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[FO4] [AAF] STATS (Beta WIP) 200421.0

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About This File

This adds a common set of Stats displayed in AAF that I hope all Sex mods will eventually use.
There is a huge MCM menu with global variables to set the NPC and Player Preferences for Gender/Sex positions, Creature preferences etc for other mods to use when selecting sex scenes.


Because these mods are in constant development changing the Scripts I recommend on most updates to uninstall the old version and then save a game without it then install the updated version.

Basically by installing this you agree to become one of my test minions and submit detailed reports on issues and papyrus log files when needed if possible :smile:

How to enable Debug Logging and where to find the files: https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Enable_Debug_Logging




AAF 118.0 or later


AAF Themes by me

Included and working now with AAF's Stat system displaying in the Wizard are the following Stats from ActorValues, 100% would be a normal peak human level:


Stimulation% (-100 to 100) - How much stimulation the Actor is currently experiencing, negative values = pain.

SexWearTotal% (0 to 100) - The current sexual physical readiness or wear state totalled from SexDamage ActorValues for Mouth, Nipples, Vagina, Penis and Anus

SexperienceLevel (0 to 100) - How much Sexual Experience an Actor has, 0 is Virgin.

Happiness% (-100 to 100) - How unhappy to happy an Actor is

Fatigue% (0 to 100) - How fatigued an actor is 100% would be fall unconscious


Lust% (0 to 100) - How much an actor wants to have sex, 100% find a suitable partner or masturbate.

Arousal% (0 to 100) - How much the actor is physically Aroused and close to orgasm, hit 100% and Orgasm should start


Future updates:

CumTotal (0-9999) - this is the total of all semen in the actors Stomach or Womb of all types Human/Dog/DeathClaw etc.

KinkyStats - these are present but not enabled unless the KinkyStats.esp is installed.

Dominance% (-100 to 100) - How Dominant/Submissive an Actor is, -100 for fully Submissive, 100% for fully Dominant

Masochism% (0-100%) How much arousal is caused by feeling pain.

Sadism% (0-100%) How much arousal is caused by seeing others in pain.

PregStats - these are present but not enabled unless the PregStats.esp is installed(not yet available)

Potency% - Quality of Male Semen

Fertility% - Chance of any Ova becoming fertilised

PregnancyTotal% - The total pregnant state of the actors current Pregnancies


Modders Info:

These are stored as Actor Values, there is one value that is the HUD and the other is the live STAT.

The HUD version only updates at the end of the animation so is not a lot of use.
The live STAT is modified by using the corisponding MOD adjustment.
So to change Arousal you would read the current MODArousal in case another Plugin is already changing it, add your change then Write it back into MODArousal.

Assets for other Sexual properties:
These are just assets to be referenced, their actual effects are added or set in esp's.



Abortion Pill, Contraceptive Pill, Fungicide Wash, Spermicidal Douche, STD cure Antibiotic

4 levels of visible Pregnancy, STD's and Crabs, High Lust, High Arousal, High Stimulation, High Pain, Orgasm and post Orgasm

This is a community project, I'm just kicking it out there, any ideas or thoughts on the Stats please feel free to discuss.

What's New in Version 200421.0


Update 200421.0:
Prep Support for incoming Robots
Added Domination and Pregnancy Stats and Actions

Still got a lot of Creature animations to update and a few of SavvageCabbage 1.1


Update 20200410.0:

Updates for BP70 and GreyUsers Vanilla and Kinky Animations (Still need to catch up on Creatures next)


Update 20200406.0:
Fix for BP70 animations using "HandToButt" action instead of "LeftHandToButt"

Update 20200404.0:
Added updated animations from most packs, still got some kinky and creatures to do.
Fixes in actions for Tongue and StrapOn actions to Mouth and Vagina respectively.
Changed Sex Wear Total to an Average instead of total and adjusted action buffing to suit.

Update 20200220.1:
Added files for Atomic Lust to hide and replace the stats he uses that are duplicated in STATs
Reduced Frames to 6.0 to remove most of the [080] error messages basically those Authors need to edit their XML's to correct their Frames settings to remove the errors
STATs is still behind 6 months in the animations, so may not work for later ones.


Update 20200210.1:
Renamed a few xmls and minor fixes.
Still may be missing some animations from later versions of animation packs.

Update 20190806.1:
NEW VERSION Split away from Themes
Incompatible with the old STATs that was here and my older files like SynthPlayer

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