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  1. camera modding has been discussed a lot in this 5ch thread https://egg.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/game/1632557739/l50. unfortunately i dont remember what pages but it was last week or so that the discussion was hottest it mostly involves unpacking files and editing values so its not exactly user friendly yet
  2. moderchan says that the patreon links to the prototype mods are all permanent
  3. pregnant rin is one of the patreon mods yeah. although its only for that one character it seems like what prevented most of the blue reflection mods from coming out was that they were only for that one character lol
  4. theres been plenty of mods for other pokemon games discussed here. the mods will step in if theres a problem so for now its best not to worry about it too much
  5. looks like moderchan is busy. they got their account locked by gust for something unrelated and they deleted all their pictures off of twitter so im sure they have their hands full right now lol. worth noting that their twitter is back up and they didnt say anything about quitting. if koei tecmo is cracking down though then that will scare off other japanese modders for a while at least. back when ryza came out moderchan didnt release any nude stuff for months specifically to avoid this situation. i guess the other thing is that the game ended up being pretty good and fairly long so people might just be busy playing it lol. you dont unlock all the characters in the game for a while either.
  6. jiggle physics are still in but they look kind of light. like a lot of games it might be effected by the framerate. the other versions of the game run at 30 so its possible that increasing the framerate lowers the jiggle. i think atelier ryza also had this problem
  7. they had to model at least the panties since theres a lot of action stuff that can potentially flash the camera. it would be weird if there was nothing down there not to mention the bras show through certain uniforms when they're wet so theres a reason for those to be modeled too.
  8. i havent gotten the camera glitch to work to see if i could see the character's bras, but i did find out that characters who arent kokoro have bras you can see through their clothes when it rains. blue reflection made this effect work by making the shirt transparent so you could see the bra through it, so i assume br2 works the same way.
  9. i do hope moderchan at least comes back to add poses to the photo mode like they did with ryza and ryza 2
  10. idk if waiting for moderchan is wise since they seem busy with fatal frame 5 right now. not to mention that nude modding a gacha game like action tai is a job that never ends
  11. pseudo raytracing? how do you get that? reshade?
  12. he claims its from supporting moderchan on patreon. maybe moderchan is putting out rough or unfinished mods on there
  13. there will probably be nude mods. how good they look will probably depend on how good the game looks? older souls games nude mods are textures put onto the in game nude body, so it will probably depend on the quality of that nude body. though these days theres usually mesh nipples and vaginas in modern game nude mods so maybe we'll see some of that here too.
  14. https://ux.getuploader.com/steam_mod_share/search?q=[BR] all of them should be here pictures should be around here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j7AWmguopIsTxYtndA97-XgxPJL8EBtkh_P65IF3Y04/edit#gid=1390140247
  15. back when the demo first came out people found that if you could glitch the camera into the character's uniforms, you could see their bras under their shirts, and their bodies under their bras and panties (except for kokoro who isnt wearing a bra. clipping into her shirt just showed her boobs). if there isnt just a nude costume like there was in BR1 then it seems like it will at least be easy to make one from what we got. assuming the pc version is still like this on release anyway.
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