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  1. Hi All, I was attempting to download the CBBE Tera Armor set then update it with CBBE HDT bodyslide. I use Mod Organizer. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29411 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59267 I have used Bodyslide before to batch build things. (I think the most I've done is some super simple adjustments to set of armors but it was just to make it work in my game so it wouldn't be invisible) I'm getting stuck on trying to set up and use the Bodyslide files. However, I can't seem to unpack the bodyslide at all. I keep getting the "no game data at top level" error. I'm not sure what other steps to take. I was reading that I had to add a Mesh/Texture folder to the folder list but I'm not sure what that means. I'd assume I'd do it after I actually batch build the stuff. But I'm clearly missing something lol Thanking you in advance for any help!
  2. I was trying to fix some issues with my Profiles and when I deleted an extra Profile Mod Organizer decided to reorganize the install Priority list to alphabetical. I need some help with getting it organized, but first I need to now how to make a list of the Priorities. First post told me what file to post. modlist.txt I fixed it by figuring out how to show when I installed the Mods, won't help if you install and then sort, but I was installing in order.
  3. This started sometime after downloading some HDT XMLS which were the last body related mods i installed. I have -checked for conflicts -checked for rogue loose files -re-installed body related mods -selectively enabled/disabled body related mods. -freshly installed skyrim Bodyslide and other executables were properly setup with MO. It shows up all the way in bodyslide and this is after re-installing Skyrim along with CBBE/BS and XPMSE. No other bodymods which leads me to believe theres something outside somewhere. Theres a few things left that i can think of. Starting from scratch, re-installing MO and re-installing Skyrim outside program files. Id want to avoid this for the lengthy process of redoing everything. Or editing the mesh somehow, im not at all familiar with this, i tried mirroring the right side but couldnt figure it out. Any suggestions?
  4. I am going to make this short and sweet. I am RETARDED when it comes to computers. I am slow and know next to nothing, simple now lets move on. I am following this guide, https://nsfwmods.com/forums/topic/46-a-naughty-and-immersive-skyrim/ to install Skyrim and Mods while skipping some steps, After Notepad++ in step 1 I was not comfortable following those step. Now for the real issue. When TRYING to install https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59721/?tab=files Main files and optional files I get really confused. I am attempting to follow many steps, Anatriax's guide, begalund's linked helped, sheson's installation guide. Basically it comes down to me being an idiot and not knowing what I am doing. Mod Organizer tells me the file there is "no game data in top level" and I am not sure how to fix this. The "set directory" does not work and I am not sure what to add to fix this issue. So can anyone take my hand and explain like you would a child how to do this? I am going to keep trying but it is annoying me... ANSWER THAT FIRST but another question is this. How come it is hard to get executable for Mod Organizer? LOOT was messing me up until I managed to edit a second Skyrim executable, not sure why I have Skryim and Skyrim Launcher, and now I have LOOT as an executable. I will keep you all up to date because I am sure I will have many, many, MANY more issues in the future. But yeah talk to me as a child and please help me! Dx
  5. Ok, i seriously need some help... For some reason the latest release of RLO doesn't seem to be working at all...the interior of caves are still really bright, i'm really running out of ideas here. Im using Mod Organizer but it just won't work, i've tried using loot to order, manually move both the "archive" and .esp around from top to bottom to no avail, it just doesn't seem to work....wich really has me confused since one of the previous versions ( works with no problems at all...so i guess there's something different between that one and the newest? same files, same load order, just different version but it won't work....Heck, i've tried loading only RLO on a Vanilla game, no other mods and still it won't work... im sure theres something really minimal and stupid behind this, but i can't find it myself...so please, help. Here's my load order: Sorted by LOOT, i'll try to upload some screenshots... need to work on it uwu"
  6. Okay, so this isn't really tips, it's more of a log of what I have done to get my Skyrim working. I recently updated some mods and everything started to CTD a lot and so I rebuilt my load and priority order from scratch and noted down the lessons I've learned. I still get a few CTD issues here and there but nowhere near as many as before. So I have decided to share these with you guys to help out and give advice where I can. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEED GUIDE TO SETTING UP MOD ORGANIZER AND IS ONLY BASED ON MY EXPERIENCES. DIFFERENT LOAD ORDERS AND MODS MAY CHANGE THE OUTCOMES. I AM ONLY SHARING MY IDEAS. Some of the basic tips such as making sure you save in a small cell instead of open world and having a safety load (ie, saving a game in a small cell with little mods at the start of your game so you can load into that cell then load into your modded save) work really well; they are common tips I see so I would expect most people to be doing this already. Archiving your saves also makes it easy to scroll through when loading your game and easy to revert back to should you need to. Saving them in a folder inside your local save folder is harmless and won;t show up on your load list; even putting a copy of your mod list in there too will help incase you add/switch mods later. Below though are some of the tips I have taken away from my recent rebuild of Mod Organizer. #01 - Make Base Profiles #02 - Load Heavy Mods One by One In Small Cells #03 - Use the Note System #04 - Keep a Personal Meshes and Texture Folder I will add more over time as I write up and do more work bulding my load order.
  7. i thought this was from sex lab dialogues, but it isn't and all this does is say "did you think you can get away with that? i am going to put you in chains for this!" and then i usually get a armbinder which i have to get off of me. i have this mod and plugin load order. P.S i know about the overwrite mod
  8. I'm diving into Merge Plugins, and the first thing I want to do is NOT included/explained in the GP tutorial I'm using. There's a patch in the Pre PaMa installer, it's only one tiny change to an actor, but it's taking up a plugin spot as an ESP. It's info says to load directly after the Thief module, or to merge it into the Thief module. So that's what I'm trying to do. I've checked STEP, and the comments on the GP video, and the forum thread for the mod itself, and googled, but because of the Merge Plugins title, most of what I get are questions/posts/results about TES5 or Mator or Wrye Bash or whatever else. Anyway, the GP tutorial shows the steps to merge a bunch of existing ESPs to create a new ESP. What I need to do is to merge the record from one ESP into an existing ESP. I cannot find a tutorial for this (seemingly simple) task anywhere. I'm a touch frustrated, and I'm sure this is a stupidly obvious question/answer, but I don't want to make (uneducated) guesses about how to use this software, especially on my first time through. I'm super grateful for any help here.
  9. So I have finally managed to get my skyrim stable and everything is settling down for me. However, there are certain LSAR (a little sexy apparel replacer) armours I would like to know how to replace with other replacers instead. In this case, I want to swap out the Dawnguard armour with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64559 . How can I do this? I have attempted to put it before and after, but I am not the best of modders though. Additionally, whenever I attempt to insert a cum replacer into my skyrim (currently using the sexlab one, yuck) I instantly CTD upon loading my save. Any ideas? Do I have to start a new save? I have tried several cum replacer I will add a mod list if needed
  10. Hello, I have encountered an issue with my bodyslide: No matter the body I batch build, the ingame bodies keep using the standard CBBE Curvy that I picked when first installing CBBE. I use Mod Organizer, loaded Bodyslide from the executable and have tried to put the builds in the Overwrite/meshes folder as per the solution posted here: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1638338-mod-organizer-with-cbbe-bodyslide/ But that does not seem to fix my problem. I also have HDT-All-In-One installed and tried to use one of its bodyslide presets before trying to build my own, but that one didn't work either. My load order: I really have no clue what's causing this, and it's annoying me to no end.
  11. Ok before I break something (hopefully I haven't already?), I'm just trying to figure out how to edit a mod. I have Animated Fairy Wings. I downloaded Creation Kit through Steam, ran it once before I figured out I'd need to launch it through MO. Added it as an executable in MO. Launched it, selected Skyrim.esm and AnimatedFairyWings.esp (or whatever it's called). The description says it doesn't have any dependencies, so I figured this would suffice. Got an error about a missing mipmap for something bronze, so before I set off clicking yes to a bunch of crap I didn't understand, I canceled out, and confirmed I wanted to exit. So, for starters...I didn't just screw up my Skyrim.esm did I? I didn't modify or save anything, just exited before it even finished loading it. Second, is there a guide to get me started? What I've found online is for fixing spell names and other unrelated matters. I studied graphic design long ago, so I'm sure I can ham-hand my way through tweaking these textures (all I want to do is desaturate them a bit and possibly make them a bit more transparent), but I can't figure out how to get it loaded up and running. (Third, should I be worried about the error message about missing mipmaps? They were when still loading Skyrim.esm, according to the little ticker at the bottom of the window.) The first time, I said "Yes" to the first error message (not "yes to all"), and another message for another problem popped up directly after. Hit "No", and exited. Second time, x'd out. Both times, got a confirmation box asking if I was sure. Is something wrong with my Skyrim.esm, and, did I cause any damage/changes by partially loading it? Can't see how it would, but who knows.)
  12. I've been doing a lot of rebuilding and tweaking my mod list lately. Pretty sure my WB patches used to be 50-60KB, but recently they're coming out nearly 700KB (Weird? Seems large...but like I said maybe I'm remembering incorrectly and they've always been this big?) I don't merge mods into the bashed patch though, I only use it for leveled lists...so that seems like a big file size. Also, is the modified date (on both the right side in WB, and on the patch itself once it outputs) always supposed to be 12/31/1969 7:00:00 pm. Cuz mine is. (Weird?) I thought I'd uninstall and reinstall Wrye Bash and start fresh. I removed the whole Mopy folder. Anything that I actually had in any of the locations described here I removed. I reinstalled Wrye Bash, opened MO, added Wrye Bash as executable, launched it (I already had my TES5 patch). Same results: 12/31/1969. Whatever, it's the first run since a fresh install, lets see what happens. Right-click-->rebuild Merged Patch-->bam, bolded mods (in the Merge Patches section), "these are new since you last rebuilt". wtf. Anyone on Windows 10 x64, running Oldrim, via MO, know where WB is squirreling away this crap? Also, is there any way to just BUILD a new one from scratch, not "rebuild" a rebuild?I mean, I know, semantics, but you get the idea. Also it's kinda pissing me off that Wrye Bash is leaving crap on my computer that I can't track down to remove, just on the matter of principle. Thanks for any help.
  13. I have been adding and removing mods, patching and playing for a day or two, adding or removing more, rinse, repeat- figuring out what things I want/need/can't afford/etc. I've finalized it, and am about to start on patches and playtest a little tonight, but I'm trying a new approach, instead of just letting LOOT do whatever it will do. I found some guides that discussed sorting (both mod list and plugin list) in groups (which should generally match each other). So, I'm about to look in TES5 and check out all the conflicts that I probably can't figure out how to resolve anyway, and then do the patches, and try it out...if anyone has a little time over the next day or two (and the experience) and can look at my load order and give me any input, I'd be very grateful. https://modwat.ch/u/argus_eye/modlist Thanks for any and all responses.
  14. Hi, i was able to install skyrim with more or less all the mods I was interested in, but now i have random crashes i believe due to a wrong order of some of these. I'm seeking help on my load order and modlist, because I can't find out on my own why I crash. Pretty please? Thank you very much to whoever can help me! loadorder.txt modlist.txt
  15. Mod Organizer

    I figure there's no such thing as too much info, so I decided to go in to detail on How to Use MO 1st thing's 1st... Here's Mod Organizer: Full version l l V Mod Organizer v1_2_18-1334-1-2-18.7z Hotfix for those who need it (1.2.18) l l V process_blacklist.txt-1334-1-2-18.7z Full version l l V Mod Organizer v1_3_8-1334-1-3-8.7z Use this to update from version 1.3.5 - 1.3.10 to 1.3.11 l l V Mod Organizer v1_3_11 update-1334-1-3-11.7z Full version l l V Mod Organizer v1_3_11-1334-1-3-11.7z Note: If you use version 2.1.2 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, you must use version 1.3.8+ of MO. Here's Mod Organizer 2: Specifically for Fallout 4 Full version l l V ModOrganizer2.7z Note: This is in Alpha (Alpha 3). Bug I've found: MO2 may crash every time you install a mod, yet the mods will work in-game. May not happen to you, but happened to me and a friend of mine. MO2 can also be downloaded from its home on github. Alpha 4 is now available, but as I don't tend to upload installers here, you'll just need to click the github link above. If requested, I can upload it here. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: Some versions have been deleted because they had issues. Others were deleted because I did not have enough allotted attachment space to upload every single version. If you want an old version, just PM me and I'll get it to you. Sorry for the inconvenience. I know it looked nice having every version listed, but I simply got cut off from uploading after a certain number of versions. Hopefully, it's possible to get an extension on available attachment space. If not, old versions will disappear when a new one becomes available. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can install it anywhere. Installing to the C: (anywhere) may put unnecessary stress on a SSD (Solid State Drive), wearing it out quickly, if you use a lot of mods. Not much to worry about on a HDD, but leave MO and Skyrim out of your Program Files (x86) DIR. Windows can cause issues if they are there. I love this thing, and I have everything running from it: Creation Kit, SKSE, FNIS, WryeBash, BOSS (now called LOOT), TES5Edit, even Steam! (that one was just for fun. don't do it ). Hell, you can probably run NMM with it! btw, you will have to run SKSE and FNIS using MO. If you don't know how that's done, here ya go: Open MO, and click the tab on the top right, which for you should say <Edit...> Once you've properly installed FNIS, enter a 'Title', click 'Binary' and click the [ ... ] icon on the right Add the information shown. Remember, anything you add to MO has to "Start in MO". My SKSE doesn't appear to be located in MO, but simply manually installing it and choosing to run it "through MO", it works perfectly when I run it using MO As for the warning you got about data on the top level when you get the warning, you need to use the window to search the files inside (data, textures, etc) and locate any .esp's, .esm's, and .bsa's in there (usually just a .esp and/or .bsa), and drag it to the 'top' folder, and drop it there. Same with Meshes and Textures, but almost all mods will already have that right. This takes it out of the file it was in, and puts it in the very 1st folder that opens when you use MO, thus getting MO to recognize it. It's much easier than I'm making it sound, and once you've done it, you'll always be able to install mods using MO. When you do this, you'll get a message saying "Looks Good!". Obviously, you're ready to rock after that. Don't forget to run FNIS (using MO) after you install everything, or nothing will work. Always start your game by running SKSE (MO). Install and run LOOT to make life easier. Remember, after you run LOOT (MO ) you may need to manually arrange some things, but it's rare. Note: If you're having problems using BOSS with MO, switch to LOOT. That is BOSS' new name. Missing ESPs Another very handy feature of MO is the ability to hover over a save file in the 'Saves' tab to see what mods other saves are missing, should you wish to load an older game, perhaps with a different character you previously used. If you have all the mods you used for that playthrough installed to MO still, you can right-click a save, and choose 'Fix mods...' from the 2-option mini-menu that pops up. This will activate the ESPs that were used during that saved playthrough, and save you a lot of time locating the mods you used on the save. Load order not correct when using a new version Remember to click Priority on the top right tab of the left pane if your load order seems incorrect. Change log Should you wish to use the same icon I use for my MO, here it is: Deleted the MO icon, because it is now part of MO. MO can do anything. MO knows all. MO is everywhere... FAQ And no, I most certainly didn't make this mod! It is called Mod Organizer by Tannin. All credits are given at the bottom of the spoiler. Mod Organizer Logo and icon were created by HeavyDude. Thank you! Update: What's better than a FAQ? Another FAQ! The LoversLab Mod Organizer FAQ Team has complied a FAQ specific to the questions I've been getting on this thread. As such, I will be updating it when certain questions that aren't already answered in the original are being asked repeatedly. Thank you for the support, Team! F.A.Q. How to . . . -Get FNIS to work: For crying out loud, install it as a mod, and find the executable in the 'Data' tab of MO's menu by right-clicking and choosing 'Add to Executables'. - Get Bodyslide to work: Install it as usual. Note that if you look in it, you'll see no recognizable (by MO) data in it. Fuck it. Install it anyway. When you do, MO will give you the standard warning that there is "no game data on top level". Fuck that too. When it's installed, navigate the 'explorer' to the Bodyslide.exe, and add it as an executable. When you run it, it will overwrite the .nif files you chose to alter, so have a copy of your mod-to-be-altered beforehand. Load Bodyslide, and make your desired alterations to your body or clothing. If you altered a body, the body mod you are using will have it's files overwritten, and the new info will go to that folder, in place of the original, overwriting it. If you altered a shirt, for example: The new files will replace the files inside the mod the shirt was in. If the shirt you altered was one from the game itself, the files will go to Overwrite, if no installed mods have files with the same name as the files you are saving. (*unlikely situation indeed) If you have 2 mods that alter the same files, which happens in addons and fixes, the mod MO loaded last (the addons/fixes) will contain the new files. It will not overwrite game files when using MO. MO would never let that happen. Anything that would normally go to Skyrim\Data will go to Overwrite instead, with a file path created for you. *Note: The Unofficial Patches alter clothing and armor, so if you use the Patches (and you should), those may be the mod locations for the newly altered files. You should learn file names, and where they will go before you commit to changes, and, if you're smart, you already know MO installs an extraction of your mod, so the original remains untouched. You can choose 'Reinstall mod' to load the unchanged mod, if you need to remake your Bodyslide project. This is why it's good to keep all Oblivion, Skyrim, or Fallout mods in their own folder, and not move their locations. If you move a mod from it's original location (where it was when you first installed it), MO will give an error, as MO does not search your computer for the mod. It only searches the same folder it installed from last time. The file names will remain unchanged, so there will be no indication that the changes were made, aside from the file date. You will see that when looking at the actual file, and looking at the second tab labeled [ Date modified ]. You will have no Textures (.dds) showing in your render unless you add the mod's textures to the folder you are getting your meshes (.nif) from when making changes in Bodyslide; ie, in the same folder the body or clothing you're changing stores it's files. - Get CK to compile: I shall borrow a quote from Administration: { "cmd": [ "C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Papyrus Compiler\\PapyrusCompiler.exe", "$file", "-op", "-f=TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg", "-i=C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Data\\Scripts\\Source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Data\\Scripts\\Source\\Dawnguard;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\SexLab Framework\\scripts\\Source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\SexLab - Aroused\\scripts\\source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\FNIS Behavior\\scripts\\source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\NetImmerse Override\\Scripts\\Source;$file_path", "-o=$file_path\\..\\" ], "file_regex": "(^.*\\.psc)\\(([0-9]*),([0-9]*)\\)", "selector": "source.papyrus" } Word on the street is, there may or may not be a 'Wrapper' in the making that allows you to compile scripts without any more ridiculous errors from Papyrus. I shall provide more on this later... ...and here it is: MO Skyrim Tool Launcher Use MO Skyrim Tool Launcher to run things like CK, Nifskope and other programs that once didn't work with MO. Thanks go out to CGi and the APPS Dev Team. (Wasn't easy keeping it a secret ) - Get HDT to work: Just take all files out of the included 'data' folder, make a 'new folder', and name it "HDT". Put all of the files from the 'data' folder and put them in the new HDT folder. Zip that folder, and install to MO. It's the classic "repacking for MO" technique that you need to know if you've downloaded a file from Nexus, but want to use MO to run it. - Get SkyRe to work: I have repackaged SkyRe for MO and uploaded to 4shared here: MO SkyRe - Get ENB to work: ENB core files need to be in the main Skyrim folder, so MO can't do anything about that. If it has textures or .esps, like some ENB presets have, however, those can be loaded through MO. You just load it up like a mod, uncheck all enb core files, set the data folder in a way that the .esp and textures are in the correct filepath and, once it's installed, enable it normally like any other mod. - Get SkyProc mods to work: Install the mod. In the data tab, search for skyproc patchers/mymod/mymod.jar (example skyproc patchers/asis/asis.jar) Add it as executable - Use Caliente's Texture Blender: Install the mod. In the data tab, search for CalienteTools/TexBlend/TexBlend.exe (Refer to Bodyslide FAQ for false 'no game data on top' error; also, many other Caliente Texture Blender mods use different paths and folders, take a look at the mod itself). Add it as executable - Use MultiXwm: Install the tool as a mod (why not). You will get a warning because it has no textures, meshes, or anything else MO would recognize. Install it regardless. Navigate to the MultiXwm.exe in 'mods', and add it as an executable. When you run it, it will tell you it cannot find the output path. That's because you need to add it yourself. Go to ModOrganizer\mods\MultiXwm\, and create a new folder, and name it 'output'. Then run MXwm. Be sure to click the file so it's selected/highlighted before you press Start. It should give you no error, and should have a msg saying it 'Finshed'. You will now see your sound file in the output folder, in \mods\MultiXwm\output\ - Get Dual Sheath Redux to Work: Team: ritualclarity bob11 Lother eifrag gvman3670 Want a copy so you don't have to keep coming to this page? Here: MO FAQ.rar Do you have Microsoft Word? Here: ModOrganizer_FAQ_MS_WORD_2014.docx How about a pic to save? (Dual Sheath Redux not in the FAQ download) Coming soon: Mod Organizer Strategy Guide MO has an official support thread found on the S.T.E.P. forums. Here is the Official MO Support Thread. MO was released on the Nexus, so you can always ask questions on Tannin42's Nexus page as well. That is where MO is first released, then I upload to LL. And, of course, you can ask questions right here on this thread. Here are a few tutorial videos from deathneko11: Here is MO's sourceforge page. MO on Skyrim G.E.M.S.. MO's original download page on Nexus. MO's Issue Tracker. Note: Use this Issue Tracker link to go to the Bug Genie, where bugs are reported. My thread here on LL is to solve things that are not bugs, and have solutions that do not require altering MO's files. Note 2: The tracker has been moved to here. MO is all over the web. If you simply Google Mod Organizer, you'll get pages of results.
  16. Alright so long story short I'm using mod organizer and I have some custom races, bodyslide and cbbe remodeled armor replacer. As seen below when my custom race is wearing the armor replaced by "remodeled armor" it flattens to a pretty much male like shape as seen below. also notice how this doesn't happen to driinkin (deer) race however. I know for a fact that a fix is to put the remodeled armor.esp higher up in the load order than the custom races. I managed to do it before...... some how but now i can't because Mod Organizer listed the custom races' esp in a bold italic font. From what i can understand the bold plugins are esms and some mods are put there as a "false esm." making it impossible to lower it in the load order. this doesn't seem to be the case for the deer race so they don't get that problem. So in conclusion is there a way to get the custom races off the esm side of the list or is there a different fix entirely? also this is pretty much my first cry for help so if you need my load order, let me know if mod organizer has a quick way for me to copy paste my load order and how. Ps. yes I do the standard procedure of Bodyslide batch > LOOT > FNIS before starting up skse
  17. So I've been struggling for a while now with FNIS and Mod Organizer not working together and starting to run out of ideas how to get it work. Also google is rather a dummy in this case. Which leads me to believe its not hard at all to get it to work. Problem seems to FNIS not using MOs virtual file tree as it doesnt see any mods(sexlab) nor the skeleton. Any tips on getting it to work or should I just install FNIS + mods requiring it normally into Skyrims data folder?
  18. So, I've tried everything I can think of -- disabling all new mods, running TESVEdit, LOOT, the built-in LOOT Lite in MO, changing mod list presets and changing them back, re-running FNIS, and using MO's mod reorganizer (caution sign, top right). Ever since I loaded the attached set of mods, I haven't been able load save games reliably. About 90% of the time (I've tried multiple save games, and I've tried to load about 50 times(with 10-12 save games)). New games mostly work (75%+), although it has crashed a few times when I tried to load it. That load order was solid. Playing most days for between 20 minutes and 1.5 hours for a month plus (and for about three months with only a few mods missing from this list), I experienced only 3 CTDs (5, including the similar mod list that's been there longer). With the new mods enabled, going through the same LOOT re-runs, TESVEdit checks, etc., I've been able to load only 1 save (from about a week ago), and have only been able to load it once. Starting a new game works about 25% of the time. I have attached my most recent MO logs, though for some reason my Papyrus logs refuse to record anything. If I change my MO preset to my playthrough preset, the game works flawlessly. Thank you so much for any and all help, and if I can be of service in any way, tell me! Thank you again! ModOrganizer.log ModOrganizer_17_09_28_00_59.log ModOrganizer_17_09_28_00_58.log
  19. Are there any guides out there that kind of walk through how you should organize mods in MO? I have recently changed from using NMM to using MO and I want to make sure I am putting the mods in a good order. So I am kind of looking for something that not only says "do it like this" but I was hoping for something that kind of went into the theory and reasoning behind why they should be in the order suggested. (just to clarify I am talking about the organization of the Mods themselves not the ESP/ESM files for that I am using a combination of LOOT and suggestions from mod authors when they feel LOOT doesn't load their mod correctly)
  20. Hey, guys. I'm at my wits end with this, and can not for the life of me figure out what's wrong. I am running my game through mod organizer and have many mods, but I have used most of these before without this type of error and it has been fixed by changing mod order or removing a conflicting mod. The crash happens from a couple of minutes in, too a few hours, and the log more or less always ends with a variation of this, and more or less always includes sounds.bsa: DEBUG (18:14:16.0596): createfile bsa not rerouted: D:\Program Files\Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim\DATA\aag -> D:\Program Files\Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim\DATA\skyrim - sounds.bsa -> D:\Program Files\Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim\data\skyrim - sounds.bsa INFO (18:15:29.0894): Windows Exception (c0000005). Origin: "D:\Program Files\Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim\TESV.exe" (55e05f). Last hooked call: struct HINSTANCE__ *__stdcall LoadLibraryW_rep(const wchar_t *) I have tried removing mods, verifying files with steam, reinstalling TESV.exe and sounds.bsa and now the whole game. I have also tried starting everything in administrator mode and windows 7 comp mode (pc is running windows 10). Everything is also on my secondary disk. As far as I can tell it happens randomly, inside, outside it doesn't matter. It might be related to NPC's but I can't be certain since I haven't spent much time in the wilderness this playthrough. I have the SKSE memory patch and have run loot to look for errors, and cleaning up the mod list after for possible faults without luck. I even tried running without mods and got stuck in the cart outside Helgen with the sounds playing but the cart wasn't moving and I were seemingly stuck inside some cart like material behind the real cart. There are also randomly missing sprites that return on reload, which includes both vanilla and mod items. In addition to this, my screen sometimes freeze but the game keeps going and I can still move around open menus etc (identified by the sound still going). I can fix this by alt+tabbing out and going back in, and am not certain if this is related to my other problems. I also added: [Debug] WriteMinidumps=1 to my skse.ini, but the crashdump folder was empty after the game crashed. Here is my mod list: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. I made sure set up the executable in MO, the full version of Texblend. I thought this tool was great... how do I grab the texture I want from the folders I want? I'm trying to add some proper diffuse texture to a race mod [Tania] but I only see the damn SG texture I got installed.
  22. SKSE Fix?

    So I followed both SKSE installation processes by Gopher and GamerPoets, Yet when I try to run SKSE from Mod Organizer, TESV runs instead and simply crashes after the cmd prompt. I could use assistance here, been trying to for two days to get it right.
  23. So I've recently installed a few animations for sexlab, and everything was fine... until I tried to load a quicksave. Now the game crashes instantly after the loading screen, no matter which save file I'm trying to use. This quicksave that I tried to load had everything in it because it was made after all the mods/animations were installed, so I don't really get what's the problem. I'm a noob, so I don't have the knowledge to solve this problem myself, I thought maybe someone could help me here. I'm using Mod Organizer btw, which clearly shows me that I have a problem with my setup. Here's what it says: Even after reading this, I don't know what to do, I tried to reinstall all the mods/animations that I recently downloaded, sounded good, didn't work. Any ideas?
  24. As the title suggests, I plan on making a dual boot system with my laptop (ASUS GL502VS), mainly for the purpose of bypassing the 4GB VRAM limit on DX9 applications (Skyrim). I've never done this before and while I figured I can just find a guide to installing a dual boot, I was wondering if anyone had some words of wisdom or answers to a couple questions because I am honestly and completely clueless. I plan to use Windows 10 as my main operating system as it was pre-installed onto my laptop when I bought it and occupies the main SSD. I've ordered an external SSD (USB 3.1 type C) to install Windows 7 and Skyrim onto. These are my main questions: Will an external SSD, even though it's connected via USB 3.1 type C (which is supposedly very fast) slow my game down? I've heard that USB 3.1 has speeds that can compete with internal SATA, but I know little more than this. How will I go about moving Skyrim over onto my external SSD? I'm guessing it won't function properly to simply drag and drop Skyrim and all of my mods (I use Mod Organizer) onto the SSD and hope that it will work? What will I have to do to make Skyrim and Mod Organizer function properly? Am I able to run only Skyrim off of my external SSD while running other Steam games off of my internal SSD, or will I have to install everything Steam-related onto my external drive? Despite Windows 10 being pre-installed on my internal SSD (I have no registration key or anything for it), is it possible to install it on my external SSD instead and install Windows 7 on my internal SSD? In addition to this, if you have any tips or advice based on the information you've read above, sharing it would be extremely appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  25. Hello folks, i was wondering if someone could spot what i'm doing wrong... firstly some Basic information i guess. the crash happens when sexlab does its installation. but that alone might not help so here's more data! i run a very beefy windows 10, and running mods though mod organizer...2(uh ooooh) i got quite the modlist, and yes, i have been disabling stuff little by little, but its proving...very hard. i have enb, ini tweaks, etc in order to help scripts along, as well as skse (but that's a given...) instead of making an insanely long post due to logs/etc i'll link some pastebin stuff. Papyrus log Link Modlist Link and about what versions of mods i use...it "should" be updated more or less, and following proper guidance, but might have missed something. I've used TES5(cleaning of Skyrim and DLC),Loot,FNIS,Bodyslide,Bash Patch in that order, as well as (naturally) making sure what they did was saved as mod and activated there stuff. personally im hoping someone can make sense of the Papyrus log, its not really my specialty. Edit: So im asking to avoid having to do a complete wipe. Edit 2: So im back! with the answer provided by the amazing Kazaanh(Discord) in case someone else got similar problems i guess i'll write the answer, its "DONT USE Mod Manager 2" seriously its shit and i personally am worried for NMM's future considering how inferior it is to the first one.