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  1. Theoretically, you should have both, meshes and textures. With Nifskope you would have the possibility to view them and possibly make changes, perhaps by changing the emission color . If, on the other hand, you only have the textures, with any program that allows you to open / edit the DDS ( PAINT.NET, XNVIEW,PHOTOSHOP,GIMP ) , you could try to change the colors .
  2. Try this Partition with OS : 35 SBP_35_AMULET With TES5EDIT : Armor Addon and Armor : 35-Amulet Alternatively, with OS , you could try inserting the body into the bikini .
  3. https://mega.nz/file/LZxUVaZI#xKikVVMMDYwiHfIEA74VIAtuq1CEuGhsgqfXDdLKvGg Requires SexLab Aroused , I was unable to convert the gloves due to the lack of related Bodyslides . For the gloves, the textures are missing in the bracelet on the right
  4. I proceeded by trial and error using DX Succubus Armor as a reference for part assignment . Originally the partitions were 56 Unnamed , and the belt did not appear, it remained invisible. Analyzing several mods with belts, I found in DX Succubus Armor, the one that solved the problem for me . It could be used for the same purpose. Having many parts of armor, one could identify the various partitions
  5. I had your same problem with a belt: I solved it this way . Being a belt, I had to go by trial and error, with armor it could be simpler
  6. For your problem, usually, just reinstalling the body mods (Bodyslide & Outfitstudio, XPMSE, any body textures mod) This depends on which mods you have already installed. If you already have mods for UNP, it makes no sense to change, you should practically redo everything. If you don't have any of this, I recommend you CLAMS OF SKYRIM PROJECT Inni Outie HDT Vagina 5.7 this for CBBE , work in HDT
  7. Mine is not a personal attack, it is not giving reason to others, it is simply a consideration based on my experience . Since I make extensive use of SSEDIT , I have never identified a single possibility that could identify errors of any kind . The only errors it detects are only and exclusively those that we make , if we mistakenly fill in a string/script , it tells us it's wrong , working on ESP / ESM, it will not identify what is pre-existing, if then, it would be useful if it did , it would be better
  8. I found it for Skyrim SSE, but, with this program you can convert it for LE Undies - SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics) Cathedral Assets Optimizer-23316-5-0-10-1577124749.7z How to use Even if the method is tied to a follower, the conversion is done in the same way. The explanation is purely an example of using the program
  9. Big mistake Like you, I too have gained enough experience to be able to give advice / suggestions on small problems, always dispensing the same methods of solution . But, when someone happens to know more about me, then I treasure it instead of contradicting issues unknown to me
  10. In fact, I do not know this occurs, perhaps, the only program that can detect errors escaped others , is LOOT . The only errors it can detect , are those of inserting the wrong and / or incompletely filled strings . Maybe he never understood what the real use of SSEDIT is
  11. Now that I know the name, you don't know how many others I've found . Thank's Arcane Violet Dress base By Lostdaywalker UNPB Arcane Violet Dress LDW's Crimson Closet BS2 UUNP 2.4 Bodyslide Converted to CBBE
  12. try with Setrace before importing the head? Is your intent to change the breed for another head? For example a North, vampire?
  13. 146 92 RiverwoodHuntingCabinSE.esp Unless you have Sktrin SE, unless you have converted it, this is wrong , and must be removed or replaced with the correct version 131 83 Hideout.esm Being a Master, he must stay much higher, together with the other Masters Does the problem arise when you have a spell in use?
  14. To begin with, let's learn how to use the appropriate sections The Sims 4 Technical Support
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