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save animation offset?


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is there a way to safe the debug animation offset in kinky world like you can in skyrim? some of my animations are off sometimes and i need to adjust them  in the debug menu and its a hassle to doit every single time.

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I find for the most part the animations line up correctly when using default Sims. When one uses a teen/adult body there will always be mismatches, as well as slider changes (height/hip-waist/etc.) as these change the skeleton as well.


Yes it is a hassle, but understand the debug: move object is a universal tool and to try and adjust it's default setting would cause many problems in the game as it would affect anything it is attached to.


I use it to 'customize' things in game like 'merging' furniture, etc. as well as aligning Sims during animations which I want to screenshot. The reason the game/KW doesn't save the alignment is the Sims are acting in a scripted animation, which is basically 'cleared' once the event ends.


Understand the Sims 3 engine is nothing like the one Bethesda uses. VorpX (VR app) won't inject into the Sims 3, but it will for anything made by Bethesda. Maybe some talented script maker has knowledge enough to crack OnikiKay's source code for KW (doubt it-not public) and make a mod to change how KW handles the animation process......





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On 3/23/2020 at 9:42 AM, landess said:

some talented script maker has knowledge enough to crack OnikiKay's source code for KW (doubt it-not public) and make a mod to change how KW handles the animation process......

I hope they're good at reading cryptic C# stuff. ?  Anyway, from what I've seen in there, I kinda doubt it'd be a KW-based fix. There is a bit of checking for "legacy" animations to change strapon to dildo for some specific stages in two packs (WTW and SM). But it basically seems to load the clip and play it.


What might be more realistic, is to either look into the <Offset> setting in the OKW WooHooStage configuration file.  (For an example, look at L666_RapeBdsm_Animations a_L666_sfanaldildolesb_01, but that might only be for adjusting where an accessory is in the hand, but it could be worthwhile to investigate further) or try extracting the actual animation clips and adjust them in... ??? whatever that tool is the magicians use to make animations. :) 

On 3/22/2020 at 9:09 PM, DerRadikaleRichard said:

some of my animations are off sometimes

Best solution is probably to just figure out which animations are off, and either remove those (if you're on 399, so there's a blacklist in the debug menu:  sim | kinky world | debug | woohoostage | add stage to blacklist -- otherwise just remove the pair of package files) or live with the slight alignment issue.


Personally, I've noticed this was worse with some animation creators than others.  And, I'm pretty sure the ones that weren't all that good with alignment were some of the really really old packs that may have been originally created for "animated woohoo" or converted from being made for "passion" to "kinky world".



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So, kinda thread necro, but I'm having problems with KW .375 and some animations, where my female sim (and it seems it's just her) has her legs completely out of line for sex animations... Whether solo or with other sims.  Sometimes it's one leg, sometimes both... And her legs are usually stuck to the back of her thighs when this happens.  This is true even for the animations where she's using the exhibition skill to 'show boobs' and 'show pussy'.


I'm only using the Amra72, Lady666, and mike24 animation packs as shown on KW's OP, and I haven't needed to add them to KW by manually typing as it seems they are detected natively.


I have used sliders on her... And previous to installing Cmar's XCAS full package, those sliders registered # values so I might be able to zero potential problem sliders (hip width, posture, and one that rotated her butt to stick out more while her tummy got tucked are ones I used on her that after seeing this, I thought might be troublesome).


But I'm also using Master Controller with the extended version (I forget that add-on's name currently), and I've read on ModTheSims that using those two packs may cause trouble if the number of slider values aren't the same between the two, so I don't know if that's the reason for my problem. 


In that MTS post, the poster stated XCAS could have the # of sliders adjusted by a tuning file; I have no clue how to do that.

My master controller # of sliders setting is 400... I'm next to positive that doesn't match what's native in XCAS without a 'tuning file' which I didn't find available for download anywhere XCAS is.


Here's a link to the MTS post I'm talking about btw:


The post, by user 'Igazor', is post #1703 on page 69 (gigglesnort) about halfway down the page.


I'm not sure if this is my trouble.  Can anyone shed some light on my animation problems and help my sims legs get unstuck from her thighs during animations lol?

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3 hours ago, merctime said:

legs completely out of line for sex animations


3 hours ago, merctime said:

I have used sliders on her



Many sliders change the bone positions. Particular bones have a certain effect of the positions of limbs during animations and poses. Sitting on a couch or chair even exposes this where legs are involved (the shin will be shorter and thigh longer)(other times the knee doesn't bend a proper 90 degrees - so the feet sink through the floor). The lower legs bending into the thighs and beyond is usually caused by the 'butt' slider. Increasing the butt makes the knees bend 'more' and they will intersect the thighs or worse - look like they reverse bent with no kneecaps. I still use that slider, but use it sparingly usually under 40 for a sim likely to KW woohoo.


Experiment with slider use to find what is acceptable for you - NO slider use has the animations lining up perfectly for the most part. Making sims taller, shorter, etc. will always change how animations/poses look. I do use more extreme slider setting on NPC's whom usually never get involved in anything - like bartenders. This way I can have some nice 'eye-candy, without the associated 'eye-horror'. Other things like butt rotate, hips height, posture all have a negative impact on animation alignment which worsens the more extreme the value. Negative width for shoulders can make hands not align where they should be. Kissing can be affected by posture and back position.


When in CAS - turn the sim to the side and closely observe the foot position as the butt slider is moved. You'll notice the feet sliding forward. If you watch the body carefully as sliders are used you'll start to notice things moving in odd ways and these are your clue to the bones getting out of proper alignment. Other severe alignment issues will have heads/faces actually skewing like a square if the top moves forward or backwards of the bottom. It isn't pretty. KW mentions this on the download post - slider not recommended.


IF you must have an 'extreme' body, there are a few you can download which are more 'curvy' and you can tweak these a little without serious negative effects and still have something that will look better during animations than if you went 'too far' with the sliders.


EXPERIMENT - you will see how it all works. Sliders were created purely for aesthetics - not for animations. Well the penis slider can be tweaked without too much issue if you double the angle value of the length value - I tend towards length of 30/45 and angle of 60/90. This formula has the alignment very close to default and allows the KW 'likes big penises' to work. Big butts can be a problem, so I tend to avoid that one in favor of another 2 or 3 choices. Since KW like to add pubic hair - that is a good one, but you can always 'shave'.



I also use 400 sliders and that seems to be enough for me. There is an option to show the numerical values on the slider which is good for matching values between them.

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4 hours ago, merctime said:

Can anyone shed some light on my animation problems and help my sims legs get unstuck from her thighs during animations

Think this is really a slider problem as landess said

On 3/23/2020 at 3:42 PM, landess said:

as well as slider changes (height/hip-waist/etc.) as these change the skeleton

This problem with the legs I had too and I tried to identify which slider cause that and found that the leg slider have a heavy influence on that.

First of all they for the calf size and the thigh sizes. The "bigger" the legs the lesser they bend until you have this effect you describe.

So, if you manipulate your sim with sliders, you should have in mind what it causes in the game.

As much others with this game, it is more or less a try and error thing.


I also hate when sims clip into each other or the objects in animations. But there is no way to avoid that if you manipulate your sims with sliders.

Think Amra mentioned that on his download post always "Not recommended : additional sliders" or similar.


I use sometimes heavier set sims too and do not like when they clip into each other in an animation. So, the animations I assembled,

I try to let a little more space on those. Then on slim sims you see a distance. Better a little distance as to clip in I thought.

But this is also not OK and look odd depending on the angle. 


OK OK, landess was faster again ? and described it much better. But will not delete this obsolete post.



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Necro necro necro... LadySmoks is a necro today!!! 


Okay... this is an issue that I've tried to work on, with limited success. Older animations for Animated Woohoo had height adjustments in the animation xml's. These are missing from the animations for KW. Some of the L666 animations that are AW legacy still have the xml. It's mostly for teen/ adult woohoo, as standard EA height teens are shorter than standard adults.


As I use height sliders, and height altering shoes for female sims, I have tried adding height adjustments to KW animations xml's for both teen, and adult/YA female. Some animations actually worked... many did not.


But, it would be at minimum, writing new info into the xml and hope it works. And if you want to try, as always, make a back up of the original xml!!!!!

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