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[solved]Can't fast travel.


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I was doing a playthrough and I ended up not being able to fast travel.  It always said Fast travel is not available from this location, or something close to that.  I have a lot of slavery type mods, so I just assumed it was part of one of those.  Now I started a new game and the same thing is happening right from the start.  Is there any way to find out what mod is causing this, without tearing everything appart?.  It is not worth it to me to start over, I will just hop on a wolf if I have to. (they run real fast). But I would like to fix it if possible.


edit: Just in case anyone else comes across this, I have Alternate life- live another life mod.  You start in Helgen and make your way through the cave.  I also have Cursed Loot.  It has the Chloe quest where she is in a cell under Helgen, the quest will start as soon as you get close.  I didn't want to do the quest yet so I left her in the cell and made it through the cave and out.  Apparently starting the quest and leaving Helgen will not let you fast travel if you don't set her free and read the note.

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2 hours ago, donttouchmethere said:

without load order you will get only wild guesses

> check all your mods MCMs for fast travel options


Mods that have an effect on fast travel I know of:

> DCL if wearing DDs (check MCM)

> SLsurvival (check MCM)

> POP if arrested

Thanks for the info, I actually figured it out by accident, lol.  Alternate life and DCL had a little overlap/conflict. Nothing major.

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35 minutes ago, nocturna said:

Hi ther eI am having the same issue, how did you fix it?
I have both those mods too.

I have freed her and read the note but can not fast travel.

enablefasttravel 1 in console will fix it but if there is  a mod forcing it the problem will return.

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