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  1. i had this problem once,, i could not figure it out. i now use Atomic muscle no problems here now.
  2. if you have installed animations for violate correctly, check the mcm setting's allow for player violation's. if this is not enabled the player with be stripped and stand there while companions are violated. the clapping and pointing animations say that AAF is running a scene with either no animations or mcm setting's can't find an actor. it is also possible a companion is being violated outside of your line of sight. post your load order.
  3. Alright, i have a problem. not with Violate it works perfectly, BUT. it is in its awesomeness the cause of a laugh, cry, laugh, fucking fuck fuck damn it! situation. (as intended i guess) I'm not sure where to post this but i have to tell this story. OK! so i finished up an epic session on sunday night after a solid few hours of kicking the commonwealths ass happy as fuck! (game ran like a dream all day, finshed up lots of loose ends, just started The mechanist met ADA and dropped of H2-22) , fully rested fully fed at 7am on a beautiful boston morning and hard saved right outsid
  4. All the servers i've found are either tumble weed blowing wastelands or SFW only. i'm on the LL server but it's not really active. thinking of making my own tumble weed blowing wasteland and inviting others. DM if you want. i've spent hours searching with discord and joining and verifying only to find empty stuff thought i'd try and cut to it.
  5. Yeah i'm well keen on it! New vegas was epic i just hope my modlist is compatible off the mark, loving the desert wasteland look and hopefully Freeside and the strip get the expansion they deserve.
  6. Damn. with the Civil war quests as bugged as they are already just having a wank at the battle of whitrun would be an achievement :)
  7. Hi FONV had a mod called reactive people which was surpassed by project ultimatum afaik. i have been unable to find a similar feature for F4. Basically what it does is if you point your gun at an npc who is friendly or a non-combatant the will draw their weapon and aim back at you. this feature is probably packaged with an AI overhaul i guess but i'm surprised there isnt a stand alone version.
  8. i swap between these 3 1. Candy EYE https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19578 (Bloomy and intense with a sweet hazey subtelty ) great for faces but very dark outside, works well with Photolight. 2. Shades of Despair https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40645 (Absolutely WOW for weathers and atmosphere) the best all rounder ,the one i use the most. 3. Vivid https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17115 (very similar to candy eye but more defined) darkness can be an issue. i use Darker nights for mershun so its an issue for me maybe no
  9. thanks for the reply, i am trying to advance my knowledge of ck and edit, i know the basic's but these type's of conflict's i don't even know where to start i have narrowed it down and i'm 90% sure it's a broken nif as ~killall then entering still ctd's i would really like to know how to filter FNVedit to show edits made to a single cell, but i cant get a sample ref id to open in f4edit as i crash entering the cell and CK just crashes trying to load all my plugins. So if i could filter F4edit to find all the cell edits i could redownload and install just those mod's. or load th
  10. Hi i am CTDing everytime i approach the whole area between Sunshine tidings and Federal ration stockpile. i can TFC into area and not ctd, but insta ctd when i walk in. couple of Questions. 1. Can i find the cause in CK or Xedit. 2. Can Bethini Modders paradise help me?
  11. i had this problem recently. so i switched back to atomic muscle Download Atomic muscle from vector plexus if you use Mo2 backup then clear the over right folder. reinstall latest versions of everything make sure Zex is not being overwritten re-run bodyslide make sure it run's as admin. make sure build morphs is checked. totally reinstalling male bodies with Atomic muscle fixed it for me after days of trying with BodyTalk.
  12. I'm looking for a mod that lets me start brawls like this for Skyrim, Blind rage https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/28686
  13. yeah i was using atomic muscle when it was working but i've been trying both bodytalk and Atomic, thanks for the reply im gonna go back to atomic. {SOLVED] Re-downloaded and re-installed Atomic muscle and all AAF and all anims and mods. running perfecto again.
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