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(unofficial)HiyokoGenetics_tweakedChildInventory_and_FollowControl 2013feb17

About This File

(i'd prefer to attach this to my post in http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13118-unofficial-slightly-tweaked-well-known-mods/,

but couldn't do that properly yet. Look there for more info and replies)


feb17 features:

PC can use AskGeneInfo spell to exchange inventory with own, follower's and checked by 98<disposition children.

PC can control child'follow target by "follow notes" misc item. Children couldn't be assigned as follow-target.


One thing losen: Skingrad' housemaid Eyja excluded from potential babysitters. Possibly, i re-view her candidature later (;

One thing added: note "calm down" is available if child has (7<aggression), it forces that to =3.

What's New in Version 2013feb17


  • Fixed bug (accessing [i]child with non-reliable refs to one of parents[/i] disabed ExamineSpell-script execution completely) in my version of hiyokoGenetics examine_spell; tested and believe (for now) tis reliable for use.

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