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  1. i remember seeing someone's pokemon nude emerald hack a long time ago made by an actual nudist. there was no sex in it and everyone's genders were the same. almost every character in it was naked allegedly. i never got to play it though because it was behind a paywall on patreon i think. i dont know if it still exists anywhere
  2. that website takes pictures of existing nude mods and then claims to provide a download link. the link refers you to one of those survey sites that asks you to complete a survey to get the download link. they dont work though so yeah. its a scam
  3. best not to discuss this here since it just makes the moderators mad. there are nude mods of younger characters in other games in other threads that people just uploaded out of the blue that never got taken down, so you might as well wait for that if you're dying to see that stuff
  4. well to be clear, im not trying to demonize anyone, and im fine with paid mods myself. im just trying to communicate the rules of the server and how other people managed to advertise their paid stuff here. honestly there arent many places to advertise paid nsfw mods since patreon kills search results for them. it sucks since i generally like to know whats happening in the nsfw modding space
  5. some people do do posts about like, early access for paid subs while mentioning a free version coming later (weeks or sometimes months) i think its technically bending the rules but people here still do it. so thats an option if you still want to post that stuff here
  6. the game is fine. people should make the characters naked in it if you dont like it you should see about making the characters naked in the other games
  7. as a kid i really wanted to see those ps2 ladies naked so id love to see mods of that if only for nostolgia reasons lol kh3 being unreal is nice though. hope to see other mods of that game too like playing as other characters
  8. https://gamebanana.com/skins/190867 get it while its hot. it doesnt technically break gamebanana's rules but its possible that it could be taken down soon if it *does* go down you might still be able to get it from here https://gamebanana.com/dl/533490
  9. well i guess its never a bad time to learn how to use 3dmigoto, if not for this game than for something else in the future lol
  10. probably with the 3dmigoto tutorial. its a thing people use to mesh mod videogames including koei tecmo games lately, such as nioh 2. this is the closest thing to a tutorial for using it. if it doesnt work you can bring it up in their github page i think and they might be able to fix it
  11. so i guess the route of extracting and repacking files is completely unviable, since the games model and texture files arent packed together and dont have file names, just hashes. this would mean that modding would probably require figuring out how to use 3dmigoto to change textures and edit models if you want to try doing file editing instead of 3dmigoto, you could ask @DeathChaos25 on twitter more about modding since they seem to have some information but uh, maybe dont mention what website you came in from considering they seem to blame us for the game being hard to mod in
  12. apparently the way sakura4 did his nude mod for the male characters is he limited it to only the preset 7 skintones. not the best solution but probably the only one available unless people start learning to unpack and repack files
  13. we have a big pokemon swsh thread though. plus you could always mod on the Yuzu switch emulator that doesnt have that rule as for why no one talks about it much, its mostly because all the talk about modding nintendo games like pokemon and smash is mostly done on gamebanana and gamebanana affiliated discord channels. gamebanana technically allows adult mods but tends to look down on them, and the affiliated discord servers generally dont allow adult mods because they have a younger userbase. this is the case with the smash ultimate modding discord
  14. this doesnt seem relevant to the topic at hand... this feels more like a game review thread now
  15. its only rumors but ive heard this game has similar files to dead or alive 6. its probably not exactly like it so i doubt doa6's specialized modding tools will work out of the gate, but 3DMigoto worked on doa6 so it will probably work on this too
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