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  1. @JBpy It occurred to me, now that W&B is using overlays it would be great to add them to the “Tattoos After Rape” mod. Because realistically if these raiders are going to be raping and tattooing you’re character there’s no reason to believe that they wouldn’t also whip and brand your character.
  2. I am rethinking parts of my mod framework and I have some questions (more questions than what is allowed in the Poll) to do the questionaire, Quote the page and keep your answers with the question do you care about or use Freezing babies and creatures? (which allows you to freeze babies, eggs and wombs to sell them) no do you grow up Creatures and babies with FEV Growth Syringe (instead of letting them grow up) Bothe FEV and normal growth depending on my mood. what about the Quietus Syringes? (which kills babi
  3. This makes me really happy. Can’t wait for the updates! Welcome to the Fusion Girl side.
  4. What mod did the collar with the nipple clamps in the pictures come from?
  5. @Invictusblade Just thought I’d bring this mod to your attention if you hadn’t seen it, figured it might pique your interest. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/49757 It adds a human/Deathclaw hybrid race. Might be possible to add this as an offspring of a Deathclaw impregnation. I admit though that I have no idea how much work this would entail, so it may not be worth the effort.
  6. The Themes mod doesn’t contain any animations. It simply adds tags to animation xmls so that AAF knows which animations to use given the context of the situation. You need to install animation packs such as Savage Cabbage, Leito, Atomic Lust, BP70 etc.
  7. Alright this actually gives me an idea for a solid work around. I’ll clone my companions via Wasteland Dairy, then enslave the clone and assign them to the brothel. Lastly I’ll shove the real companions in my Portable Bunker settlement so that I don’t have two instances of them roaming around in the open world. This way i can have the satisfaction of enslaving them, but still have the option of questing with them if I choose. Thank you for the information and inspiration. Also thanks for the great mod!
  8. @HR_Sinop Will there ever be an option to set your companions as prostitutes to work the brothel?
  9. I’m going to hazard a guess that you’re fairly new to the adult modding scene of FO4. This isn’t an insult, we were all noobies at some point. Anyway, if you are new I highly recommend you read though and follow this guide for setting up FO4 for adult mods.
  10. I assume this happened after a Violate scene. If this is the case, the npc that put the collar on your character will have a note on them called “Shock Collar Note”. That note will have the code on it.
  11. Hmm how did you get the extra options to show up when installing? When I install the only choice I have is if I’m using Fusion Girl or CBBE (I’m using Fusion Girl btw). I don’t get any options to customize the strapon’s appearance.
  12. Don’t use this mod, man. It is broken and abandoned by the author. In addition the bugs you’ve already seen, it will eventually corrupt your game save. Your best bet is to uninstall this mod and roll back to a save that was made prior to installing.
  13. I'm liking quite a lot of what I'm seeing here, definitely potential. Looking at your future script plans will these be separate patches or all rolled into one patch? Personally I'd recommend doing one of two things: 1) Have them as separate downloads for each mod affected. or 2) If it's going to be one patch, add an installer that lets us choose which edits to apply. Either way you go it has the benefit of letting the user decide what edits to use on a per mod basis. So for example if I like the edits to Violate but don't want to cha
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