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[Question] Can this even be done?

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Well I guess I am getting a little desperate to find things to tinker with .....I was wondering if there was a setting or a mod out there that slows down the MC when they change direction.  I have realistic movement speeds but this doesn't slow down the character when they change direction.  The character wips around 180 degrees lightning fast and is not very natural.  I thought if I could slow down the turning speed it would look a lot better with HDT or SMP cloaks and hair and clothing. Just thought I would ask and see if anyone had seen anything out there.  Thanks.

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23 minutes ago, winny257 said:

Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed


Yea, I have that and I love it.  Thank you for the suggestion.  I know this is stupidly picky, but I was trying to slow down the movement when the character changed direction like from going forward to backward, or in and out of sneak mode.  My character does it so fast it distorts the breasts and smp clothing and hair go flying.  I was tinkering to get a more natural look. I know its pretty silly, but I see it as a challenge, although I would be surprised if it is even possible.  But I have seen in some of the dance mods where the character will turn 180 degrees and it looks smooth, so maybe it is possible.

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Somebody was talking about a change to something which smoothed out SMP movements in a thread a couple months ago, but I can't remember any specifics - sorry. There's info buried deep in LL somewhere - wish I could help you!


That ridiculous flyaway jerkiness is the main reason I don't really like HDT/SMP stuff. Makes your hair and armour look like they're made of rubber most of the time, since few people seem to know how to set the physics up right (I mean, hey, I don't know either).

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