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  1. Husk

    Red Sims

    Could you perhaps attach a screenshot of the issue? I've heard of red and white Sims, but I don't think I've ever came across just plain red ones.
  2. You can't and you won't. The creator of this mod has been banned from LoversLab. As @BatDood told you time and time again, you will not find their mods here.
  3. Judging by how blue your screen is I reckon this is caused by outdated UI Cheats or TOOL.
  4. Lol I checked it out and it's even better - they gave you a thumbs up and that's that 😂
  5. If you want the type of icons to match the aesthetic of the game you're gonna have to either learn how to design them yourself, or pay someone to do it for you I'm afraid.
  6. What's your game version? Was there an exception file generated? Did you test the game with no other mods, only WW installed?
  7. According to the file you've attached your Wicked Perversions is outdated.
  8. You're using the Patreon version so you're gonna need the Inappropriate Unlock to enable incest in your game.
  9. I believe MCCC offers that option, although I'm not sure since I've never felt the need to use it.
  10. What pop-up alerts are you referring to exactly?
  11. I think you forgot to add text to you post lol
  12. I doubt that the lastCrash files are useless, they're probably encrypted in some way, maybe Maxis has a way to decipher the info they contain, perhaps the information inside is not meant to be seen/understood by people outside of Maxis. Maybe they're used by the game (and are not meant to be read by humans at all) to decide what caused the crash so that the game can boot up next time and possibly not cause the crash again? I'm speculating here of course, I have no idea myself, but I doubt Maxis'd create these files for the sake of it.
  13. Eh, you can always just exclude the Electronic Arts folder from backing up in the OneDrive, no need to be so drastic, I'm sure it's of some use to some people 😅
  14. Check if this is an issue on a new save file. Maybe there's something wrong with the one you're playing on.
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