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  1. I missed something, but can you use it in game?
  2. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Instead of hunting dragons, he will have to hunt down the cocks
  3. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    It's really beautiful, congratulations
  4. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Arousal Based Breast Adjuster for SE (ABBA) To be configured. I suggest to bring maximum values no more than 50%. You risk finding the female with two monstrous boobs This condition remains until it is sexually satisfied. Like SexLab Aroused, it may require different performance to return to normal Sexlab Aroused Redux December 05 2016 28b In the settings, check out the exhibitionist and the nude (If you wear something for which it is already naked (jewels) this phase will not serve) . For your female it will be as if others see her naked and get excited. We will create a sexual abstinence crisis with related penalties (magika and stamina will lose 25 points, the skills will slow down in progress up to 80%) this condition will tend to decrease at every relationship that will have, in some cases it will also need 6 or 7 yarns A succubus life 1.2.1 Together with the two mods listed, you get the maximum for a nymphomaniac. It works with additemmenu, search for succubus life and take the blessing potion, will turn you into a succubus (with immunity to poisons) without changing the initial race, read also the book you find. The second potion instead, is the antidote to return normal, but we lose the fun Sexlab Deadly Drain 1.7 With this other hand you can kill NPCs (including creatures) and turn them into zombies (creatures will simply die) during an orgasm, you can also absorb life (drain life), souls, and more to your advantage. You can also create a state of excitement in the NPC with a simple bite to the throat (they never had an erection with that speed ) Also works together with Better Vampire 8.2 The usefulness of the whole lies in the fact that it will not be necessary to give yourself to unbridled sex, she will think about telling you when she wants to fuck. When the messages begin, monitor the status in magic, active powers, if you see written in red is in a state of crisis, to be satisfied as soon as possible . Even the state of the pussy marks you, swells during abstinence and returns to normal once sexually satisfied They may require a new game to work properly
  5. Lestat1627

    Should I switch from oldrim to SE

    I use this and so far I have not yet found a single mod that does not work, already contains the update and all the DLCs The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition
  6. It is already a step towards solving the problem
  7. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Already done, I will try to use a trick that often solves problems, I will not fail to inform you if it works here too.
  8. I have this fix that I always use when I install the spokes, it's compatible with Better Vampire, Better vampire lord could solve the problem. If by chance you use the SSe version I can not tell if it is compatible RaceCompatibility All-in-One NMM installer-24168-1-107.7z Also I found this sifting through the Better Vampire 8.2 thread
  9. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    My problem is a bug (I think) that prevents me from continuing with the enduro quest. I performed the quest as indicated by the Mistress, at the end of the same, always as indicated, I went to my cell waiting for a response that never arrived. I tried both to make her sleep (with related night fuck out of program, that happens every time he goes to sleep) to pass the time, both to scroll the hours (key T shortcut) but as soon as I go to the Mistress nothing happens, to talk to me . I always find that bug that prevents the progress of history. I also tried to repeat the quest also extending the execution times (also indicated by Komotoro for a better performance) but nothing, I remain still there, does not progress
  10. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Mint : "What do you want, I wonder if ...." Forswon : "Now we have fun" Mint : "You fuck me I want" Mint : "Oooooh yes, I still want it" Mint : "Ooooh yes yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" Forswon " Aaaaaaaaah" Mint : "Ooooooooooooh yes , let me .......... ooooooooooooh ... I ... I...I come" Forswon : "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Mint : "More,More,More I want even more" Forswon : "Whore, slut, nymphomaniac, aaaaaaah,ooooooooh" Mint : "Now I'll do.... ooooooooh..... it.....what a cock you have , oooooooooooh yes , let me........." Forswon : "I am going to........" Mint: "Ooooooooh ...I come .ooooooooooooh yes" Forswon " Aaaaaaaaaah.........I come again...aaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Mint: " Ooh yes , my hunger for cock has subsided" Forswon : " Puff,pant,puff,pant , you're the greatest whore I've ever met"
  11. You could solve this : open console command and insert this code : player.setrace lunariracevampire press enter , with the other races it works , but I do not know if it will have you transformed into a vampire lord
  12. Lestat1627

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    You can separate, just extract the Zip file and copy / paste in Skyrim data folder just what you prefer Reinstall AIO or use the suggestion just mentioned
  13. Lestat1627

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Deadly Pleasures Beta 0.2 It creates a problem that prevents me from continuing. Bug Deadly Pleasure