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    Game Crashing

    Mine is doing the same, but even with already existing SIMS. As soon as they get in position for sex, the game freezes and I have to shut it down and start it up again. It was updated like very recently and I'm using the new version. I don't get any error messages, just freezes and I have to shut it down from task manager.
  2. MetalHeadXJ

    SIMs 4 vampire/sex

    Well, apparently not. I just googled for like the last 3 hours and don't think any exist at this time. Thanks anyway.
  3. MetalHeadXJ

    SIMs 4 vampire/sex

    Are there any existing mods for WW or another mod that has any vampires feeding during sex animations?
  4. MetalHeadXJ

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    I tried to use nisa.undebt First Name Last Name but I'm still in debt?
  5. MetalHeadXJ

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    How do you end the debt to your debt slave owner? Once i selected that option (didn't really know what it was) now I have her taking my money with no idea how to pay it off or end it?