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[Modding interest] Tower Hunter Erzas Trial

The Butler

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Steam Page : STEAM

Developer: IceSitruuna

Publisher: IceSitruuna
Release Date: 10/12/19




I just started playing this game and it's pretty decent, if you liked Bloodstained you may like it as well (although not as good).
The combat is fun and has nice graphics, I haven't progressed enough on the game ( * actually just finished 3 mission).
So decided to take a look on it's files. Since it's made with unity editing texture is really simple, however this time I decided to go a step further myself and do some 3D modeling.
First time actually making something with blender and heck not knowing any keybind make it quite a hassle .

Anyway now for what matter, as I said I decided to make a 3d model for the game (using one of the original as base).




However the game uses .mesh model format and blend does not export to that format. So anyone able to provide some guidance? 

Btw here is the girl with her default model and only a skin mod.




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Just now, hilbo75 said:

im also very interested in .mesh files. i hope someone out there knows how to export them

I can convert .mesh to .obj with UnityStudio, however converting them back to .mesh is the problem.
I spent the entire day looking for a way to do it and no luck.
I read about some people saying that Edith (Haydee Editor) do that automatically after you import the model. But I don't own the game to test it out.

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i saw that moderchan made a mod for crystar which is a unity game, so reimporting is certainly possible somehow

recently moderchan revealed that they get a lot of their tools just by using the search function on github

i searched unity on github and found a bunch of things that *might* be what we'd need but i cant tell because im bad at reading code and techspeak https://github.com/search?o=desc&q=unity&s=&type=Repositories

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