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v 4.3




Dear friends, I hope you find this an entertaining mod. It allows you to change the gender of any NPC-based character in the game.


Yes! This is a Sex Changing Spell Mod!!!


You can find a very special book for sale, though it is not available in any book stores.  And be forewarned, the book's price is costly.  It allows you to change the gender of anyone or anything.  You're only limited by the mystical forces governing it (the configuration) and how much power you can control.


You can throw targeted spells at an individual, or throw out an area-of-effect spell.  Are you immune to the effect?  Are you casting it upon yourself?  Will your targets be shocked by the change?  And how will they react?  Will they accept the change?  Will they love their new form?  Loathe it and want to be changed back?  All that and more is up to you.


Please note that this system has some limitations.  Under normal circumstances, it will not change creature gender. However this can be performed on a rudimentary basis with the LAPF TamagoClub mod in use and can perform actual model-based changes if the LAPF LoversCretures version 2.5+ or greater is used.


And while it can change the physical body of NPCs, it will not affect the faces of those changed. While face data is subject to the character's gender when being developed, I have yet to discern the command which updates the character's face as I had the character's body.


While the OSBE plugin for Oblivion contains a command which lets you change the gender of an NPC, the command itself was buggy. Because of that, you will also need the EngineBugFixes package by Tiawar, also included in this set. Please, install it lest you find yourself 'CRASHING' each time you try to cast a spell.


And if you wish to know the url for the EngineBugFixes package (v 1.9 being included in the download), it is http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47085/?


The original version of Genderbender was developed mainly for the Lovers with PK system in mind,  And because of that, three distinct .esps were initially packaged for you to choose.  But no more.  The current version of Genderbender comes with only one .esp within the package.


And while Elys Universal Silent Voice is usually a must so shocked reactions play through for a bit, you may wish to upgrade the package with Dukky's Vocal Packs.


Compatible with the following:

  • Oblivion
  • Shivering Isles
  • Knights of the Nine
  • Setbody
  • Lovers with PK              (to take advantage of certain flags)
  • LoversChorus               (changing voices used during LAPF Sex)
  • TamagoClub                 (actual inclusion/removal of gender content - LAPF required)
  • LoversCreatures 2.5+   (allows changing of creature model - LAPF required)
  • LoversCrowningIsles
  • LoversSlaveTrader
  • LSTBravilUnderground


Special Note:


For anyone using Setbody, the body is physically reset to its default form when the spell effect strikes.



* * *




Edited by LongDukDong
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to version 3.4


What the heck?  Wasn't this a download in the Lovers with PK board?  Why yes!   Yes it was. 


But it was archived, and I was unable to let anyone know that it was being updated and altered.  And as of now, it no longer depends upon or requires the LAPF system.  It can work with or without any of these systems, and only contains one ESP file rather than forcing the user from choosing from a election of ESPs.



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7 hours ago, BlackRose2002 said:

I can't seem to find the confide mod for your patch do you know where I can get a copy?

? What mod you can not find?


From the readme:

                               REQUIRES THE FOLLOWING
 * EngineBugFixes


The EngineBugFixes Link is in post 1 and in the readme. And a version is in the Mod file. And OBSE is here https://obse.silverlock.org/

All other Mods are optional

You do not need Lover/LAPF (sex system) and Tamago/Hiyoko (Lovers pregnancy system) to use the Genderbender spell.


If you want Tamago see LongDukDongs other Mods.



Set body you find here  (post 428)



And of course LAPF



other Lovers Mods , see Downloads   https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/5-lovers-with-pk/

or check this.





And the patches: Do they work with the new GenderBender version? And you do not need the patches to use Genderbender.


If you use TamagoTopic and TamagoConfide you should use the patches. ( If you do not have the Mods you ignore the patches )

I do not use the two Tamago Mods .  And what is TamagoConfide? It's fucking old, I had to google it to find it. Seems the only thing the Mod does is add dialogues to ask a NPC it she is pregnant. I simply look at my monitore/display ( I use Lovers SexSense)


LongDukDong you should add the two small Mods in the download, here or in your Tamago master set.

I can find only very old versions

TamagoTopic , here in post 7  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/13377-tamagoclub-115c-hiyokoclub110a-stuff-eng/?tab=comments#comment-295651

TamagoConfide in post 1, esp is in the Tamago 1.04 rar https://www.loverslab.com/topic/18-loverstomagoclub-104/    ( was uploaded 2 month before I joined Loverslab !!  )


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On 11/12/2019 at 10:08 PM, LongDukDong said:

PATCHES also available via the Download link (designed for the older version of LGB)


Apologies.  The patches to work with TamagoConfide and TamagoTopic must be updated for the newer set of flags. 


I'm currently working out TamagoTopic to be cleaner and to recognize if the former-male subject likes or dislikes the change.  Originally,  it was just ... they hated it.  I didn't have gender preferences built in at the time.  Yes, the Khajiit's way of speaking in reference to phrases like "This one is with cub" instead of "I'm with child" is still being used.  But it's slow going as I'm spread between projects.   And I'm going to see about having little 'tests' run before you even ask the topic (thank you CROSSHAIR CODE!!!).   Why?  Well, if the character never had a kid, why should it say "Last time I got pregnant?"   I might be able to run a test on the child's genetics to see if the player is responsible.  If so, then the NPC could say "YOU DID THIS TO MEEEEE!!!"


But ... it's not that time yet.


But thank you for the interest.  :D


(And besides testing for LGB flags, it also tests for enslavement flags from both LAPF and LST.  No dialog yet implemented though.)

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I have been thinking about it.  Right now, I want to make sure I have all the content correct.  And so far... so good.   The 'patch' doesn't rely on LGB nor anything but Topic and its necessities...   Slowly and steadfast.... the tortoise to the hare.


The use of a crosshair targeting system permits the following:

  • Recognition of Shivering Isles as an OPTIONAL plugin...   Can tell Sheogorath apart from Aureal, Mazken or other residents of the isles.
  • Recognizes Slave standing.  This includes LST slaves and freed slaves (LST variant).
  • Recognizes Lovers Genderbender (DUH).
  • Recognizes personal Tamago Data.  Did the female have a child already or did the player knock her up?


This can come in handy...  You migh have enslaved a hawty golden saint and knocked her up....  OR you might have used something to throw YOUR fertilized ovum into a gender bent Sheogorath who's totally confused!



OH, and in 'Confide', why can't a male partner confront a Female Player and say WE NEED TO PICK BABY NAMES!!!




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In LoversSexSense ( it also uses the crosshair)  you have:

Had sex

was raped

Had raped

Raped by player

Sex with Player

raped Player

is virgin

Is slave ( Lovers slave token or LoversSlaveTrader token, so you do not know if the LST salve is broken. A LST slave get the Lovers slave token when is broken. With LoversRapeSlave (not my version) he/she gets the Lovers Slave token )

has sperm

has ovum

has fertilized ovum

is pregnant (embryo/fetus)

is child (hiyoko)


And in the ini you can set what you want to have displayed.


You could use the Mod and add "Recognizes Lovers Genderbender "

And please no plugin ! You know we all have too many esp.

A ini setting to enable Shivering Isles  (But what do you want to check/display in Shivering Isles? The races I see, no need to display "Mazken". Or the Humans? But they are vanilla Oblivion humans ( the Shivering Isles esp is empty, all SI stuff is in the Oblivion esm and the IDs start with 00 )  Also no need to mark children, you see if they are Aureal or Mazken . Only Sheogorath children, if they have no beard, are hard to recognize. )



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Oh, I'm fully aware with LoversSexSense.  My edit also includes

  •   [C]  [M]  [F]  for Creature, Male, Female
  •   Race (if not creature)
  •   Abstinence
  •   +Child= being separate from normal Hiyoko (Hiyoko is the kid, Child is YOUR kid).


... I could add more if I wanted ;)


TamagoTopic will also have the following.. and still hold only direct dependencies with Oblivion and TamagoClub:

  • Uses LoversPK for the refined SetItemCount method
  • Acquires LAPF's slave token
  • Acquires LST's Slave token
  • Pays attention to the player's gender!  (Please... let's separate Master and mistress).
  • Recognizes Shivering Isles factions between Bliss and Crucible (and both Sheogorath options) ... assumes SI wasn't installed
  • Recognizes if the NPC ever had a child (for the 'last time I got pregnant' replies)
  • Recognizes if the NPC was knocked up by the player
  • Recognizes if the NPC's last child borne was fathered by the player for "My child is healthy"  vs  "Our child is healthy" dialog.
  • Recognizes Genderbender for some optional hate/like dialog.


IF the PLAYER becomes Nobility in the Shivering Isles (ie a duke or duchess) to a faction, then faction-based subjects will override 'disposition' checks.   And if you beaten the Isles questline, you can't have a Saint or Seducer trying to talk you down.  Likewise, a broken sex slave can't say jack.


So yeah, a lot more .... (what's the word?)... variations and planning.  The above mentioned LORD/GRACE/MASTER(or MISTRESS  text for all menstrual options has to be listed above the disposition checked rude dialog.  Any other menstrual text is after/below.


But that is  all another topic, and not Lovers Genderbender itself.

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I guess you didn't read the readme.  :wacko:


Waitaminute... HOW DO I GET THE SPELLS??????


Well, in keeping with tradition, you can find the new tome of Gender Bending in
either the Mystic Emporium run by Calindil or get it from Norbert Lelles in his
Quality Merchandise store.   But be forewarned that the book has a pretty hefty
price tag attached to it.

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11 hours ago, LongDukDong said:

I guess you didn't read the readme.  :wacko:


Waitaminute... HOW DO I GET THE SPELLS??????


Well, in keeping with tradition, you can find the new tome of Gender Bending in
either the Mystic Emporium run by Calindil or get it from Norbert Lelles in his
Quality Merchandise store.   But be forewarned that the book has a pretty hefty
price tag attached to it.

no, i was frusterated from getting other mods to work and my unfamiliarity with oblivion, haven't played the game much so i am not sure where things are

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Calindil seems to be a favorite haunt for Tamago-styled applications.  The Fertility Clinic mod uses both he and Norbert's storefronts. And the TamagoShop mod by the author of TamagoClub creates a chest in Calindil's store.

Don't bother looking for TamagoShop.  The only copy I have shows it only creating an empty and unmodified chest... no actual mod content otherwise and is literally useless.

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Now that is unusual. 


The system relies upon the ability to use a special console command that was later added into the OBSE system.  At the same time, it requires the use of the 'Engine Bug Fixes' that is packaged with the download.  Did you install the Engine Bug Fixes?  It is required.


At the same time, you may wish to edit the INI File:  LGB.Ini  and set the Debug message value to '2'.  With that, you will be able to receive debug messages that will appear in the console.


ONE factor that can deflect the spell is that there is an AI safeguard.  There is another value in the LGB.Ini file that can weaken the requirements, but safeguards to prevent crashing exists.  Still, some actors cannot be changed due to very specific AI requirements or at least until they have finished what they needed to accomplish.  You cannot change "Glarthir" in Skingrad until after he talks to you and starts his weird Paranoia quest.



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to version 3.5



It's still called LOVERS Generbender, even though Lovers with PK is no longer required for its use....  Its name may eventually change.


But in the meantime...


MANY new things have happened to Genderbender, one of which is that I disabled the shocked 'reactions' to being changed if the subject is in bed asleep.  It didn't make sense that they would suddenly go into a panic when they shouldn't even be awake.


But even better, I did a little study as to how Setbody works, and realized that it refrains from using the Update3D command and used its own scripted system of equipping and un-equipping  items to refresh an actor's appearance.  Replicating that option, Actors struck with the Spell effects no longer 'flash' into a standing position, and actually fixes a serious bug when using area-of-effect spells in large areas with a lot of targets.  For that, I say HUZZAH!!!


There WAS a bug in the script that set Gender Preferences for select NPCs, a stupid 'space' between a subject's name and an argument.  You would have no problem with the first half of the script as actors up to Martin Septim had their Gender Preferences working fine. But after that, no one, would have fixed preferences and their preferences would be randomized by the sytsem.  Mind you, WILD HUNT from LST Bravil Underground just HAD to be Bi-Sexual.  :tounge_xd:


Meanwhile, tweaks to personality values are made and updated when the Genderbender effect hits the target, even so far as increasing or decreasing their Confidence score (Actor AI).  Hey, if the guy was Straight and was turned into a woman, he'd be pretty freaked, right?  Or what if the guy was gay and turned into a woman?  He MAY like the change and have his ... her... confidence raised.  It's an 'option' of course.


And for those who upgraded to TamagoClub v 1.15 rev 4.32, you have the entertaining Epicine Ensured spell which throws male characters into a panic.  Epicine is another word for Hermaphrodite, and is a means to grand any character a womb, regardless of gender.  While it ensures a female character does have a womb, a preventative measure in some cases with TamagoClub. It also ensures that a male character gets said genetalia and spawns some obviously confused reactions.... but the spells only appear if you have the latest TamagoClub mod.




The Patch for TamagoTopic is no longer available in this thread.  I released a revised version of said mod that no longer requires a patch for Genderbent reactions.  As that is the case, the patch has since been deleted.


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to version 3.6


Okay, it is now officially 'GenderBender' and no longer has the 'Lovers' prefix, this even for the filenames (.esp, .bsa and .ini).  Now if you are wishing to replace an older version with this update, you will actually need to re-purchase the spellbook and relearn the spells. Even though the mod's form IDs remain the same, the change in the filename alone will force the issue.


Apart from that, what's so different?


You now have new 'reaction' dialog when a male NPC gets hit with the Epicine effect.  But not only that, even more dialog for male NPCs shocked by the Epicine effect only to find themselves suddenly BENT after the fact.  And more dialog was added if an NPC was cured of their 'bent' status only to be RE-BENT!!!  Yep, dialog now reflects if the NPC has gone through the experience repeatedly!!!


Meanwhile, protective and gender preference settings were added for certain NPCs if the player is venturing into the Crowning Isles!  A couple versions back, I added preference settings for Vanilla, Shivering Isles, Knights and Bravil Underground mods, specifying if an NPC may be stright, bi-sexual or gay. But now, such settings will be applied to a number of characters if GenderBender detects LoversCrowningIsles.



The Patch for TamagoConfide is no longer available in this thread.  I released a revised version of said mod that no longer requires a patch for Genderbent reactions.  As that is the case, the patch has since been deleted.

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to version 3.7




Yeah, I discovered that something got screwed up and FEET from NPCs hit by the magic effects lost their feet!  Well, that required a retool!  So some form IDs might not be the same, but I used Tes4Edit to make sure MOST of them (especially the important flags and stuff) kept the ones needed.  So plenty was reworked... and a number of scripts renamed for naming conventions, but now works fine.  And feet don't vanish.


The AIMovement restriction was reworked, so a '0' default setting is now the weakest setting that does work just fine.  A setting of '2' makes the anti-crashing safeguards extremely strong... and mostly unnecessary.


The Hostile detection system was fixed up nicely.  IF it is turned on and you cast the magicks onto an unwilling subject, be ready for them to be outraged and watch out for any oncoming Guards to arrest you for a 1000 Septim fine.


Now....  insofar as the system's Gender Preference system, it is no longer hard-wired into the mod.  The INI file now allows you to add FormIDs of actor references for a specified mod or two, these determining if a character is straight, gay or bi, and if the NPC is immune to the magicks .  The INI file can hold up to 30 mods and you can have DOZENS of FormIDs per mod.  Sure, there are over ten MODs already defined in the INI file, those including Oblivion, LoversBitch, LoversCrowningIsles and more.  Hell, the entry for DarkBloodline includes FormIDs handling over 80 actors alone!  And I do plan to add a few more.  But there's plenty more you can add if you enter the FormIDs properly (and using uppercase letters).


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to version 3.8



Well, apparently, I discovered an issue with the FormID loading system.  This, being an issue where you could define a character from a given mod as Straight or Bisexual or etc...   I added a new safeguard that prevents illegal forms from freezing the system if the form is NOT a valid reference.


Along with that, I double-checked and verified the Hex Codes supplied in the INI file, so specific Actors in Bravil Underground, Crowning Isles, Dark Bloodline and more have their gender preferences set. 


The Genderbender Settings spell now changes the Reload INI file option to an Update Flags/Reload INI option.  Clicking this doesn't just reload the ini file, but erases all Gender Pref flags from all characters set in the INI file, and then reapplies their specific flags.


Did some minor changes to the effect spells.  I got fed up seeing "Spell hits DOOR" pops when I have messages turned on.  :P


And I updated the book.  The page on the Epicine spell now notes that TamagoClub v 1.15 rev 4.32 or greater is needed.


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to version 3.9


Okay, I had goofed a bit.  The Epicine on Self spell was incorrectly placed.  Now it can be found within the Self-Effect Spell category as it belongs.


Meanwhile, I uploaded some screenshots.  And yes, you can see an Ogre turned into an Ogress!  But it depends on the use of LoversCreatures 2.5+


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11 hours ago, lampuiho said:

Actually there is, but it sucks and makes the face like potato.

Wait wait wait wait wait...  :dizzy:  there is something scriptable that can alter the face mechanics???


I would be most appreciative to know about it. :smiley: If you're familiar with my work, you'd be aware I like to give options, including on/off toggles for features.

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