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  1. You are going to need the files found here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4632-improved-male-rig-with-penis-bones-updated-17112017/ in the Mods subfolder of your Sims4Studio folder for you to be able to properly export meshes that use any of the penis bones and to properly import animations.
  2. That is odd; do you have the rig file in your S4S studio folder so that they will export with meshes?
  3. Have you select the sim and gone into the WW selector and selected the hard and soft version of this pene for your sim?
  4. Could you send a link so that I may check their TOU and such?
  5. There is a penzor and giga penzor model. The Giga Penzor model is significantly bigger.
  6. Hope this is what your are looking for in terms of merch
  7. Could you identify which animation that is please? I would need to see the animation to see how it is affecting the pene. The second picture is the existing giga pene when an animation is affecting it from what I can tell.
  8. That is definitely odd but I will be checking into it.
  9. The Wyvern Tracks might work for you as far a feet are concerned.
  10. I wasn't sure which version Simite enabled but the more the WW body selections there are the better right? Everything should work okay but let me know if there are any issues.
  11. They usually say a picture is worth a thousand word and this picture certainly does. The only problem which combination accurately describes what you are looking for. Are you looking for specifically x-ray visuals to view internal cumshots? Visible cum during WW animations in general? Inflation due to cumshots? WW animations that are internal cumshots? Detailed CAS meshes with vaginas and uteri for Sims to cum into?
  12. Nope just a mere mortal with a mighty need to add random things to the Sims. I hadn't ever seen this Mod before so I really was curious on how it looked in game compared to some other muscular frames. It looks like Simite made an add-on file package for an earlier version so I figured why not. I enabled both files for the torso because I wasn't really sure which one you preferred. WW Selector Enabler for BANK42n BTTB 4.zip
  13. I wouldn't say it is impossible but there would need to be a pene mesh in that proportion to fit it to. Most pene meshes are larger than average comparatively to sim scaling
  14. Micro chastity cage hmmm? Do you have reference material for it? I have not heard of these.
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