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  1. You can safely remove/rename blocks folder. As it's not a mod and "don't change the game in any way". No company can ban players for "missing" files.
  2. It was already tested before. You can't create or remove vertex.. You can only work with already included vertex.
  3. I looked into it and fount the sprite for all NPC's excepet the MC. If you want to take a look... Great parts of NPC sprites are located in ...\Vigil The Longest Night\vigil_Data\StreamingAssets\PC\Character Any program capable of seeing Unity files will be able to access them (UABE,UNITYEX,UNITYGUI). There is a file called hero which is suposed to be the MC. However after we take a look into it there is no sprite and only animationclips.
  4. No companies can ban users from Missing Files which is what it basically is. And instead of removing the folder entirely you can just rename it from blocks to blocks1. This way when you know an updated will popup you just rename it back to prevent the game from downloading this again.
  5. I haven't tried it yet but here goes some common causes of the strange textures.... Use proper .dds format for textures. And be sure to what type of compression is used (BC7 or DXT5). Black texture (alpha) Are you sure texture files uses BC7 compression and not DXT5 ? You can also try manually painting the alpha channel. Purple lightning is related to diffuse same as above be sure the game is using BC7 compression or DXT5. Manually paint the alpha channel. Another possible cause is related to the model itself.
  6. There is indeed a anti-cheat implemented. There was even an issue with the anti-cheat not closing after you exit your game which already has been fixed. And similar to mihoyo previous game (Honkai Impact 3(rd)) most of the game assets are encrypted. So chances for it being modded are abysmal.
  7. If you down't own the DLC items you can simply rename them to one of the costumes you own..... IE: Let's say your desired mod is for Sunshine One piece and it's file name is 05_06_00 However you don't own it (DLC). What you can do is look for an outfit you want to replace and copy it's name. Then let's say the costume you want to replace is 00_04_00. Now that you have it's file name you simply go to the folder where the mod is and rename it to 00_04_00. After that you copy it to where the original 00_04_00 is and overwrite it. DONE! You have successfully replaced a costume with another one. As for download links. My HDD's which I have all files in backup died. SO I can provide new ones in case the links goes offline.
  8. You must install Nvidia .dds plugin for GIMP. (dxt1,2,3,4,5) After that you will be able to open the .dds files. And if even like that it doesn't open rename the extension to the correct one (specified in CTE).
  9. Mostly like the Nude model costume. I haven't played this game in ages so I might be confusing some mechanics but well... "wet tshirt to actually go transparent" Maybe there is an options to select the texture used? I believe it was Y or /\ on controllers to use the "advanced menu". To select which outfit color you want transparent you only need to replace your desired file. color follow this pattern. 00 = Color 1 01 = Color 2 02 = Color 3 03 = Color 4 04 = Color 5 So let's say you only want color 5 to be invisible... Then you need to replace the file contaning color 5 it would be something like ID_07_04 where: ID = category 07 = model 04 = color
  10. Nope, However I assigned the original physics (.uasset files). I'll be taking a break from it now. I don't know how many times I had to redo this model due to either Blender crashing, or me fucking up with the UV.
  11. Yep I did all that. As for skeleton and physics , All costumes are borrowing files from from COS00_00. At least according HxD. So yes I got those files and assigned them to their corresponding locations.l. Still not working though. I will take a break from it now... And I'll be using this model until we get everything working properly
  12. The FBX is not good. It's not exporting the skelleton correctly. However you can create a new skelleton in unreal and assign to the Mesh. I double checked the bones and they seems to be the same. As a sidenote I checked the original uasset model (with HxD) to make sure everything was ok and it seems that COS05_00 uses the skelleton and physics located in "Game\Obj\Costume\COS00_00\Meshes" Skelleton and Physics attached.... Now to note my progress so far. Although I created the file structure correctly and assigned everything in Unreal. After I created the .uassets files and packed it ( Your default ~mods with .pak and .sig) The game won't launch However I fail to find where the problem is.... Might be something with the .fbx file, with the assignments or something ele entirely. As I'm not familiar to how these kind of mods work I'm stuck. PLbody_Skeleton.uasset PLbody_PhysicsAsset.uasset Regarding .FBX export from blender I found this video, it's directed to Unity3D but I decided to give it a try. New .FBX files following those settings attached. COS05_00.fbx - It's the same model as avoce. just with different name. Something I just thought. I increased the number of polygons to increase the model quality overall. Maybe thats the issue ?
  13. Sorry for the double post but back to topic... New Model with proper UV map... I didn't put much time in this one, just added nipples and a kinda meh pussy. Other mods I actually changed Breast size and a few more personal touch but I fucked up and screwed the UV at some point. Blender and FBX (generic FBX export) files attached. If you want to mess with Unreal now is the time. sg-cos06.fbx sg-cos06.blend
  14. I lost around 10gb. As for the model I'm 100% sure it's the UV. I believe it happened when I was merging some vertices as it was looking unatural.. I accidently merged the Legs/armas with the main body and it screwed up the UV. I'll redo it again T-T. But well for a complete amateur in modeling I'm learning well.
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