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  1. Lestat1627

    Uunp nipples glitching

    Does it happen with the naked body or when you wear parts of clothes? Often this problem occurs when there are incompatibilities between clothes and body (CBBE + UNP, UUNP + CBBE and so on)
  2. Follow these instructions and it will work . Follow the instructions scrupulously, then start a new game HDT working vagina and butt.rar 1.0.0 (You do not need to download anything, it's just for the instructions and the configuration screens for Bodyslide) When you have finished copying / pasting the attached file XML in Skyrim data foder / SKSE / Plugins, overwrite if required, run FNIS and have fun hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml
  3. Lestat1627

    Conversion problem

    I do the conversion with Outfit Studio, and it just crashes the gloves.
  4. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Passing : "Do you need something?" Mint : "No thanks, all I need I have already found"
  5. Lestat1627

    Conversion problem

    Here I am again to solve a problem. I downloaded, installed the mod MoonWitch Costume . Now, having been promoted to Archimage of Winterhold (after having defeated Ancano, who was also disliked me) I found the dress that seems appropriate for the role obtained. Tested and worn, I had the need to readjust and convert it to COSIO (certainly more "abundant" in physics), everything is fine, but when I wear gloves crashes the game. I do not have Bodyslide files (the mod does not contain them). Any suggestions to get around the problem ??
  6. Lestat1627

    Sexlab Deadly Drain

    The basis of configuration for Bodyslide is CBBE, body structure is COSIO (Clam of Skyrim) CLAMS OF SKYRIM PROJECT Inni Outie HDT Vagina 4.8.2 Here you will find everything you need for a beautiful female body (please follow the instructions and requirements) Here you find the CBBE textures to be overwritten AFTER you have installed COSIO PureSkinTexture meshes and bodyslide.rar The various XML files contained in the RAR file will be pasted into the skyrim data folder / CalienteTools / slider presets Configure Bodyslide : After installing COSIO, configure Bodyslide as shown in the figure without changing any value. Copy / paste the nif files I passed you in Skyrim data folder / meshes / actors / character / character assets to find the body already done and ready to use (for a better presentation, set the weight to 1). For a TBBP effect (very evident even while breathing) more highlighted copy / paste the XML file that you find under the screen . TBBP hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml Copy and drop in Skyrim data folder/ SKSE/Plugins ( overwrite where required)
  7. Lestat1627

    Sexlab Deadly Drain

    It works perfectly, have you tried a new game? Death effect
  8. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    What is this dress?
  9. Lestat1627

    [SOLVED] HDT CBBE BodySlide body issue

    A screen of the naked body during the game would be more useful
  10. Lestat1627

    does anyone have this?

    At the last answer you find it on Mega. Even though it says 2016 new + years the ESP file is 2017 chinese new year 2017
  11. https://www.moddb.com/mods/skyrim-realistic-overhaul
  12. Lestat1627

    New animation don't work

    Certainly , being also specified in the mod to check the FNIS window . On the other hand the Gender specific animation window I always keep it active regardless of the mods I install (animations, clothes, followers etc)
  13. Hi everyone, I have a new problem. I installed the animation Feminine Pickup Animation following all the suggestions and the required requisites but it does not work even in test mod. I have not installed any type of mod that could create a conflict with it. I have also tried to rename the file but it does not work under any circumstances. Any suggestions? I know that I have already installed other mods of the same Uploader and all work well