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Devious Devices Enchantings

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Devious Devices Enchantings

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Adds enchantments to the Devious Devices.


I do not add perks to the enchantments, so there is no description in pip boy. (Doing so would need a ton of perks)


Here is a list how it was planned before creating


C = Charisma, A = Agility, P = Perception, S = Strength, E = Endurance, L = Luck
Chast. belt        C - 1, A - 1
Chastity bra      C - 2, A - 1
collar                C - 1
gag                   E - 3, L + 3

nipple pierc, clamps          C - 1, P - 1, E - 1, A - 1
rusty nipple  clamps          C - 1, P - 1, E - 2, A - 1, health-10
anal plug                           P - 1, E - 1, A - 1, -5% speed
vaginal plug                      P - 1, E - 1, A - 1, -5% speed no sitting

blindfold                           P - 2, A - 2, -10% Speed
bondage mittens              L + 2

chain harness                   C - 3, S - 1
corset harness                  C - 1, E - 1, I - 1, A - 1

hood ballon                     C - 2, P - 3, A - 3, -10% Speed
leg cuffs                           L + 1
latex harness                    L + 1

rusty plugs                       P - 1, E - 1, A - 1, -10% speed, -10 health

restraints                          C - 1, -5% speed
rusty restraints                 C - 1, -5% speed, -10 health

straight jacket                  C - 2, I - 2
straight jacket open         C - 3, I - 3

dress latex                        C + 1, A - 2
dress spandex                  C + 1, I - 1, A - 1
dress elegant                   C + 2, A - 2
hobble skirt                      C + 1        
hobble skirt open             L + 1, E - 3
wristcuffs                          L + 1


Do not know if everything was done like it was planned, nevertheless feel free to change enchantings to your liking either with xEdit or CK.

Created this mod a few months ago and did not test it much. Maybe it is necessary to add some conditions to the enchantments, do not know.





Before upgrading to version 1.1 I recommend to unequip all devious devices

equipped on the player to avoid effects that can only be removed with console commands.




Devious Devices Face Morphs:

Depending on your load order you will either have the face morphs or the Enchanting for the gags. I would recommend to load Face morphs after my mod, the alternative really does not make any sense.


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I'm not using Nude Basics, so installed 1.2 instead of 1.2a. Unfortunately the MCM entry for Devious Enchantings only displays the error "Missing plugins: 1. FO4_Basics.esp" so looks like it's expecting it anyway. Did I do something wrong, or is this a bug in the mod?

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On 4/20/2020 at 6:56 PM, Adetu said:

I have controlled 1.2a, since 1.2 is not installed anymore in my game. Version 1.2a does not have this requirement.

Update is uncritical, Just overwrite everything or make a new mod with mod organizer.

Tried 1.2a, even tried reinstalling it a second time and switching to a new playthrough, but I still see this in the MCM for it:



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16 hours ago, Adetu said:

Hope you still have your old saves, because here the "copy and paste devil" was at work.


Replace the MCM file config.json with this corrected version


config.json 3.31 kB · 0 downloads


The file is located in the MCM folder under DD_Enchantings:




Currently I am working on an update for the mod, then this fix will be included.


Yeppers, working perfectly now, thanks!


And no, not to worry, I hadn't deleted my earlier save (though I tend not to stick with any particular playthrough for very long anyway when I'm testing mods).

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40 minutes ago, onebdjoe said:

Does anyone have a copy of the corrected json file for 1.2a? The link is broken and it appears the mod author is gone.


Try this link, I think this is the updated version?  It also acts like cursed loot and has buffs?



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