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  1. Guys, if I had known it was that easy. No scripts, I didn't even have to look for how to disassemble / reassemble the BSA. It was enough to examine the ESM in TES5Edit, locate the right folder and insert a DDS . Even if the video leaves something to be desired, I consider it sufficient as a demonstration that I am in the right direction. I have to find the right DDS to create the smoke cloud.
  2. Do you intend to use the scripts as they are (perhaps renaming them)? Unless I did a wrong experiment (maybe I had to rename other scripts), the BSA ignored them So, by properly compiling the scripts, is there a chance to bypass the BSA? I thought it could only be done with some files (SWF) Much like the one I pointed out, I'll try this too . If I can find the right scripts, I could make it work on my SuccuTransform. To see it looks like a very nice effect
  3. I stumbled upon this mod Bat Travel Vampire Power , even if for SE, it doesn't matter, I already have that for LE (it is purely demonstrative) . At which, something occurred to me. Is it possible to apply it to PSQ? I think it is enough to rename some files to use them (among other things already done with others) However, I stumbled upon one detail, PSQ, working on a BSA, containing the scripts I would like to replace. Now, is there a way to disassemble and reassemble a BSA without using CK and / or Blender? My PC, does not allow me to use them (too heavy). I already have BSA Browser, but I can't reassemble them . Otherwise, it is possible to modify the BSA / ESM, adding a transform option?
  4. I agree to destroy both factions Or, at the very least, avoid taking sides
  5. This can be done with Nifskope . 1) Open Nifskope/fle/open and import your armor . Skyrim data folder/meshes folder armor /import nif_0 2) Click su armor , it will turn green , from now on, you will have to juggle with the buttons below . The purpose is to see if the HDT is inserted, extend Ninode, if you see the NiStringsExtraData, the HDT is inserted, but can be improved. If that string is missing, then it will be added 3) Example no HDT for HDT, you must first have the XML that you will find in the Skyrim data folder / SKSE / Plugins . 4) Insert HDT : Right Click on NiNode /block/insert and search NiStringsExtraData 5) Double click on NumStrings and change the value 0 with how many strings you want to add 8 in example 5), double click on Data to open the compilation menu 6) Fill in the strings as in screen 8 Apply string into NiNode . Go to Block Details and read the string number (in example 1) 9) Click on NiNode , double click on Num Extra Data List and change value to 1 10 ) Double click on Extra data List ( green icon ) to extend the menu and, enter the string number (in our case 1) . The HDT is thus incorporated, click on File Save to automatically overwrite the nif . 11) To repeat the process on nif_1. Reopen Nifskope (you will have 2 times the program open, one with the nif_0 and the other with the nif_1) import the nif _1 of the armor . From nif_0, right click on NiStringsExtraData / Block / copy 12) Switch to Nifskope with armature nif_1 open, right click on NiNode / Block / Paste 13) HDT also incorporated in nif_1, as in nif_0, click on file and save. At the end of the process, close the program and you are good to go Note that XML will not work anyway if not present in SKSE / Plugins . If you already have XML, you just have to add the missing ones to the strings . I personally use these Skse.rar Extract, check with yours, in case, you will only put in SKSE / Plugins the ones you are missing . Here is an example of the XML I use Voices Here instead if you want something else. I have already made some changes in general Skyrim LE : my mods, variation , modify and more ( It is still in its infancy )
  6. Just what it takes after a battle: a good fuck . Funny could be a situation: the two captains of the factions challenge each other to a duel to the death, we fuck the winner . Obviously, the sex of the captains will have to be the opposite of ours , perhaps conditioning them based on our state of excitement. Knowing that a beautiful whore in heat who is about to have an orgasm from arousal is watching you, could be a good incentive to give her a good reason . What if we kept it instead? After all, neither side deserves it. Without us, no one has it .
  7. Yes, I think this is the primary source of the absence of an HDT in the armor This process must be reversed This is because the references are shown on the body and not on Labia You have to import both, both the bodymoprh and the labia, and use the leotard for references. But, with the above step (Bodyslide), this process shouldn't be necessary in case, below a mini guide to the conversion 1) File/import nif bodymorph , also labia 2) File/Import nif armor 3) Right click and Delete body 4) Export nif and overwrite armor
  8. And why this post is here ? . This is a dawnload section, not the troubleshooting Technical Support - Skyrim: Special Edition
  9. If I understand correctly, you have a preset with animated vagina, but, when you wear something, does this animation disappear? The cause could simply be, that what you're wearing doesn't have HDT If you have the Outfitstudio nif, import the dress, import your body in HDT, delete the pre-existing body, save by overwriting the dress. Later, if necessary, you reshape it with Bodyslide 1) Outfitstudio /File/import nif , and get the armor into Caliente Tools shape data 2) Outfitstudio /File/import nif , and get the your body into Caliente Tools shape data 3) Delete base body 4) Export nif and overwrite the armor 5) Open bodyslide , into outfit/body , insert armor , into presets insert your body , rebuild .
  10. Yes . The procedure is also valid for followers no , it is converted along with the other files
  11. Maybe an additional world is enough. Even there, we must always save everything and everyone, with no choice. It would be nice to have a choice: "Do you want to save the world, or do you want to conquer it?" Something like that. Whatever choice we make, there is no change. We must always save the world. It might even be enough to take our side in the civil war. Let them hurry up with each other
  12. The nice thing would be if, in addition to these variables, it had its own story capable of subverting that of Skyrim. Why do we have to take sides in the civil war? I state that someone wanted to cut our heads off without even knowing why. why must we be the ones to save the world from dragons? Can't we just take it over by commanding the dragons?
  13. Another kind of test to solve your problem: MCM / SL AnimLoader / Rebuild Registry / Active All / Enable All / Reload JSON / Reapply JSON , If you have ZAZ installed, turn animations back on
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