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  1. Also: I wonder if this would work if the lot type was set to "Park"? I'm not at my pc so I can't check
  2. You might need to make sure that the "show custom content" box has a green check in it, in your library. Without that, no content... Lots, or households you have downloaded or saved will show up in your library if they use CC.
  3. @SimmieKatSome YouTubers I know will outright tell viewers what post-production/editing software they use, particularly during their streams (if they do stream, on say twitch). That might be useful to know, for clipping stuff out... Maybe you know YouTubers that do that? Maybe even just google post-production software and see what you come up with, or hell, search that on YouTube itself to see if a company has an introduction to its software kinda video, to help in your shopping/search for free editing software
  4. Dude, I just watched your video, that was BAD ASS xD You did a great job picking the parts of your recording to include and arranging them!! Simmiekat, I bet you could too 😃
  5. Honestly, if you can't process the information of the original post here, I strongly encourage you to try the passion mod instead. Processing information in more than common quantities seems to be nearly a requirement for KW if you wanna play it at all, and not experience a great deal of trouble. For that matter, the sims 4 is likely more up your alley than the Sims 3 for the very same reason. ...And if you think the OP for this mod is challenging... you're gonna love the NRAAS site, lemme tell ya. People probably seem rude around here because e
  6. I can only presume that any content showing explicit sex, even 3d pixels, won't be allowed on YouTube and may in fact get you banned or demonized, HOWEVER, some clever YouTubers seem to utilize both crafty video editing and patreon to get around that. I don't know how to do it, but I encourage you to do a YouTube search for "MXR mods". He does TONS of Skyrim reviews of loverslab mods for it... All in real-time video, just creatively edited... And teases watchers to support him on Patreon for explicit, unedited versions. This seems like it might help you create lots of
  7. @LadySmoks I sure hope you're running demographics checks semi-fequently to monitor your game population too! Your the exp'd player, and I'm the noob, and yeah, this is like the nurse telling the doctor what to do, but I hope you don't get my troubles. And if your game melts, who else do we turn to for sexy CC and pics?
  8. KW users, Please note: I don't recall EVER ONCE using populate features from either KW or NRaas mods (except the one that adds 10 rapists or something once; The one in KW settings that still has a string of code instead of a proper name, and even then just to see what it did). I mean, I *may* have, but don't beleive I did, and still got the extreme problem above. However, your advice on it is excellent as always, landess, and should be heeded. Also my aging, and all pregnancy settings I could locate, are and were off, too, as you directed me in PM.
  9. Hey man... I'm no programmer, you seem to be. I'm just a gamer goof, so you are likely far more aware of stuff like this than I will ever be. But please, I caution you if you are experiencing "lag creep" that you can't identify, to do yourself a favor and run a demographics check or 3 via city hall > master controller > population (I can be wrong on how to get to this). For the last couple of days I've been wondering why my game would become more slow, unresponsive, and generally lock up... And this behavior got progressively bad. Eventually, REAL bad. Like, lo
  10. Unfortunately, only through typing or pasting the address to it in the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/ Here's an example: https://web.archive.org/web/20161012043543/http://onikikay-kinkyworld.wikia.com/wiki/Oniki_Kay's_Kinky_World_Wikia
  11. Hi, I don't know if you are still having errors with bars/bartending in general, but I thought I'd pop in with something I found on this. For myself, what I find is that when my own sim goes to a 'dive bar' or a 'dance club' that other users have made, after I have placed those lots in my world (and before doing that, setting the empty/bulldozed lot appropriately; i.e., 'dance club' or 'dive bar' lot type respectively), that my Sim can't get a drink AT ALL. I do not know if the NPC's even try, or get drinks. It appears I can get food types. So, what happens for me, cu
  12. Clydie, thanks so much for these animations! I'm gonna give them a try in KW .375 Can't wait to see them! Time to train my noob sim girl so she will do this stuffs xD (...Yeah, I play the game too xD ) Anyways, thanks again man, love love love animations just like everyone else! hehe.
  13. Thanks, Patriguz! I have to agree with how helpful folks are around here. It looks to me like there's a great little sims 3 community in this place Reminds me of when I joined, years ago for Oblivion. Those were good times! Time to keep 'em truckin with Sims 3
  14. I have to inform you both, that I appreciate the above conversation very mulch. But I should probably weed my way out of your interesting banter.
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