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  1. As the title suggests, a very strange thing is happening to me. Everything is related to the use of animations New Animation for 1 Handed Weapon Magic Casting Animations Overhaul New Animation for Running with Bow Here's what happens: The behavior of holding the weapon is perfectly identical to holding a two-handed sword . Also, when I use Additemmenu, the sword passes from the hip to the back . I've been using these two animations for almost two years without ever encountering a problem. I DO NOT use animations of the FNIS PCEA or FNIS PCEA2 type, an
  2. SexLab Animation Loader 1.5 SexLab MatchMaker - Updated 09/17/2014 and if you want Sexlab Mass MatchMaker Extended actors 1.0.0 Read this for more details Match Maker extended actors Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice Creature Framework [WIP] SexLab Aroused v2014-01-24 v20140124 or Sexlab Aroused Redux December 05 2016 28b
  3. Yes . 1) Have you installed and configured SexLab in MCM Menu? 2) Have you installed SL Anim Loader? 3) You have installed all the requirements of SexLab? To see the list of animations, in game, press key H , or, in MCM SexLab Animation Editor, you have to find the list of animations in the drop down menu
  4. You may need to reapply the Textures How to apply Textures
  5. With this (many already know) I will illustrate how to apply / replace textures Necessary for this work NifSkope Launch Nifskope /File/Open and import your nif Click on the nif (it turns green) to automatically highlight the relative Shape, passing to the Block List panel . From here on out, we should jump to the Blick List and Block Details panels Extend the highlighted Shape menu until you find BSShaderTextureSet . Click on the latter to jump to the Block Details panel Left / right click on
  6. Through the game. Just look at what armor you wear. You will find the armor in the Bodyslides (if any). In the Caliente Tools, you will find only one nif for each part of the armor. For example, if there were 2/3 types of gloves, just do the procedure with all of them to eliminate the problem Another method is to open Bodyslide twice. In one you will put the gloves and the bodymorph, in the other only the bodymorph. You will use the latter as a guide for correcting the gloves by copying the adjustment values quindi la domanda rimane come faccio a far fun
  7. Several problems are also solved simply by reinstalling XPMSE
  8. Generally, when you create files with Bodyslide, it tells you where they will go This is not exactly the case, usually when files belong to another version of Skyrim, they must first be converted to be able to use them correctly Correct problem generally linked to incompatibility, or linked to weight Open Outfitstudio, import the nif in question by taking it from the Caliente Tools Shape Data folder , right click on the hands and select Delete . import the hands you have in use, always taking them from the Caliente Tools Shape Data folder .
  9. Have you installed all the requirements? Requires SexLab, SexLab Aroused [Redux], SKSE, SkyUI MCM, Fuz Ro D-oh
  10. Install Creature Framework ? Install Sexlab Anim Loader ? Into MCM/SL Anim Loader, you active and install all animations ? Install MNC (More Nasty Critters ) ? FNIS , reports any errors? in case you had done the correct installations, here are some animations for the Draugers : Billyy's SLAL Animations (2021-2-1)
  11. For which are not part of the mod. custom races included are: Lunari, Ningheim, Succubus Race . To remedy this, just overwrite the various nif in the appropriate folder . For temptress Race, copy all your femalebody nif that you find in Skyrim data/meshes/actors/character/character assets and drop into Skyrim data/meshes/temptress/actors/character/character assets .
  12. Yes Certainly not with SexLab Tools Have you tried a new game?
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