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  1. I didn't make any poses, but i did a lot of searching. If you tell me which pose you mean i can show where to find it.
  2. After nearly six month, a few additional packs and some new features i was able to finish the last chapter of my story. Here the final part of the adventure of a 'husband in trouble. Scroll to the bottom of the side to the posts 18 - 20.
  3. With the protective basket in front of his face, Mike felt uncomfortable signing the contract, but he was pleased that he was wearing his collar again. It was probably the last bit of his old life he had left.
  4. Angry Annabelle stormed after work into the room where Phoenix was busy with Mike.
  5. While Phoenix took care of Mike's upbringing, Neil dealt with Johnny. With a slightly bad conscience, the Ranger had agreed with Johnny that he would not do him any harm if he got involved in these simple power games. Unfortunately, he was not able to release him to freedom because Johnny had heard too much. Now they trained some tricks in the kitchen to get Johnny fit for the housework. Neil wanted to employ him as a domestic helper so that his constant presence was not noticeable. Why he would be sparsely or not clothed at all, they left to the imagination of th
  6. I got some special traits from paddfoot. Does anybody know if he/she is still making any sims 4 stuff?
  7. Where did you find this pose or animation?
  8. Have a look here: https://wistfulpoltergeist.tumblr.com/ NT03.webp
  9. See this: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dangerous-pose-34959623
  10. Try this Link: http://paysites.mustbedestroyed.org/booty/ts4patreon/cosplay/
  11. Try this link: http://paysites.mustbedestroyed.org/booty/ts4patreon/cosplay/ It's still working for me.
  12. That's perfect. Now i can try to do a naked justice.
  13. Something like that: https://aurora-borealis514.tumblr.com/post/183789734566/it-can-be-found-in-the-gallery-under-abaybay514
  14. That looks great and will do for me. Thank you for your afford.
  15. Here is another one: https://mrdesignershop.blogspot.com/2016/11/kimono-jacket-s3-to-s4-male-ver.html https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-clothing-male-teenadultelder-everyday/title/simmiev-sah-kimono-blouse-for-men/id/1487313/
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