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found a tool to add naughty spells

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I am not good with modding; but it seems like it would be a fun thing to mess around with and would be interesting to see what people come up with. The gender swap and all that would be good spells for mischief. Undress can be like a practical spell. Not sure what would make for a good untamed spell. 

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Skyrim's Matchmaker spell comes to mind. A targeted spell that makes a pair of sims have sex (yes you can do that normally via WW NPC Sex option but thats boring). Or the AOE Matchmaker, entire room starts a wild orgy.


I'd love a spellcasters version of vampire's auras, cast a spell on someone to make them Very Flirty and then woo them to bed easily. Or if you play with the option that Sims don't auto accept sex but have to have romantic interests in your sim, a spell that drops their inhibitions to zero and makes them very flirty and accept sexual requests on the spot.

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