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Speedbuster's Curvaceous body with vagina and anus added. Optional 'squirting milk' upper body included.
Amber's chipped red fingernails are also included.

Install as with any Oblivion body mesh...

Ideal for replacing the old Speedbuster Curvaceous in your install of Set Body. 
You can also put them in the meshes->character->_male folder, but EVERY female with be a BBW...so...beware.
Back-up your files before overwriting...blah, blah, blah.

Credit: None of these resources are mine...all credit to the original designers. I just brought them together.

Issues...the anus and vagina are not always visible when the body is in some positions...otherwise...pretty good results for a hack.
The model itself uses a different foot & hands than HGEC (etc)...so they are incompatible clothing-wise and such.



But the girl could probably use some clothes...right?


Here's a collection....

Here's another...





What's New in Version 1.0.2


02- Silly texture error...fixed.


01- Fixed Alpha properties around vagina and anus...minor fix but looks good!


Grab yours anytime...


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