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  1. i would be very happy and proud to financially support someone who edits animations to make them lgbt. Lots of other people would probably do the same here.
  2. there's already a few tutorials about creating an animation, but they don't explain how do you import an existing cc animation pack and tweak them. I'm looking for that to add penis animations, cumshot effects and sounds ( also idk how to do these ) ===> are there some people here who can do animation edits ( for money ? ) i don't really have a lot of free time to put myself into that and i would be happy to pay for someone skilled to do it )
  3. there's already a few tutorials about creating an animation, but they don't explain how do you import an existing cc animation pack and tweak them. I'm looking for that to add penis animations, cumshot effects and sounds ( also idk how to do these )
  4. when i get into CAS mode and go to the tattoos section, all the sims in cas have a grey tits overlay that won't leave no matter what. When i leave CAS everything goes back to normal and my sims have normal tits. It doesn't seem to be a big issue but's it's still annoying when i tweak my sims.
  5. i post this because this is the second time it happens to me and it took me too much time to figure out the problem. My case was that some sims in my game would have penis alignment issues even if they are the same age without clothes and with the same penis size and addon and no height slider mods installed. Then i figured out there was a package file in my clothes called shadowhunters wich contains many clothes and makeup mods but also includes a whopping 18 versions of a mod called Height Slider and Shorter Teens!. considering some of the creators here actually use that pack
  6. btw i unmerged the package and here's what i found XD bruh that's 18 height sliders in one pack who tf got this idea Height Slider and Shorter Teens!v1.91.package Height Slider and Shorter Teens!v1.97.package Height Slider Only V1.8.package Height Slider Only V1.9.package Height Slider Only V1.91.package Height Slider Only V1.97.package Height Slider OnlyV1.5.package Height Slider Onlyv1.6.package Height Slider and Shorter Teens!.package Height Slider and Shorter Teens!v1.1.package Height Slider and Shorter Teens!v1.2.package Height Slider and Shorter Teens!v1.3.pa
  7. YEAAAH i found it guys, i can't believe this but it's fucking SHADOWHUNTERS !!! mf was sitting around in my mods for days and made my head spin, the only way i figured out was using the tray importer to see wich sliders are installed ( i didn't do that before or didn't know how to it , and that's it. this mod is a repack so obviously nobody can guess like that. No more pain and suffering look at that ! it's perfect
  8. Allriggght i found something new : there was one sim that had penis alignment issue even after i reset her body preset, her head was at the same height and shit, BUT also i saw her pelvis down. so i tought to myself " wtf there is a pelvis down and up slider ? " but then i actually figured out, there is actually a horizontal slider at her feets that widens them and also make my sims grow higher ( an so does her hips). i searched trough my mods and rn i can't really figure out what mod does it but i think i'm getting close to the core of the problem, do you guys have any idea of what could the
  9. ok so apparently the body presets also modifies sims heigth. the base ones make them a few milimeters taller wich doesn't matter but custom ones like Dumbaby for example gives them quite a few centimeters taller. i'm trying to remove all of the custom body presets but there are still a few active and i don't know what they're called ( some of them have a name in the thumbnail but they don't appear in browser when i search in my mod folder
  10. i forgot to mention also, but the issue also occurs when both characters are completely naked, and yes i did a very long research for any slider that has height in it. the rest of them are for specific body parts ( like chin, shoulders, hips,... ) and don't do anything else. rn i removed [BRADFORD] Devereaux Boots NO SLIDER and DallasGirl_shoes_Espadrille Wedges (No Slider) HQ (MERGED) to see what's the difference but my bet is that it won't do anything since the issue also occurs when characters are naked. i did put my lastexception.html so you guys can see all the addons i have
  11. naaah man, thx tho but i don't like this addon. the penis models are kind of "meh" to me, i prefer the realgens ones
  12. i did remove this one yesterday... maybe i should try adding it back. today i deleted everything i could find related to heigth. also i got to mention the characters aren't mine, i tweaked the one i downloaded
  13. first of all : the two sims on these pictures have the same age ( so theorically the same height), i don't have any height slider installed nor any other sliders that modifies height or penis placement, no duplicates, and yet i get this. for some other reason, the girl with pink hair is the only one in my household who hold every dick in her mouth perfect, but if i switch positions or try between my other sims there is often a "gap" ranging from small to very large ( like in the photos ). i have the heigthslidersupport enabled in options just in case, but disabling it doesn't do shit.
  14. does someone has an idea of wich breast or skin overlay is used in the 4rth picture ?
  15. aight, i did some search in my mods folder and found 2 breast sliders ( breast separation slider and HELIO HB slider ), i removed the HB slider and it was gone. but then yesterday the glitch came bac ka little until i reloaded the save. i scanned for duplicates and found 54 ones, deleted them and now i'll see if it comes back again.
  16. where can i get the cum on mouth from the kianna slut screenshots ?
  17. the bug is still present when fully naked as you said. also i can't really find any breast slider duplicates in the mod folders ( i might do a full search, the folder is quite big )
  18. sometimes in a while when editing characters in CAS or playing sex animations, this happens no matter what clothes are on, wich place the animation is played, etc... this is a very recurrent problem and i really don't know what causes it, does someone has any idea ?
  19. i'm currently using gog version so i can't use the steam mod so i would be very interested if you could share
  20. i already know these one ;)) but i'm looking for any other mods in the shadow
  21. anyone knows skins/ mods that include futa content ?
  22. i meant bumpmap shaders ( like Female_White_Body_pass.txt )
  23. gee thanks ! do you also have body bumps i can use on this hook version ?
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