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  1. We have always used our outbuilding as a office/computer room. There was an electrical fire. Total loss. I'm not complaining, things could have been MUCH worse, and it could have easily spread to the adjacent garage. We were very lucky to only lose our PCs, printer, ect.
  2. Hey all. Due to an unfortunate accident, both my PC and backup HDD are gone. I have literally lost everything when it comes to Skyrim. Many mods deleted or lost to time, including my vast hoard of follower mods :(. I have a new PC ordered, and should be back up and running by mid March. I guess the biggest decision facing me now is whether to take the plunge to SE finally or stick with LE. But that is neither here nor there. The main reason I am posting this is to ask you all for a little understanding in advance if I start flooding the forums with mod requests pretty soon. I'
  3. I have the same issue, although I can use the in private window workaround.
  4. You should take this to the SL Romance page as it appears you are having a problem with that mod, not SL.
  5. And here is a direct link to SOS for SE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5355-schlongs-of-skyrim-se/
  6. Special edition has it's own section for downloads, tech support, ect. You'll find it at the bottom of the Skyrim section.
  7. Yay! Another chapter! This is probably my favorite story blog. I was so happy to see the reboot, and can't wait to see where you take us Spy.
  8. Deductive reasoning. I seriously have no idea what your glitch is when it comes to MO. You freely admit yourself all over this forum that you don't have the experience with it needed to offer advice about it's functionality, how to use it, ect. Yet, you're the first to chime in whenever someone who does have the aforementioned offers it. The MO vs NMM vs Vortex discussions have been done to death. No one is interested in rehashing them. The OPs problem has been solved by those who understand and use MO, the manager he uses. The end.
  9. You mistook my meaning. I never said Tannin wasn't proud of his work. I'm saying he was told to leave out much of the functionality that makes MO so popular in the first place for ease of use that the Nexus team wanted. Take from that what you will.
  10. Vortex was made by Tannin, but he was hired by NexusMods to do it, and they had oversight into what he could and couldn't do. MO has far more functionality when it comes to what the user actually wants to accomplish in modding their game to their liking from everything I've seen. To most of us, the control MO offers > auto loot with every install.
  11. It's because, much like a texture mod, XPMSE over writes base files ( in this case, skeleton files ). You don't need an .esp active to do that. It doesn't require the original .esps. It's just that with MO, there is no reason to remove them. You can simply follow the step I listed above and the game will not "see" or load them. And they are still there in case you later decide to remove the merge.
  12. There is no need to remove the inactive .esps. Double click the mod in the left pane of MO with .esp you don't want showing up in your LO. Click on the Optional .ESPs tab at the top of the window that opens, click on the .esp you don't want showing up in your LO, and then click the up arrow to move it from the bottom pane to the top one. Repeat that for all those mods. You can leave them checked in the left pane of MO ( because you'll need to so your merged .esp can access their assets ), and the .esps won't show up in your LO. If you ever delete your merge, and need that .esp agai
  13. Yep. Installation order is absolutely irrelevant with MO.
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