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This is a very early work. Be prepared for bugs and suffering.


"The bombs... the vault... I felt cold... I'm awake again... but I feel nothing... SHAUN!! NATE!! Why am I seeing these numbers in my vision? WHAT DID THEY DO TO ME?"


Its basic features are functional with no crashing or bugs that I know of. It should not activate till you exit the CryoPod but can also be used on any saved game of any level. Basically by installing this you agree to become one of my test minions and submit detailed reports on issues and papyrus log files when needed if possible :smile:

How to enable Debug Logging and where to find the files: https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Enable_Debug_Logging

It should look something like this: Papyrus.0.log

Those logs should be for the last 4 save games. My messages should all have the Prefix "SynthPlayer:"

With all the other mods cleaned out using Notepad++ Search "SynthPlayer:" it looks like this: PapyrusCleaned.0.log



Basically the goal is to simulate the player awakening from crysleep replaced into a Synth, a Gen 2.5 Prototype Gynoid Sexbot to be more specific. It is Player only and wont be expanded to other actors. As the unit becomes more experienced, abilities to override Vault-Techs Asimov like safety protocols and be more combat orientated will increase. Currently the mod assumes you appear completely human, although later Robots and Synths may detect you as an escaped Synth.

This is not meant or survival mod as being a bot you should not suffer hunger disease, poison etc, by the time I disable all that, your playing in normal mode anyway :)


Bad News - Less Electricity resistance, but it improves as you level. Normal healing like Stimpacks doesn't work on you.
Good News - . You are immune to Poisons and regenerate damage and use Rads to generate power. Action Points, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Movement and Jumping Speed are increased as you get higher in Status


Damage Regeneration = Requires power also occurs more efficiently when not moving, sitting or sleeping.


OverClocking gives you a Status/Level Boost for a short time when activated by key or Combat detection. The Duration in seconds and Percentage of Unit Status boost is set from the MCM sliders and has a 100 second cooldown afterwards.



There is a MCM menu for Settings and HUD displaying the following:


UnitStatus = Basically the current operational status of the Gynoid, health and other systems etc. It Buffs Physical stats, Action points, Speed and Jump Height.

Power = Electricity, you need it. Drained by Running/Sprinting/Jumping/Sex etc. Power affects Movement and Jumping rates. Slow recharges from soaking any Rads you have, rad can now be useful, but they can still kill you and create overheating. Though if you have Rads you can't fully heal and if you are fully charged you can't process anymore rads. Conversion of Rads happens asted when stationary, and faster again when seated or sleeping. You can also use the Torture Devices Extractor Chair or Synth Reclaimation chair at the cost of some LubriCool or Plugs Of The Commonwealth Buttplug Cores. You can also charge from Fusion cores using Power Armor. if you enter Power armor both batteries will average out the charge between them, so you could end up losing power to charge the Power Armor or using its power to charge you.  There should be wearable Insertable Fusion Core option if you have any Fusion Cores in your inventory. When depleted they should become Depleted Cores. Similar for Plugs of the Commonwealth Butt Plug Fusion Cores.


CoreTemp = 0-100 degrees Celsius plus a small level buff, Heat generated by external temperature, heavy armor rating and running, Rads, Arousal, Fertilty. Reduced by Stationary, sitting, sleeping or swimming. External temperatures are 18degrees indoors, 8 degrees while swimming and varying 18 +/-12 degrees outdoors dependant on time of day. The more armor rating you wear the hotter you will get too.

NutriLube = Is the total NutriLube you have in your body, it repairs, cools and lubricates. It is lost from damage or during sex or high arousal, restored by drinking it or making it. NutriLube affects Movement and Jumping. The Gynoid has 1000ml of storage in body + 1000ml in Breasts, 500ml in the Butt, 500ml in the Womb and up to 1000ml in the Belly and the NutriLube enters the Belly and transfers gradually through the Butt, Breasts then into the Body as needed at roughly 1ml per second. Excessive Lubricant will cause bloating and swelling in areas using LooksMenu Morphing. There are sliders in MCM to adjust the amount of Morphing for each area. I have avoided using the Pregnancy Belly bodymorph node thingy so it should not conflict with it. Finally a use for all those Coolant containers, you can craft NutriLube from Semen, Coolant and Oil. You can craft Coolant from Alcohol and Abraxo. You can consume Coolant, Abraxo and Oil by crafting it into Cups or Glasses. Food, Soda and Water Consumption generate waste which is planned to be linked to pooping in RSE, but I'll make that an optional feature. Waste is stored in the stomach and Butt area. The Butt Waste and NutriLube storage sizes are adjustable in MCM for those who want more or less of either. You should see digestible Abraxo, Coolant and Cooking Oil in your AID tab if you have any normal versions in your inventory.


Firewall = (Non-Functional) Resistance to Hacking by Synths and Robots and the Gynoids SexualProcessor, reduced by Gynoids Arousal, Lust and Submissiveness. Killing things especially Synths and Humans will result in Behaviour errors and corrective shocks if your Firewall is low.


Sexual Processor = (WIP) The Gynoid is a Sexbot, the Sexual processor is basically the units Lust to engage in Sexual activity and may gradually override the Gynoids options and responses, I plan to actually alter settings and other factors in mods like RSE, FPA, Perversions etc so the player will have less control. It is going to be like a virus in your system, you may start becoming Sadistic or Masochistic or desiring Supermutants, or whatever just to sate your programmed desires.

Arousal = (WIP) How close to Orgasm, Arousal and Orgasm expels LubriCool and increases the Sexual Processor Control.

UpperServos = Arms health, when damaged to low levels abilities like Combat may be lost but damage does regenerate. Systems disabled re-enable at twice the Percentage they disable, so if Combat is disabled at 10% it will re-enable at 20%.


MobilityServos = Legs health, when damaged to low levels abilities like FastTravel, Sprint, Jump, Running and Movement may be lost but damage does regenerate.


TorsoChassis = Torso health, also damaged by overheating and sex. Later will effect cooling and recharging system efficiency, but damage does regenerate.


CranialStatus = Head health, also damaged by overheating, when damaged to low levels abilities like Sneak and VATS may be lost but damage does regenerate.


VisualSensors = Eyes health, when damaged to low levels abilities like "Look At" may be lost but damage does regenerate.



Storage System:
These storage areas may stretch to 200% of the full amount. After this the fluids will transfer to another storage location.

If Body, Breasts or Butt storage locations are less than 100% they will transfer the appropriate liquid from another location.
Excess will be sent to waste system. Excess waste can result in emergency waste release.

Body - 1000ml of NutriLube, may also be contaminated by Injected/Inhaled Chems

Breasts - 1000ml of NutriLube (adjustable in MCM for those who don't want Breast expansion)

Butt - 500ml of NutriLube (adjustable in MCM for those who don't want Butt expansion)

Butt - 500ml of Solid Waste (adjustable in MCM for those who don't want Butt expansion)

Belly - 200ml of Womb, when Pregnant contains offspring size and NutriLube. Possibly contaminated with Oil and NutriLube from Robots or Synths and Semen from Biologicals

Belly - 200ml of Bladder, Liquid Waste

Belly - 200ml of Stomach, Storage containing Food, Water, Soda, NutriLube, Cum, Oil, Coolant, Abraxo, Alcohol and Ingested Chems.


The Stomach converts its contents into other substances with some wastage generated.

Coolant and Oil make NutriLube

Abraxo and Alcohol make Coolant

Food, Water and Cum make NutriMilk

Food and Sodas make Waste
Waste is removed by using RSE's Peeing and Pooping animations with a manual hotkey in MCM. It's frequency can be adjusted or turned off with the MCM sliders.



Devious Devices Corsets, Chastity Belts, Chastity Bras and Catsuits will restrict or reduce expansion of Butt, Breasts and Belly.


MCM Settings:

In the HUD there are settings that don't do much yet but will be hijacked by the SPU meaning you will be able to set them at start but may lose the ability to adjust them when the SPU has control:

VocalInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or Pained by Oral Sexual interaction

UpperStorageInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or pained by Boobs Sexual interaction

PrimaryPortInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or pained by Genital Sexual interaction

WastePortInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or pained by Anal Sexual interaction

DermalInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or pained by skin contact

Human Appearance Slider: This tells my mod how human the Gynoid appears. I have no idea what body mod you may be using. This will eventually alter the chances of NPC's and opponents like BOS treating you as a human. may be adjusted by extreme expansion amking you look inhuman.

You can adjust the spacing of most of the top left status messages in MCM to make them less frequent, currently default is 15unit changes prompt a message.


Male Gynoids:

Although this is aimed at females I plan to allow for Futa/Male Androids, but wont be doing any testing, let me know if anything doesn't work or make sense for males and I will see if I can make it work. I have already set some of the sounds to alter for male players. I'll have to add a toggle in to disable the womb stuff, some things really depend on know ing what type of sex is occurring, which will only come from AAF. Yeah, I could do a whole balls swelling with Cum thing later :)


This is mainly scripted with few records altered so should not conflict with any other mods.


Requirements (No hard requirements, no idea how it will go if you don't have some installed:
F4SE, I think I only use it for one function so far but will use for others later.

HUD Framework, you wont see any status without it, not a hard requirement though as it seems a bit buggy for some.
MCM if you want to change settings.
No DLC required, it does soft load some assets if installed.


This is designed to interface with the following to this degree so far:

LooksMenu - This is required for the Boob, Belly and Breast inflation, it also morphs the body Muscles dependant on the Strength Stat. Not all outfits are set up for morphing as far as I can see.


AAF - Yes it detects sex and adds Cum, increases SexProcessor and Arousal.

FourPlay - Yes it detects sex and adds Cum, increases SexProcessor and Arousal.


Family Planning Enhanced - Detects Fertility, Pregnancy will draw extra power, NutriMilk, etc, and reduces physical abilities.


Devious Devices - Not a great deal so far but working on Institute devices to reduce Firewall and slowly hack the Gynoid. Chastity Bra, Chastity Belt and Corset should prevent Bodymorphing in relevant parts. Corset and Catsuits will increase Core temperature.

Torture Devices - Extraction and Reclamation Chair which will be used recharge at the cost of gathering coolant from the Gynoid. Stimulation from the Milking Chair and HydroPillory

Four Play Attributes - The Stats affect Firewall and wear is repaired.


Realistic Saliascious Encounters - Disables Basic and Advanced needs as they aren't relevant to a Gynoid. Uses the peeing and pooping Animations ,it should work fine with both FourPlay and AAF versions.


Perversions - Plans to link into the Orgasm feature and adjust some settings.


Plugs Of The Commonwealth - The FusionCore is usable as a recharging item. And may cause additional SexProcessor/Arousal Buff/Debuff dependant on the MCM Anal penetration response setting


Glory Hole - Reduces SelfEsteem and Dominance, Cum is an ingredient needed to make NutriMilk.


ASIA - Charging from some of the upgrade chairs, more stuff to come, this should work fine with both FourPlay and AAF versions.


As its an Alpha, you will get FREE STUFF added for testing purposes and to retain playability, ideally they should not be needed to play this mod.

There is something funny going on between this and other HUDFramework mods causing zero readings and no updating. Make sure you install the FPAttributes HUD in a save before adding this mod and it seems to solve it.
There is a script reset in MCM that may solve issues if you have updated from older versions. Some bugs I've found due to the engine require clean saves.



Future Plans:

Adding a game start Bootup sequence to gradually raise all values from zero to current operational status and make it feel a little more immersive.

Use Fusion Generators to charge somehow. Makeshift Batteries? Settlement Generators?
AAF support, just waiting for it to stabilise a bit and have the detection I need for Sex types and Races etc, hopefully Fade to Black at least for Robots till animations are made.

Hijack the Family Planning Fertility settings so it is controlled by the Gynoids SPU.

Place Reclaimation chargers around the Commonwealth and reduce the charging effect of Rads. Or maybe I use the Vault Tech Single person Nuke Shelters. Hopefully I can do that by script once I work out the co-ordinates. A Reclaimation chair may be the only way to get the Institute Chastity Belt removed once added.
Other Synths and Robots will use you for a Battery or LubriCool source, they will milk your swollen boobs before bloating your Belly with materials to create more before maybe releasing you.

Gen 1 Synths just want to drain power from you by fucking you. May add DD Institute devices to you.

Gen 2's require NutriLube and attempt to hack you during sex to make you more submissive. May add DD Institute devices to you.

Robots? Any of the above I guess. May add DD Institute devices to you.

Assaultrons? Got to be something special for them.

The Rust Devils will want you of course too and who knows what the Mechanist's plans are for you?
The Institute will want you for experiments, you may not know you are programmed to collect something like FEV Hound sperm so will automatically submit when you find one.

You may catch a Virus from a Radio Station, Terminal, Holotape or Power Armor.

Pumps and valves that transfer LubriCool between areas may fail leading to uncontrolled bloating or shortages.

Adding the ability to hack robots and other Synths.

Adding features like Nightvision that use power of course.

Finding upgrade components that can increase systems efficiency, those Military Circuit boards will be handy.

Most healing other than Stimpacks will be disabled, I'm only leaving them in for emergency use, the aim is to play without them so just Roleplay that for now :smile:
I have no plans to use a body race or similar
or make it a requirement, Mesh/Textures is pretty much beyond my ability, I mainly just script code :smile:

Lastly get my SInstitute idea happening again and linked to this.

Any new ideas are welcome or suggestions on improvements.

File versions are by date so 180510 is 10th of May 2018, not 5th of October 2018 unless you are American :tongue:



Translations are cool, just don't claim my stuff is yours.
No uploading elsewhere than LoverLab.
No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. 
I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
If I disappear or am inactive on Lovers Lab for over 3 months, others are free to take over my mods, don't claim its yours unless you do a reasonable amount of upgrading, then just thank me in the credits :)

What's New in Version 190109.0


Update 190109.0:

;Now requires AAF and STATS for the UI
;HUD framework support removed
;Deleted Fourplay and Peversions support
;Changes to use STATS for Lust, Arousal, Sex Wear etc
;Attempted more fixes to HUD Display
;Moved Poop and Pee calls to RSE script to avoid failure of Belly Script when not installed
;Moved more Sexual stuff to use STATS
;Added AAF UI for Temp, Energy, NutriLube, Firewall, SoftwareIntegrity and Mechanical Status

Update 180925.0:

;Slowed down more scripts
;Removed some Debug messages to reduce lag
;Added Sex Wear and Tear for Oral, Breasts, Vaginal, Penile and Anal combining into Sex Health
;FPA Wear is now overwritten by SexHealth
;Added script to use AAF HUD for Lust, Arousal, Orgasm and SexHealth
;Lust, Arousal, orgasm and SexHealth are now using values stored in StatsAndLists.esm and should be displayed in the AAF UI.
;Changed ButtWaste storage to BellyWaste storage
;Added block to stop storage scripts processing while in combat
;Added Base size modifier for Morph scaling
;Added support for STATS and SexStatSystem


Update 180901:

;Slowed down most scripts
;Fix for FPA Sexual harrasment not being detected
;Fix for ASIA collar asset not loading
;Fixes in HUD script for ExtendedMod, still not swapping HUD to remove Lust and Arousal


Update 180828:

;Halved NutriMilk Damage leakage rate
;Adjustments to Sex NutriMilk usage
;Reduced Power usage rate
;Added Lust stat (WIP)
;Added ExtendedMode to enable Mature Sexual features
;Fix for AAF version of ASIA not being detected
;Some fixes in FPA synching
;Changes to some scripts to effect Lust instead of SexProcessor
;Fix for Male gender assignment
;Added ExtendedMode to turn off Mature features (WIP)
;Tweaked back overheating caused by armor
;Tweaked up BodyMorphing


Update 180822.0:

;Added support to determining Semen destination of Stomach or Womb from AAF Properties
;Fixes and improvements to code handling Belly storage processing to bleed off excess materials.
;Added Hotkey to display storage values
;Added more debug messages



;Added AAF compatibility script
;Adjustments to allow for AAF versions of ASIA and RSE
;Added an esp to disable RadiationImunity in ASIA


Update 180731.1:

;Fixes for InCombat locking out BodyMorphing
;Doubled Radiation Charging Rate
;Adjustments to Storage Transfer rates


Update 180730.1:
;Fixes for 0% starting NutriLube


Update 180725.2:

;Added missing NutriMilk swf files


Update 180725.1:

You will need a clean save for this its had numerous major script changes and shuffling.

;Removed hard references to DLCCoast.esm
;Another minor change to try remove FPA HUD requirement for HUD
;Reduced FourPlay Semen quantities
;Some minor fixes to Fourplay Semen/NutriLube depositing
;Split LubriCool & Digestion Scripts into Body, Breasts, Belly & Butt
;Added 50% warning message for Pee & Poop
;Set up different body storage sizes for Male and Female
;Added more code for Balls and Semen production
;Combined LubriCool and NutriMilk into NutriLube
;Added SystemIntegrity Stat that currently does nothing
;Added Bottles of Semen to Vendor Lists
;Fixes in FourPlay Semen/Oil/NutriLube quantity adding

;Fixes to Peeing and Pooping repeating


Update 180709:

;Increased Storage Transfer rates
;Fixed 83% LubriCool

Removed 180702 and 180704 due to major bugs, reuploaded previous 2 versions

Update 180704.1:

;Added Combat check for Auto Pee and Poop
;General fixes for Assets not loaded
;Changes to Clothing tightness calculations added DD Catsuit and Misc DD suits
;Added body part sizes which effect storage area sizes
;Added some preparation base assets and code for Penis and Balls support for Male or Futa/Herm
;Changes to Storage size calculations, Breasts and Butt may be set as a percentage of body sizes
;Yet another attempted fix for HUD zeros
;Bumped Food Volumes up again as they weren't scaling correctly when processed but increased volumes of storage, ideally 10 units are equivalent to 100ml of volume


Update 180702.1:

;Attempted support for Robot Repair Kits (Failed, disabled for now)
;Added Support for ASIA Nanite OverClocking
;Added Support for ParasiteArmor to lock on and molest the wearer until it has fed on Poo, Pee, and NutriMilk to its desires (partially tested)
;Added some Messages for DeviousDevices Plugs
;Added some Messages forPlugs of Commonwealth Plugs
;Added Rads damage from MiniNuke ButtPlugs for alternative charging
;Hacker Perk now gives small bonus to Firewall
;Robot Expert Perk now gives small bonus to Repairs
;Added support for Chastity Bras, Chastity Belts and Corsets to reduce Breast/Belly/Butt size
;Fixes to Body morphing
;Tweaks to increase power usage and adjustments to repair speed.

Update 180625.1:

;Hopeful fixes for Quest Fragment stopping scripts


Update 180623.1:

;Added Charging support for ASIA Sleep, Upgrade and Conversion Chairs
;Added ASIA SexBotSlave collar hacking
;Added Insertable and Depleted Fusion Cores
;Added Depleted Fusion Butt Plug Cores
;Fixed Bug with Manual Toilet button not working
;Fixed some bugs with HUD but still got zeros on one of my saves, still looking into that, seems to be only on complete fresh new game after doing the cryopod sequence.
;Added Ingestable Abraxo, Coolant and CookingOil
;Removed HalfLubriCool to simplify some script stuff
;Added Injection of Coolant into Vendor and Garage cabinent lists
;Partially disabled PERV and RSE SexProcessor Synchronisation to prevent SexProcessor sounds ramping issue, sounds should be ok to turn back on.


Update 180614.1:

;Adjusted time lapse for Wait/Sleep/FastTravel etc from 6 minutes to 1 hour
;More fixes to Debug Messages
;Fixes to Syncronisation of Perversions Need Count
;Decreased Level factor in Cooling ability
;Fixes in FourPlay Attributes stat adjustments

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