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  1. Holy, thank you so much for this, i am still waiting on my headset and video card to arrive, but i can't wait for adult Skyrim vr.
  2. Just getting into VR soon, pre-ordered the HP reverb g2, i have been dieing to play skyrim and fallout in vr, bought both a long time ago when they where on sale. so thanks for this guide. i don't think i want to go as nuts as i did on the non vr versions, but i would like good looking nude bodies and and DD and.. you know i think i will just keep adding until it breaks, then go back one:) still have a month or two to wait for the headset but starting to look into vr mods now.
  3. I need a skyrim version of this, FO4 is ok, but i want that extra bit of kink and visual goodies. so i thought tonight i am going to take a crack at it again, all previous attempts over the many years has resulted in ctd, and throwing in the towel after many hours of getting nowhere. So far i have MO installed..... and looking at the skyrim section of this site i am lost already.
  4. i like text guides. i have a very tough time following a video guide:)
  5. Wow. Thanks for this! Have not installed fallout 4 in a long time and was dreading figuring out what is current info. This is exactly what I needed
  6. https://www.patreon.com/kstgames the twist is under review, it should be ok since it's not actually incest, i hope, i enjoy that game.
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