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WickedWhims Exeption

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Get rid of these duplicates and delete localthumbcache.pkg file in the sims 4 folder then try again...

Possible Duplicated Mod Files (9): ATS4_object_school_blackboard-v2.package, ATrois_AnklesRope.package, ATrois_GloryTable.package, ATrois_glory hole.package, CherryPie_CumMesh.package, Luana Lounge Chair By Lunararc.package, WW_ATrois_Animations.package, WW_CherryPie_Animation_CumMesh.package, WW_SALARMOJS_ANIMATIONS.package


Wicked Perversions also the latest version?

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20 hours ago, alexx9909 said:

procian thank you for your answer, i ve done what you said, but this doesnt help, wicked perversions also the latest version, and if i remove it evWickedWhims_v150d_Exception.txtWickedWhims.logerything becomes OK, but i dont want to remove it at all

Nisas_Last_Exception.txt 1.82 kB · 0 downloads lastException_63720561201.txt 2.27 kB · 0 downloads lastException_63720560701.txt 2.27 kB · 0 downloads

You've got a two different versions of NWP in your mod folder. Find and delete them both. Download the latest version and install that.

Furthermore you have a problem with NWP save files. The solution to that is as follows:


Go to \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves and delete the 'WickedPerversionsMod' folder.

Then delete 'localthumbcache.package' from \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.

This effectively resets the mod settings to default and you should be good to go again.

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31 minutes ago, AyeGii89 said:

Does Anyone know what this means?

Since you've updated your game you will need to update all your other script mods...


Sims 4 Community Library (S4CL)

Nisa's WP

And any others like Devious Desires, (it replaced Kinky Whims and Wicked Pets)



Basemental Drugs


Latest game patch broke many mods so if you have any cc doors or windows they need updates too.

Some LittleMsSam mods also need updating

Makeup, hairstyles, clothing, nails, bodies, skins, etc. are normally OK. 


Don't forget to delete your localthumbcache.package in your TS4 folder whenever you add, remove, or update mods or game.

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