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SPD Curvaceous Chubby Clothes Extras


"Why are you grinning?? This robe makes me look like a house!"

Optional Addition to the first part...which is required.


Most of this stuff is less than lore friendly...but fun none-the-less.

Just empty the contents into your Oblivion Data folder. Allow any overwrites. No need for fresh save...but your load order will likely need adjustment to put the ESP back where you had it originally.


Additions include some modern hacks for that sort of play...same availability. Divine Elegance for the set. There are LOTS of clothes and I didn't want to add another Vendor to the store...so the merchant menu might be slow to open. Give it a moment if it hangs...

A new NPC named Nadine roams the land...she might make a good companion...starts at Brina Cross. Her AI will let her roam the map given enough time. She's lost and needs clothes...


Credits: same as before. 




Note: some 'all-bone skeletons' templates are included if you'd like to experiment with the clothes in NifSkope. 3 is without tail...4 is with. A neck ring seem hider is already inserted for ease of use. 


Version 1.04: Both parts now merged into one file for ease of future additions.


You needs this first...


What's New in Version 1.0.4


Now merged with Part I....all in one file.


All patches included. 



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