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Gopher is supposed to come from Manchester and I live next door to Manchester. Nobody around here talks anything like Gopher. Nobody in Lancashire talks like Gopher. Captain Veloth(?) in Ravenrock talks with a Manc accent.


3 hours ago, CarpeNoctem20 said:

he's thorough

There you go with that understatement thing again. :)


1 hour ago, worik said:

But in regards to modding Skyrim he is pretty high on that ladder ?

And you would get a 15 minute talk on the importance of putting a fullstop at the end of a sentence. ?

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i prefer Gamerpoets as you can follow everything from installing skse right through too dyndolod. along side S.t.ep's stabilty install guide.


one piece of advice. "READ THE READ ME'S" that come with the mods.....

rtmf or suffer.   

and don't be upset if your first couple of setups turn to shite, it's worth it in the end.

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