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Pickle's animation pack for Witcher 2&3 furniture W.I.P +18 1.0.2

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About This File


This Animation pack contains death and torture content only (For now)


This animation pack is originally made for a story i'm making using in the Sims 4 game

but i decided to make the animations for it, to be use by others, so here you go!

this pack contains 15 animations so far, i have plans to expand this pack even further!

now, obviously you'll need the furniture and andrew's pose player mods

Andrew's pose player mod here


You can find the direct links to the furniture needed for the animations on the spoiler below


TW2 Pike


Cage A (The one i'll use the most)  -  Cage B   -  Cage C

Witcher 2 Dungeon stuff

TW2 Coffin open


Witcher 2 Knifes Target 1.0.2

Witcher 2 Weapon Stand 1.0.2



I also forgot to share some neat little accessories that will go nicely with the animations.

Prisoner Cuffs 1.0.2

Make sure to get the one with no chains for both the hands and feet




If the link does not work, let me know!


If you're looking for other Witcher furniture, checkout this link right



I take 0 credit for this ports, as far as i know credits go Dravenxiv


I highly recommend you to also get Teleport Any Sim mod to place the sims onto the furniture

Now when you're looking for the witcher's furniture i recommend you to do the following:


  1. Scroll all the way down, until you reach the bottom of the page.
  2. Once you've done that press "ctrl F".
  3. Then search for the words "Pikes", "Cage" and "Torture" and download the files that have those words


Give me ideas!

And now that you're browsing for Witcher furniture,

feel free to recommend me any pose to make for any furniture you find in there! tell me the idea and the furniture you want me to use

i will only use Witcher's furniture, since those are the models i'm mainly using, so please only use the furniture found in the link provided.


What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog




I added 5 new poses, previews on the end of the gallery marked with "1.0.1" on the top left corner.


2 for the coffin


  1. Witcher2 - Coffin - Death 1
  2. Witcher2 - Coffin - Death 2


2 for the cage


  1. Witcher2 - Cage - Victim 2
  2. Witcher2 - Cage - Victim 3


1 for the donkey


  1. Witcher2 - Donkey - Victim 2


Needed furniture


  1. Donkey
  2. Cage
  3. Coffin


go the the given link and use Ctrl F to find this words and download said words with said words.



I added 8 new poses, previews on the end of the gallery marked with "1.0.2" on the top left corner, you'll need new furniture for 6 of the 8 newest animations, links provided on the spoiler of the mod desc with a "1.0.2" next to the links.


2 for the coffin


  1. Witcher - Coffin - Death 3
  2. Witcher - Coffin - Victim 1


3 for the knife target


  1. Witcher - Target - Victim 1
  2. Witcher - Target - Victim 2
  3. Witcher - Target - Death 1


3 for the weapon stand


  1. Witcher - Stand - Victim 1
  2. Witcher - Stand - Victim 2
  3. Witcher - Stand - Victim 3


Needed furniture


  1. Coffin
  2. Knife Target
  3. Weapon Stand


Also provided link to some shackles to use for the poses, they can be found on the accessories section on CC.



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