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Pickle's animation pack for Witcher 2&3 furniture W.I.P +18

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Pickle's animation pack for Witcher 2&3 furniture W.I.P +18

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This Animation pack contains death and torture content only (For now)


This animation pack is originally made for a story i'm making using in the Sims 4 game

but i decided to make the animations for it, to be use by others, so here you go!

this pack contains 15 animations so far, i have plans to expand this pack even further!

now, obviously you'll need the furniture and andrew's pose player mods

Andrew's pose player mod here


You can find the direct links to the furniture needed for the animations on the spoiler below


TW2 Pike


Cage A (The one i'll use the most)  -  Cage B   -  Cage C

Witcher 2 Dungeon stuff

TW2 Coffin open


Witcher 2 Knifes Target 1.0.2

Witcher 2 Weapon Stand 1.0.2



I also forgot to share some neat little accessories that will go nicely with the animations.

Prisoner Cuffs 1.0.2

Make sure to get the one with no chains for both the hands and feet




If the link does not work, let me know!


If you're looking for other Witcher furniture, checkout this link right



I take 0 credit for this ports, as far as i know credits go Dravenxiv


I highly recommend you to also get Teleport Any Sim mod to place the sims onto the furniture

Now when you're looking for the witcher's furniture i recommend you to do the following:


  1. Scroll all the way down, until you reach the bottom of the page.
  2. Once you've done that press "ctrl F".
  3. Then search for the words "Pikes", "Cage" and "Torture" and download the files that have those words


Give me ideas!

And now that you're browsing for Witcher furniture,

feel free to recommend me any pose to make for any furniture you find in there! tell me the idea and the furniture you want me to use

i will only use Witcher's furniture, since those are the models i'm mainly using, so please only use the furniture found in the link provided.



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3 minutes ago, RDA said:

This mod is exactly the kind of mod I needed right now. I'm writing and creating a story about magicians.

I am curious about what you will do in the futur.

I'm glad to know you'll give them some use! Right now i don't have ideas for other furniture, so i'm thinking of making more poses for the furniture i'm already using, like the Rack or the Donkey.


But please! if you have any ideas for poses related to torture, punishment, death and humiliation be sure to let me know! i would love to read them!

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3 minutes ago, wongfoo2003 said:

I would like to get some animations for the shackles.





I was thinking the same, but is kinda hard, since the shackles are to spread and to far from the ground to make a decent looking pose.

That's the reason why i didn't make one for these.


maybe when i learn how to manipulate meshes and export them onto sims i will 100% do animations for this one.

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It could be nice to see more "idle" with the cage. Standing or sitting pose.

Some torture pose for the stocks (tickle for example), the cage (tickle or a knife/sword torture) and the pikes (tickle or beating).

And maybe use the wooden cage or the iron cage to make duo or group lock in pose. (Play with the lack of space in the Iron cage).

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32 minutes ago, RDA said:

It could be nice to see more "idle" with the cage. Standing or sitting pose.

Some torture pose for the stocks (tickle for example), the cage (tickle or a knife/sword torture) and the pikes (tickle or beating).

And maybe use the wooden cage or the iron cage to make duo or group lock in pose. (Play with the lack of space in the Iron cage).

I might do more poses for the cage :) could you elaborate in this knife sword torture please?

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43 minutes ago, RDA said:

@Pickle_Juice Threaten during an interrogation with a knife/dagger/sword on the skin, on the neck or prick with the tip. Also cut or stab with it.

That kind of thing.

Well i might do that, but i dunno how to make meshes yet, so i would need to know how to add the sword for the sims to use, so that might not be possible yet...

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32 minutes ago, nadia00010 said:

не могу скачать предметы.


я не говорю по русски, используя бот для перевода, но что ты имеешь в виду, что не можешь, разве ты не видишь ссылку?

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39 minutes ago, MetalHeadXJ said:

I'm confused are the spikes/cage etc part of the link you have for the "furniture" or are they in the package file cause I don't see them on that furniture site for download. 

You're not the only one, i had several DM's about, check the desc of the mod and look at the spoiler, i added all the direct links to the downloads for the furniture i'm working with.

Please let me know if these links work for you.

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1 hour ago, MetalHeadXJ said:

I got the stuff but none of the furniture can be interacted with. I can put a SIM into a pose but not on any of the furniture the furniture just kicks them out and there no option for any kind of animations. 

That's why you need the "Teleport Sim" mod, grab any furniture, let's say the Cage, place the cage, then grab "Teleport sim" (it's furniture as well, a white knight statue), place on the same spot as the cage and then use it to teleport a sim, once the sim is position, use the animation pack to pose the sim onto the furniture.


i highly recommend you to enable cheats and use "bb.moveobjects true" in that way you can use 9 or 0 to move the furniture up and down and use ' and ¿ to shrink or make things bigger, it will also let you place funiture in places the usually can't be placed.


22 minutes ago, MetalHeadXJ said:

Okay no worries i kinda got the gist of how stuff has to be posed and made it work!

i'm glad you did! i hope you don't encounter further issues with the pose pack, but if you do let me know!.

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27 minutes ago, MetalHeadXJ said:

Is there any way to get a SIM to stay on a pike permanently? After a while they just come off it. 


I dunno, all animations need to last for a certain ammount of time, but maybe try making him/her to do the same pose over and over again? the poses are a Sim action that last depending on the time given to the animatons or poses, so maybe fill the sim list of chores with the same animation?

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3 hours ago, nadia00010 said:

У меня не работает, нажимаю <Ctrl> + <F> но ничего не получается скачать не загружается

You can add a simple download.

да, я уже сделал это, проверьте спойлер на описание мода, вы найдете прямые загрузки

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