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  1. A simple update gonna fix that, that’s just parameters and percentages. Jealousy option works in order of relationship percentage, means x sim have 10% of love for x sim that activate jealousy power. Or in the opposite way, cancell it. No jealous means that percentage doesn’t matter. I bet won’t be affected.
  2. If the AI running on background weren’t a problem lol, play a game that need massive processor power like city skilines or transport fever. Games with more actors requires more processor power. TS3 exaggerated actors in open world, that’s why is so laggy. About game demos, all companies test render motors and make trailers on rendercows. They always lie about performance. Render cows are servers that run a game in order to make cinematic trailers to scam people. And sell. You never gonna get a game that looks that the trailer, unless you have a big server instead of a simple pc or console. For a game like Ts4 and open world we need to wait for a next generation of computers. When a server have console size.
  3. Height sliders is the answer, young adult body is almost teen body with height sliders
  4. Problem with Sulani is that biggest ocean part was wasted with nothing xd. The volcano area and second coast could,ve been a full beach for people and a party place like the mini party secret area on windenburg .
  5. A game is optimized via mesh size, and people love details, open worlds mean big meshes, and every single of them affects performance. On games like grand theft auto, you can note massive frame rate down, due to interactions. On sims is more complicated to do, cause you have 20 sims. Per lot interacting constantly , that’s require massive processing power, cause they are using traits, friendbarz, love, python, motive decay, lighting, movement, world, climate, etc. meanwhile on gta is just one dude doing a simple pre programmed actions and rest of online dudes are the same. Add to sims worlds even more problems with NPC complex interactions. if we want a game that support that and full open world, you are gonna need a 48 cores pc 312gb ram with 64 gb video card. Maybe in 2038 will be possible.
  6. On sims 4 there are 3 classes of households, playable, green icon, means always keep their state and is affected by other playable sims interactions, non playable but playable, this kind of households advance, sims get another jobs, get married and have kids, this one is dangerous cause any ugly sim can join till 8 household are filled. Pd their kids are ultra epic ugly sims. and last type is non playable, basically NPC to fill the game.
  7. Answer is you cannot do that. Is part of game core. There is no mod for avoid game create ugly NPC sims and never gonna be possible. But you can limited their presence in game, by force your created households as playable, to avoid any other ugly sim being able to join there. to avoid ugly sim NPC invading your world , you can use private lot trait and add little Sam mods, no paparazzi or fans allowed in lot mod. It helps a lot of to reduce ugly sims. Also I recomend you to create 30 sims. Or download them from simsresource. Put them on non playable houses. To make game uses all of them as NPC, limit homes in your Sim worlds. I mean create gym, bar, restaurants, pools etc.and reduce homes avalaible in order to prevent game fill them with more ugly sims.
  8. Cars still posible , open world nope xd, I tried with blender and you can create larger world and animate it but you need a 3000$ usd pc or gonna explode. In that case marketing of fast results may destroy open world games. Since Ark evolved which is 250gb game I doubt any studio take that risk for sims games. You need potato PC be able to play with, in order to win money. May they add more simple packs. I read somewhere future plans are focused on sim Hobbies expansionfusion + hipsters lifestyle.
  9. well you need a mesh if you want to have 3D socks , an no a painted version . Second option is magic bot feets. Honestly for me are best ones for sims 4, creating more 3D feets will be a waste of time. Magic bot feet meshes are enough. You can download any of them for free, also feets with socks. https://magic-bot.wixsite.com/magic-bot-ts4cc/magic-bot-cc/
  10. I forgot something super important, bake normal map as tangent, not as object. Baked object method normal maps don’t work for sims 4. if you see an ugly dark gray colour is a bad normal one.
  11. Hoe mod have a lot problems same like zombie mod. Honestly I uninstalled it. And replace it with wicked perversion. Is more safe and don’t have any trouble.
  12. Well the biggest trash creator on sims 4 is laundry day pack. Everytime a sim swap their clothes an ugly trash pile is generated. Maybe is that .
  13. If you are talking about mod origin ,They are part of wicked whims mod.
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