. These shorts almost killed me. The texture didn't translate well into the game, so I had to go in, make my own, and add the buttons in the front and sides. Hopefully you all like it! And lastly, the Moo acessory set! This comes with a a cute little headband with ears and horns, a new cow tail (found in bracelet left and right), and new nipple piercings for Better Body and my Hucow Udders mesh (found in earrings). ❤️ MEGA Purgatori || Xnalara Conversion Set When I tell you this fits for some of these comic book characters are giving me so much life right now. XnaFan88 outdid themselves with their Purgatori model. I took one look at it and I said, this character looks like the baddest vampire goddess and I MUST have her in my game. MUST. Haha, so I converted a few pieces of the outfit. The set includes the top, anklets (found in tights), bracelets (found in wrist left and right), the necklace, and wings (found in glasses). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do ❤️ MEGA Lexi Top & Smeller Skates|| Exposed & Regular, 3t4 Conversion A new top that's been hiding out in my WIP folder for a while and also a 3t4 conversion of Smeller's adorable roller skates as shoes for your simmies ❤️ MEGA Leche || Xnalara Conversion In honor of Cottage Living not being a terrible EP (the little chickens are freaking ADORABLE) and in hopes there will hopefully be a few hucow inspired mods to stem from it, heehee, I decided to convert this lovely little cow bikini outfit from XPS. Because hucows should be thicc, I ventured out and used Myobi's Eve Bottom v6 for the bikini bottom as a base, and my very own Hucow Udders top as a base for the bikini top. I may do Better Body in the future, but for now, this is what I have for you all ❤️ Also a cute little choker with a bell found in necklaces and a nice horn headband found in hats! MEGA Raven Hex Costume || Xnalara Conversion I was trying SO hard to wait until Halloween to release this costume conversion but . . . why wait? I'm not super familiar with the character, but her outfit is flawless, haha, I saw this on DA and added it to my naughty list of conversions to tackle. This includes a lovely crown found in hats, a choker found in necklaces, a very pointy nipple pasty top, chest tattoos (found in chest upper and chest lower), and my terrible attempt at creating a custom skintone (found in acne in skin details). Enjoy lovelies ❤️ MEGA Georgianna & Bon Bon || Matching Outfit & Collar I have so many things in my WIP and I need to clear it out ASAP. Haha, this was a little full body outfit I'd made not too long ago. Hope you all like it ❤️ And it comes with a matching collar I converted from somewhere (but of course, I can't find it ;____;)! Yay! MEGA Babi Tee || Exposed & Regular A cute little cropped tank top ❤️ MEGA Anaconda || Xnalara Conversion This one is for the barbz ❤️ Saw this adorable outfit on DA for XPS and knew I had to convert it. MEGA Starri || Nipple Pasties Top Sneaking in one new goodie. I made this last week and thought it was too cute! MEGA Shellkini || Xnalara Conversion I solemnly swear this will be my last upload for this month *looks nervously at my growing WIP folder*. Haha, so I actually converted this cute bathing suit from XNALara a few days ago. Might as well release it. MEGA Golyhawhaw's Classic Physique || WickedWhims Selectable @necromancerneo had asked if anyone could make Golyhawhaw's awesome Classic Physique top selectable in body selector and I decided why not, we all need more beef cakes ❤️ This download contains two files but you do NOT need both in your game. If you already have the Classic Physique top in your game, just place the tuning file into your Mods folder. If you don't, place the WW package file into your Mods folder as this contains both the tuning file and Golyhawhaw's file in one package. MEGA Leblanc Top & Xia Skirt || Exposed & Regular I blame SheIn for this one, haha. So I took a break, from my break, to make just one more goodie for you guys! I saw the most adorable and sexy top on SheIn and thought . . . maybe I can make this for my sims. Turns out I definitely could, and did! I give you all the Leblanc top, a naughty little peekaboo top for your daring pixel hunnies. And what's a cute top without a cute skirt? I have the matching Xia skirt to go along with it so you can mix and match to your heart's content ❤️ MEGA
  18. I ran it three times through my anti-virus software and didn't get any flags that it had a Trojan. On two separate computers. What Trojan is your Anti-Virus saying it has?
  19. Super weird. Have you been able to track down the outdated/broken cc? If not, one method of finding it is doing the 50/50 method: Start by grouping all of your mods into two separate folders. Put one of the folders into your Sims 4/Mods folder, then test it. When you find out which half of the files are having an issue, continue to half them. The number of broken mods you have in each folder will dwindle with each test. Or a better way (probably quicker too) is doing this! Make a new sim that's completely nude (all outfits), save them, open the saved sim in Sims 4 Tray Importer, and then browse through the list of CC and hopefully whatever file is overriding the nude default (Maxis and WW's default if you have WW in your game) will be in there. If you'd like, once you find the broken CC, you can post it here or DM it to me and I'll see if I can try to fix them if they are salvageable so you can still play with them Sometimes I get the CTD too, normally when I add new CC to my game, but after restarting the game it'll work too, I don't know why that happens
  20. When you take out the cc entirely (the fixed top files and also the Eve 8.2 replacement) is the upper body in CAS still invisible? I want to see if the files are still the culprit or if there may be a rouge piece of CC acting naughty~
  21. I can barely keep up with my own Insta girl, haha, but I haven't really thought about making one~ If I do I'll let you know so I can at least have on friend ❤️
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