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I can't make Hdt to work PLEASE help.

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Can someone PLEASE help me. I've been trying to make this hdt-smp to work for the whole day.

I am using the latest version for everything. Game. Skse64. Hdt files.  (Game is pirated but still sure of everything is latest version.)
PLEASE. I need a full tutorial I watched almost every tutorial in youtube and did exactly what they said, ingame the pyschics are buggy and stretched, not even moving.

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On 12/20/2019 at 1:06 PM, midnightxs said:

maybe is the skeleton? xp32 is needed oh and fnis ofc

Have you looked here? Before anything else

CBBE 3BBB Advanced



XP32 Maximum Skeleton (Special) Extended - XPMS(S)E 4.67


It's not just that. To recreate SMP on CBBE (my PC unfortunately has its limitations) I used another system:
  With Nifskope, I applied the HDT-SMP to the body without using HDTSkynnedMesh (SMP) obtaining essentially the same effect:


Download this femalebody_1 , Download and install Nifskope  ,Download 3BB zip (Warning: I use Skyrim LE I don't know if it's compatible with SSE)


NifSkope_2_0_2018-02-22-x64.7z extrat and open Nifskope

femalebody_1.nif open this with Nifskope

3BBB add.rar Extrat, copy/drop into your Skyrim data folder.


I did a tutorial with pictures to apply HDT. Remember, the attached female body is just a sample to speed up the process, don't use it for any other purpose


As I said I can't guarantee compatibility with SSE, the method is functional. If you already have HDT files, you could try yours before replacing them with the attached ones, in case you don't have HDT files, you shouldn't have any problems


HDT-SMP Tutorial.rar






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On 12/20/2019 at 6:35 AM, Incubusbul said:

I'm still a greenhorn, but I don't think anyone here will help you for a pirated version of the game. You can get it really cheap here and it's worth every penny.

IMO I do not hope sexlab forum is used to help guys who use pirated verison.  

it is same about any 3d assets.  without permission.

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