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  1. +1 Would love a nude mod. Last one didnt get much
  2. Create a patreon and put all your mods there. Really inefficient way to ask you for each one separately.
  3. in a forum for nude mods you ask people to not give a game.....nude mods? Thats like going into a bar and being offended it serves alcohol.
  4. i tried it, but there is a very wierd seam around the neck
  5. which game is the top 2 screens from?
  6. Thank You! So the zip file also holds all the previous mods of yours?
  7. Thanks! But how to install this? please provide instructions
  8. Holy hell! Thanks! can you do this for his other drawings too? there is another one.
  9. post the mod too please to get these pics ingame
  10. man...it hurts so much knowing i would never be able to play this game.... Steam was the only store offering regional pricing. In a country where $400-500 is the median salary, there is no way i can afford the gold version of this game on Uplay or Epic as neuther have regional pricing....fuck....
  11. The comments on the naked baron mod says it doesnt work with the update. I am assuming its yours? https://www.nexusmods.com/terminatorresistance/mods/7?tab=posts
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