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  1. How to insert HDT-PE into body This should solve the problem for you.
  2. This mission will be available when Danica Acque Pure is sitting near the Vedorato, or inside the temple of Kinareth. Better still if you activate it later at the Observation Tower The mission is to save the Verdorato. It will be necessary to retrieve Ortican, going to the Rock of the Crow, and, subsequently, returning the Dagger to Danica, it will be necessary to go to the Sanctuary of the Ancient Glimmer, to take the sap Sin, however, that no one will say that the tree will be killed, along with the pilgrims. By hitting the tree with the dagger, we will get th
  3. This mission, available only after killing the dragon at the Observation Tower , will put you on the trail of a woman: Saadia You will find Aliki'r at the entrance of Whiterun, who will ask you to find a person . Go to the Barded Mare (Whiterun), and you will find Saadia in the kitchen, tell him that someone is looking for her. Follow her to her room for a private interview and, from here, you will start making choices. Continue the dialogue until he tells you to go to the prisons to talk to an Aliki'r . Found the guy, he will offer you to pay the bounty (100 septim) in exc
  4. NIND (jimmyyu) He has created tutorials on just what you are looking for . I used them to generate these Ninja GA CBBE Convertion +Generate Bodyslide and some part If you can't find the tutorial page, contact them
  5. It will be a coincidence but, when I tried to use this animation pack, I noticed that the others no longer worked correctly, almost as if they were bypassed.
  6. Double click on the number of strings and change the number with how many strings you want to add Double click on the green icon next to Data , you will then be able to access the submenu by clicking on the arrow to the left of the Data to open the compilation Double click on the empty space to fill in the string
  7. Could it be the lack of that BHUNP folder ??? In the mod, there is not
  8. If you want to keep this mod (AIO), but your problem is the absence of collisions How to insert HDT-PE into body Here you can see how to fix the problem, you are probably missing some files to add. As this is XML only, the method should also apply to Skyrim SE . Works with any physics supported by HDT (CBBE, UNP,UUNP,BHUNP,7BOppai and more)
  9. Yes Baka Factory, have I forgotten / omitted something? Is there anything else to put that I am not aware of? The only guides on the net I have found are about SSE
  10. Using DAR too v 1.2.0 . The animations mentioned, work correctly. Perhaps, it is the animations themselves that you should change, or you have something interfering (PCEA or PCEA2) in case the factor of other animations does not exist, for what you mention, I use those of GS SLAL GSPoses & SLAL 02/05 Along with the animations, I also use Shinobi combat (Sekiro in Skyrim), Pretty jump, PCA Arrow attack, Ninja sprint, Violens and The dance of death (for killmove)
  11. No BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE How to insert HDT-PE into body
  12. As the title suggests, I am using SMP. The mod is Baka Factory. Installed without any problems of various CTDs. I am presented with a problem, the solution of which I have found concerns Skyrim SE (which I do not consider it). The problem is the total absence of the various breast/butt bouncing that I find with HDT. With the firm intention of eliminating HDT, any solution to the problem? Do you need to edit any files? The installation was performed following the attached instructions Is there any other mod that, in one sense or another, can interfere / disturb? I read some
  13. Add wind smp . It also works on Skyrim LE without the need for conversions and / or modifications, even if the mod is for SSE HDT SMP Wind . You also need the xml config, which you can find here, below the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0lwwRjkGwg I noticed that, while the rear part has acquired some movement, the front part is still a bit "rigid", any ideas?
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