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  1. R-Lo did animations for mine awhile back
  2. @mrhaiya In regards to the claimable rock not being in buy/build mode, is really a bug if they had not intention of it being there? Also in a lot videos thus far I keep hearing that the version being shown is still not the complete release version so there is that. Side note I find it interesting that no one has mentioned that literally this pack is basically a tourists expectation of Japan during this year's Olympics, had CoVid not happened, winterized to match the "season" which is being released in the US. The Sims 4 team is definitely one that likes cultural relevant add-ons. If the results of the interest poll had been more favorable to more Summer activities would we have gotten a full on 2020 Summer Olympics pack? That supposed leak for a farm theme, would have made more sense since 3 different Summer Olympic Events include horses. Would we have gotten skateboarding instead of skiing and snowboarding? Did some digging and oddly enough "rock" climbing is actually a Summer Olympic sport.
  3. Not sure why that would be unless something in WW itself changed. Did you check your WW selector settings before removing? This not a default override; so to use it, it would have to be chosen it through the WW selector. For it to affect all sims the "select for all sims like" option might have been used rather than the "select for this sim" option,
  4. The uv of the public hair mesh should be placed in the same space where the texture for hair exists.
  5. I will check the upload but the icon and CAS item shown in the picture is the incubus dreams mod
  6. That is completely different mod. What is the name of the file you have installed?
  7. TOU for Demgorgon allows for edits so I don't mind taking a stab at it.
  8. Same questions, is it a full body outfit/costume and what is the creator's TOU?
  9. I am working my way through my mods and the updates for this one is two part. I haven't seen that particular issue but will be checking for it in the second part of the update. No plans for the female equivalent are in the works until I get regular looking female bits down. Is this a full body suit/costume? And what is the creator's TOU? Not sure how well the sprig will work with this.
  10. That is odd, you should be able to contact me without becoming a patron, last I checked I could receive direct messages there from people who were not patrons or even followers of my Patreon page. While I may not check each upload post, people have been able to PM me here on LL recently so not sure why you were not able to contact me.
  11. Considering it. Still trying to find the best model.
  12. @SALIGIA Sims I have been working on making items that can be animated and just so happen to have new dildo that I was able to add bones to the rig to be pose-able with the right animations. Would you like to test it for me? I am not really into making animations but if works out well I have a few more models I would like to use the process on in varying sizes.
  13. Lol I hadn't thought of that. Good to see you about again heartbeatsandbrainwaves. You were missed. Now that is an idea.... I wonder.
  14. A work around for CC skin tones is being worked on for now I have added a tattoo package which may be changing to a Skin details package with the next update if it works better. It is like a cat; It arrives quietly and sits there starting at you until you notice it's demon-y gaze. 😆
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