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  1. Thanks,, (sorry I am not native as you know,, so you may confuse but I hope confirm to know well,,) So,, if I remove "HDT Belly affected nodes collision sphere only" , it means we lost Belly buldge, even though I keep collision for pelvis? I have believed,, when NPC pelvis ( affected nodes) collision sphere touched by genital (collider nodes) collision sphere, , it will open vagina, at same time try to move the Belly nodes... then NPC belly or HDT belly CBPConfig.txt setting is important, how the belly node move,, and effect the weighted verts. I had
  2. Hi the belly sphere is not related with belly buldge when belly sphere (affected) hit genitals collision, but for hand collider etc? or the belly collision sphere actually becom trigger, for belly buldge (when gen insert) ? I just have belived, belly buldge move caused, when pelvis affected collision penantrate by genital collider sphere,, (CBPC make it so,,) ..
  3. you may check "lip sync option" (which Eladano menitoned, I suppose) in sexlab mcm menu. if you use lip sync option and expression active ,at same time, It often cause issue for me too. I remember someone have offered patch for sexlab lip sync and expression somewhere in this site, , but I do not remember,, which page I found it. (I am opparco mfg fix user,, so the patch not worked for me) Then if you have used zaz gag items , with MCM zaz test animation,,menus, I remember some gag option may cause the lip-sync issue too.
  4. I see,, so if I disable it, it will be disappeared? To confirm I disable ABBA temporally, then steam disappear. I may check MCM setting again, and report btw I still not try abba out-fit (today I up-date recent ABBA 1.5.3), then not use out-fit for any character,, (my PC is mail, and I have not wear abba out-fit for any NPC still) ==== Yes I just needed to disalbe the nymphomaniac effect. thanks (I can not understand the option meaning, just activated it ^^;)
  5. Hi I can not confirm, this effect is caused by this mod,, (but I do not have used mod which may relate with arrousal level etc) then I just suppose if it related with arrousal,, , (I do not clear remember, when it start) Nowdays I often see, PC and female NPC show white steam around body. It seems disappear after a while (I do not know which condition may related,,and when it will disappear, but just suppose it seems change with arousal level,,) so if it is caused by ABBA (yes it is interesting,,) , is there setting which I disappear it when I need not?
  6. I think I had same miss understanding,, The dialogue to set Victim work not for quest. but when you kidnapped, they will be kidnapped with you. About quest the Victim seems pefeclty random (but we can set F or M etc,, with MCM about new version) Then Yes I request same thing.. I hope to decide, who will be kidnapped,, even though it break immersion ^^; Lets think,, my PC have many beatufiul followers.. so some one plan to kidnap PC favorite followers.,,,who you say take care,,, And I think,,, if dialogue work when PC kidnapped,, , there is n
  7. Sorry I do not know. To work Giant female nodes as collider, (it need to move, when collision sphere touched) , the mesh and skelton need to be made physics compatible. but I do not know, if this mod mesh and skelton made so. you can easy add any collider collision, and affected collision for skelton, but to show jiggle etc, the mesh need weight for the skelton node. and the skelton nodes should not move by animation, only move by physics). I do not have good knowledge about skyrim rigs. so,I can not say, this mod giants skelton and mesh may work as CBPC
  8. Thanks you offer useful mod, then I test it. 😊 But I am not sure actually it worked , I see it somehow change scale,, but I do not think it shrink SOS..when animation start.. as description MCM menu, Shrink Scale. the more large value, the more shirink I suppose. so I set it as 1.00, but not clear, when usuall animation start, it actually shirink PC SOS or not. (I suppose it try to change XPMSE node scale, right?) how many value will be multipled for scale? eg 1.00 will adjust each size half etc,, And I mix use this mod with your SOS - Grower Exte
  9. I do not know, Matchmaker se work with Sexlab Light SE, but most of SE users do not use Sexlab light SE . it seems offered untill Sexlab SE beta released I suppose. As for me, I have never used light version with SE,. (I start skyrim se last year, but there are already sexlab se beta, then I have used it) because, sexlab se beta already work with skyrim se and current SKSE version. Then, Matchmaker se work for Sexlab SE without problem.
  10. I finally found it, ( I have used another mod which adjust SOS scale with arousal offered by Holzfrau, but it was not to ease penatulation😁 This mod should be what we serched. I try it now. no over penetration -SE
  11. I remember, I saw the mod in lovers lab (I suppose) and the mod discription say it adjust SOS scale, (natural average size when sexlab animation start to avoid penetrate your partner body) , but I was fool enough, so did not install it at that time.I really hope to get link too. 😥
  12. The sexlab offered debug target spell is desigend for Female PC, or set PC as passive role just for test sexlab animation. So it is usually set PC as F , even though you set sexlab gender, etc in sexlab MCM. but sexlab match maker can set PC correctly with gender. . Male PC may set as Agressive role, (though there is case, animation is wrong) Then simple answeir is, Not use sexlab debug spell at least if you hope to roll as agressive Actor but use other sexlab mod, which can start animation. most simple one to test arnimation is sexlab matchmaker..SE I
  13. I see, I follow your suggestion to keep using sexlab utility.
  14. you are welcom actually it is my biggest request about CBPC things,. then as you said,, I do not like flicker, so just keep setting not-update with interval. (I suppose next version should offer way to up-date configs, without use interval for transform race) if I really hope to see werewolf collision, I save once as werewolf.. then quit and re-load game. without change setting. (I do not know, if CBPC can load collision settings, when load save-data, without quit game, maybe try later.. )
  15. And I re-start from save data, which I activate PC kidnapped. with this setting. this time it seems correclty start kidnapp event, then I teleported in dungeon. But still it is not much as my setting. As you see,, I am male PC,, and I set Victim gender as Female. so I suppose I should not be raped. (actually it worked with another version I remember, ) and I set agressor, as Male. so I suppose,, female not attach strapon and rape me.. but actually female agressor rape PC male (victim) with strapon. Do you think there is
  16. 😵 I think, the 22 version seems need to check about agressor ratio for human and creature setting (race etc) because,, I test about PC kidnapped,, with follower,,(I set is as de-active as default), then activate it. and set some MCM options in parameter,, actually this time PC kidnapped really quick, almost 6 minutes in game I suppose. but I seems teleported riften city,, then be throwen to the riften waterway,, and , I see at least 4 and 5 dragons fly around in the sky. it is real chaos,, (but I am nude 😅), , and I see some NPC in riften raped here
  17. If you can confirm NPC werewofl work, and it use same mesh, (with collision settings) for PC werewolf, and they are discribed as werewolf race, for CBPColisionConfig.txt, Though I do not know, if you use HDT-SMP for collision,, about CBPC collision. it happen for all user. It is current CBPC limit, CBPC can not re-load cofnig correctly, when PC change race. it will be solved with next CBPC version. (At least CBPC author already confrim and plan to solve it) You can save as werewolf, then load again. and start animation, you may see werewolf show coll
  18. I test your new patch version SLKR Edit 22. and test kidnapp quest. and see now I can set victim for quest too. Though as you know in skyrim, there are too many variation female,, but at least I can choose gender.. and I could conrim, (with 3 test), I only see female as victim Thanks ^^ (I suppose ,it is decided by vanilla gender, but it may not make difference for me) And one thing I hope to report about kidnapp quest,, I test continuously 3 times..(just use dialgoue in Tavern to start quest) then I see, about all 3 test, kidnapp quest happen i
  19. if you wear cloth then it make body shape hard compare with your nude 3BA case A , it means the out-fit not use same slider preset, when you generate body. eg if you use out-fit mesh modder offered (not use BS to generate out-fit mesh) , but generate body mesh with BS with your custom slider preset,, you may see the body change size or shape when you wear cloth. case B,, the out-fit project is somehow corrupted, then not made correctly.. sometimes,, I experience, double count slider data,, when I edit hard with OS,, about this case, you can check i
  20. It is not matter about sliders which use same slider name (Slider ID) ,, after all when you tweak and exit racemenu, they will get same value. (I suppose your last edit, seems remain, and both category slider get same value) about 3bbb original sliders you can not find it in CBBE slider, so basically just use 3BBB slider is OK. How effect body morphs seems change with your SKEE.ini about morph too. but I just keep default to make it simple.
  21. Thanks after I test my current profile, (I insatll some beta mod now my game un-stable, then need to check them first) I must try your fix again!
  22. Hi can I expect t SexLab Utility Plus will be up-dated along with Asahi offer git-hub sexlab frame work SE beta version? I suppose (and expect) you may test the git-hub version too. ( for SE) Your sexlab utiliy plus becom my must mod, (one main reason is,, SLAA for creature need it, and I like to see FCC animaiton, with defeat etc) at same time, I hope to keep follow recent git-hub version Sexlab frame work, when it up-dated. Then your plus version should overwrite script files, (which offered by sexlab frame work) to work correctly, I hope if you can
  23. Could someone use " Tool actor list key" , of this mod, and know how to ? I could not either for LE . I assgin the key with MCM menu,, but which key binding I choose,, (eg O key or Y key etc ),with change other mod key-binding, I have never seen Actor list,, and do not know how it work. (for LE and SE) I could use Tool key without problem. (and match maker options ) ,so I could select animation with target NPC, ,and in PC involved animaiton. but the "Tool Actor list key" is one of personal mistery about this tool long
  24. Though I do not know if you have already solve issue,, LE bsa not load correclty with SE. so if you use this version, you need to un-pack with LE BSA un-pack tool. , and only use as loose file mod. or you need to use bedesha offer archive tool for SE. to pack again. (Though I only use the tool a few time, so can not offer all detail) I remember, when I convert this mod for SE, it cause CTD, but after un-pack it, it worked for me. And There are already this mod SE version, (it un-packed ) too. so try SE version. (it already un-packed as loose only)
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