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Sex lab aroused

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        Being a new gamer and having only used Skyrim V for the last 6 months or so, I normally have managed to solve any problems that have arisen, but I seem to be stumped with the following:- Sexlab aroused seems to have stopped working correctly i.e it keeps telling me every couple of minutes that it is ''ready to be used'', this in its self is not a big problem but I am concerned it indicates a deeper problem with the mods/game. I have reloaded the mod several times as well as downloaded a clean copy but to no avail, any advice on solving this problem would be appreciated. 


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Maybe it's not the mod that works badly, it's your sex abstinence character.
If the mod was integrated with:
SLSO (sexlab separate orgasm)  SexLab Separate Orgasm LE 1.6.1
DW (Dripping when aroused)  Dripping when aroused LE 2019-07-06
ABBA (Arousal Based Breast Adjuster) Arousal Based Breast Adjuster for Oldrim CBBE (ABBA) 2.0.2
Sexlabutil1 SexLabUtil1 [2015-03-28]
Sexlabutil1_17 SexLabUtil1 [2015-03-28] 0.17
you would have a real condition of your character.
In the game press key N to view the state of excitement.
In case you already had the mods indicated, it could be simply having to configure them.
If you played with a female you would receive messages like:
"My tits are hard"
"I have a wet pussy"
"I need to have sex"
"I can not concentrate"
All signs of abstinence. It may also happen that the problem persists even after having sex. This only means that a fuck is not enough to bring your character back to a normal condition, he may need more than one (sometimes even 5 or 6).
 However, a list of mods that you have installed would help to understand if it is a mod problem or it is all normal (your PG just has to fuck)
If it were by chance a succubus, know that all these effects will be significantly increased even with the decrease in characteristics (HP, Magika, Stamina even by 80 characteristic points) and a drastic reduction on the development of skills (up to a complete stop of development), and everything will remain until the message appears: "My wishes are fulfilled"

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Thanks for all the reply, ref  @Lestast1627 and others, I don't have any of those mods, I keep a very restricted mod list, this was a problem that I encountered but it's not a biggie, I have found a work around using flower girls mod which suits me just fine, but once again thanks for the advice. 

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8 hours ago, Grey Cloud said:

Flower Girls is a Special Edition mod so 

Nope. There is also a LE version of Flower Girls on the Nexus, and has been for like 3 years.





There is also https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94212?tab=description from another user with Xiderpunk's permission which updates the file, and adds several of the add-ons that Xiderpunk never got around to backporting.  

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