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  1. @SimmieKatSome YouTubers I know will outright tell viewers what post-production/editing software they use, particularly during their streams (if they do stream, on say twitch). That might be useful to know, for clipping stuff out... Maybe you know YouTubers that do that? Maybe even just google post-production software and see what you come up with, or hell, search that on YouTube itself to see if a company has an introduction to its software kinda video, to help in your shopping/search for free editing software
  2. Dude, I just watched your video, that was BAD ASS xD You did a great job picking the parts of your recording to include and arranging them!! Simmiekat, I bet you could too 😃
  3. Honestly, if you can't process the information of the original post here, I strongly encourage you to try the passion mod instead. Processing information in more than common quantities seems to be nearly a requirement for KW if you wanna play it at all, and not experience a great deal of trouble. For that matter, the sims 4 is likely more up your alley than the Sims 3 for the very same reason. ...And if you think the OP for this mod is challenging... you're gonna love the NRAAS site, lemme tell ya. People probably seem rude around here because everyone asks questions that are either answered in the first page, or a page before their question... Or sometimes, in a post directly on fucking top of theirs. Maybe not you, but so what? People get tired of that, and they have a right to. Help is one thing. Spoon feeding, quite another. Also: You can in fact find the answer to your question on the main page of the post. Maybe hit ctrl+f and type "animation" to help you navigate to what you want, or use "find in page" on android. Good day. To everyone else, I haven't found out much more about what's causing the goings-on of the overpopulation... But at least there's a short-term documented fix or 3, and a little (solid) advice as to what to avoid doing so this doesn't happen to more people. Later when I'm not so busy I might fire up my old save with the hundreds of npc's in it and see just what SORT of service npc's there were... Hopefully to show if it was KW or some stupid thing I did in NRaas. I hope it was the later, really... An error on my part requires no coding to fix usually xD
  4. I can only presume that any content showing explicit sex, even 3d pixels, won't be allowed on YouTube and may in fact get you banned or demonized, HOWEVER, some clever YouTubers seem to utilize both crafty video editing and patreon to get around that. I don't know how to do it, but I encourage you to do a YouTube search for "MXR mods". He does TONS of Skyrim reviews of loverslab mods for it... All in real-time video, just creatively edited... And teases watchers to support him on Patreon for explicit, unedited versions. This seems like it might help you create lots of wonderfully sexy Sims 3 smut and possibly earn from it, if that's your goal, but I have no idea how he does it. You might even ask him via patreon how he goes about doing this (I doubt he'd answer on YouTube, but who knows). Another idea is to create explicit videos, make a playlist on https://www.naughtymachinima.com/ , and then advertise them here and/or via Reddit or tumblr, with links to your naughtymachinima playlists. I'm not sure if you'll get lots of viewership with naughtymachinima as opposed to YouTube if you try that, but why not give it a go?
  5. @LadySmoks I sure hope you're running demographics checks semi-fequently to monitor your game population too! Your the exp'd player, and I'm the noob, and yeah, this is like the nurse telling the doctor what to do, but I hope you don't get my troubles. And if your game melts, who else do we turn to for sexy CC and pics?
  6. KW users, Please note: I don't recall EVER ONCE using populate features from either KW or NRaas mods (except the one that adds 10 rapists or something once; The one in KW settings that still has a string of code instead of a proper name, and even then just to see what it did). I mean, I *may* have, but don't beleive I did, and still got the extreme problem above. However, your advice on it is excellent as always, landess, and should be heeded. Also my aging, and all pregnancy settings I could locate, are and were off, too, as you directed me in PM. Just adding this bit as it's likely relevant.
  7. Hey man... I'm no programmer, you seem to be. I'm just a gamer goof, so you are likely far more aware of stuff like this than I will ever be. But please, I caution you if you are experiencing "lag creep" that you can't identify, to do yourself a favor and run a demographics check or 3 via city hall > master controller > population (I can be wrong on how to get to this). For the last couple of days I've been wondering why my game would become more slow, unresponsive, and generally lock up... And this behavior got progressively bad. Eventually, REAL bad. Like, lock up the entire computer, then have to hold down the power button so it can shut itself off bad. I started to notice multiple NPC's spawning in together at what I have to assume are a sort of 'lot entry/exit point' or a 'sim gather spot' on TOP of each other; Like half a dozen at each point. You could see them inside of each other. This also generated HORRIFIC amounts of taxi's to ferry them about. They'd do so in super slow motion as the cpu could only push one or two at a time, and not fully, as it attempted everything else going on (see below for more). The multi-npc stuff I noticed all happened around 'end of shift' for the sims, in the evening, but I presume this was a morning trouble also. So, exhasperated as to why my GTX 1080ti, and my i7-6700k along with 64 gb of good ram couldn't handle this game... I nearly gave up but finally ran a demographics test from MC when I began to notice the NPC's spawning on top of each other like that. I had over 920 service sims. No, that wasn't a typo. Over 920. In Sunset Valley. Please be careful!!! While I'm positive that this happened to me due to my own user error, I'm NOT positive WHICH setting I left or changed CAUSED the error. Since my overage was service npc's I myself turned immigration off and allowed resident sims to be selected for service roles and it seems to have corrected this so far after a couple of 'total annihilation ' rounds with MC to destroy nearly a THOUSAND excess sims... Which were literally crushing the games AI and playability.... And more than a couple town resets of thousands of items each. Note: I'm of course not sure if this is happening to you, as at the time I was trying nearly all of SP's personality sub-mods like Cops n' robbers alongside SP and KW (version .375) as well as the NRaas Register so I could view and set jobs, and all the career modules, which I've since taken out to be safe (except Register and SP itself), but, Hey, even if something this phenomenally stupid isn't your trouble... Maybe some other noob like me comes along, reads this, and doesn't melt their cpu But please do use an MC demographics check to have a look at how you have your game handling the influx of NPC'S perhaps, as I can't recall if/how SP adds to that... So I bring this up just in case. IMORTANT EDIT: I DO run ALL EP's and Stuffpacks all the time, and am on Origin 1.69 for TS3. Pretty sure that's relevant. P.S. I read your posts. They are quite normally, very helpful and informative :)
  8. Unfortunately, only through typing or pasting the address to it in the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/ Here's an example: https://web.archive.org/web/20161012043543/http://onikikay-kinkyworld.wikia.com/wiki/Oniki_Kay's_Kinky_World_Wikia
  9. Hi, I don't know if you are still having errors with bars/bartending in general, but I thought I'd pop in with something I found on this. For myself, what I find is that when my own sim goes to a 'dive bar' or a 'dance club' that other users have made, after I have placed those lots in my world (and before doing that, setting the empty/bulldozed lot appropriately; i.e., 'dance club' or 'dive bar' lot type respectively), that my Sim can't get a drink AT ALL. I do not know if the NPC's even try, or get drinks. It appears I can get food types. So, what happens for me, currently, is my Sim walks up to the bar, 'orders drink', and the bartender goes off all Tom Cruise style. BUT. At the end of the animation, the whole routine just breaks. The bartender just stands blankly after the drink-making animation, and my Sim just stands at the bar. Notably, also, my Sim's qeue of 'wait for drink' simply disappears without her getting a drink at all. This is even after her 'ordering' multiple times. So after looking around google, I found this user's potential work-around. I'm going to try it in-game, and will edit this post or reply to it to find out if it works for me. Have a read, and here's a picture of the post I mention: And here's the link: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/FIXED-Bartenders-not-serving-drinks/td-p/4127958/page/4
  10. Clydie, thanks so much for these animations! I'm gonna give them a try in KW .375 Can't wait to see them! Time to train my noob sim girl so she will do this stuffs xD (...Yeah, I play the game too xD ) Anyways, thanks again man, love love love animations just like everyone else! hehe.
  11. Thanks, Patriguz! I have to agree with how helpful folks are around here. It looks to me like there's a great little sims 3 community in this place Reminds me of when I joined, years ago for Oblivion. Those were good times! Time to keep 'em truckin with Sims 3
  12. I have to inform you both, that I appreciate the above conversation very mulch. But I should probably weed my way out of your interesting banter.
  13. Hey, it's good to meet ya'all I'd have been posting and stuff, but I had a crazy install problem earlier I had to repair that set me back, lol. So far, I'm enjoying the Sims 3. Lots to learn about this game! Fortunately, great players here that are quite free with good advice In the process of developing my 'sunset valley' save... Got all my NRaas settings done, and my KW ones, and have a basically-done Sim chick... Now to edit the other townies/residents and whatnot, so that will take forever! I doubt I'll be doing my 'Superheriones in Peril' idea I posted in my other thread here anytime soon, really, as there is so much for me to learn just to get off the ground with this game. And I really would like to get the Landgraabs, Goths, and so on and so forth customized before I start 'actually playing'. Fashionably late, to something you had absolutely no obligation to attend at all xD Thanks for dropping by! And thank you for all the lovely CC! ....Btw, you aren't missing A THING by not having the Sims 4. It's... Fun, I admit, but the depth of it's features are simply non-existent. Think of alllllll the things you can do in Sims 3. Now, think of how FAR you can take each one. That last sentence? That's Sims 4's major failing... Each thing you can do, has next to no depth at all, and the difficulty level is terribly dumbed down to the point that a decent gamer can master a certain aspect (magic, a career, a skill) in around a day. It just feels flat. So, now I'm HERE. Looking into Sims 3. I've read, watched YouTubes, and have generally seen how deep you can go in this game, sex or not xD And that's what I'm after.... Stuff where I can actually partake in a simulation, and ride that out as far as I want. But, I suspect, this idea isn't anything new to any of you Have fun!
  14. So, kinda thread necro, but I'm having problems with KW .375 and some animations, where my female sim (and it seems it's just her) has her legs completely out of line for sex animations... Whether solo or with other sims. Sometimes it's one leg, sometimes both... And her legs are usually stuck to the back of her thighs when this happens. This is true even for the animations where she's using the exhibition skill to 'show boobs' and 'show pussy'. I'm only using the Amra72, Lady666, and mike24 animation packs as shown on KW's OP, and I haven't needed to add them to KW by manually typing as it seems they are detected natively. I have used sliders on her... And previous to installing Cmar's XCAS full package, those sliders registered # values so I might be able to zero potential problem sliders (hip width, posture, and one that rotated her butt to stick out more while her tummy got tucked are ones I used on her that after seeing this, I thought might be troublesome). But I'm also using Master Controller with the extended version (I forget that add-on's name currently), and I've read on ModTheSims that using those two packs may cause trouble if the number of slider values aren't the same between the two, so I don't know if that's the reason for my problem. In that MTS post, the poster stated XCAS could have the # of sliders adjusted by a tuning file; I have no clue how to do that. My master controller # of sliders setting is 400... I'm next to positive that doesn't match what's native in XCAS without a 'tuning file' which I didn't find available for download anywhere XCAS is. Here's a link to the MTS post I'm talking about btw: https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=434270&c=1&goto=newpost The post, by user 'Igazor', is post #1703 on page 69 (gigglesnort) about halfway down the page. I'm not sure if this is my trouble. Can anyone shed some light on my animation problems and help my sims legs get unstuck from her thighs during animations lol?
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