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About This File

Heretical Resources


This is a Resource Mod for all kinds of assets I have made. The theme of the assets is mostly medieval containing a lot of items made out of iron. This Package includes several items that are HDT Physics enabled or use Bodyslide Data, please make sure you have both installed and generated the necessary files with Bodyslide. If something is wrong with the existing Items please say so and I will try to fix it.




How to use


IMPORTANT!!! Please read this chapter and the FAQ before asking for help !


All the Included Items can be used in game and have the zap keywords applied.
To get them in your inventory download AddItemMenu


Some of the items have bodyslide files that are available as separate download. they need to be generated to match your bodypreset.
The items will not show up in game if you don't generate them with bodyslide!!!
BodySlide Instructions:

In the Download section click on the "#!6VQnlbxB!-uAhVSz5mVKaxNWL9KnMj7cEqAwVsl3pHjapr7XvZyE" link to download the Bodyslide files from Mega.
After that open the downloaded files with your Modmanager.
Open up Bodyslide.
Search for a textbox at the top named "Group Filter", click on the small search icon on the left side of the textbox and from the dropdown menu select "Choose Groups..."
A Window will pop up, checkmark Heretical Resources in the list and hit Ok.
Select your Body-preset from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner named "Preset".
Checkmark "Build Morphs" In the lower left corner if you want ingameracemenu sliders to work.
In the lower left corner select "Batch Build..."
Another Window will pop up where you can select the Items you want to get build. Press Build if you are done with the selection.
Bodyslide will now generate all the selected Items for you. Wait for a "Complete" Window, hit ok and you are done.






Q: The body textures are distorted when I equip an Item.
A: You are using the CBBE body. Some of the Items are not compatible with CBBE. Install the "Heretical Resources BB CBBE" pack.


Q: When npcs wear Items from this mod they sometimes turn invisible.
A: This is a bug in the HDT Plugin please install this HDTInvisibilityFix .









Currently Included

Most of the included items use the metal textures from the Zaz Animation Pack and come in 2 variants (MetalRedRust & MetalBlackRust)



  • Iron Bit Gag
  • Iron Bit Gag with wood piece
  • Iron Ring Gag
  • IronPull Gag
  • Mask of Shame with 4 variants (Collar & no Collar) (Tongue inside & Tongue outside)
  • Iron Pear Gag
  • Iron Pear Plug
  • Scold's Bridle in 3 different versions
  • 3 Gags for the Scold's Bridle
  • Iron Nose Piercings with 4 positional variants to fit different nose sizes
  • Iron Nipple Piercings in 2 different versions
  • Iron Nipple Clamps
  • Iron Ring Collar
  • Iron Ring Collar with Chains attached to Nipples
  • Iron Chain attachment for Butt and Vaginal Plugs
  • Iron Chain attachment for Butt and Vaginal Plugs with Bells
  • Iron Chain attachment for Butt Plugs with Sign (4 message variants)
  • Chain Harness (4 individual pieces)
  • Restrictive Boots (2 versions & HDT/Harness options)
  • Restrictive Gloves (HDT/Harness options)
  • Modified version of Zaz simple cuffs with HDT enabled chains attached
  • Breast Bondage Ropes
  • Breast Bondage Irons
  • Breast Bondage Harness Chain Bustier
  • Breast Bondage Adjusted Piercing
  • HDT Chain Collar (4 length variants)
  • HDT Prisoner Chain
  • HDT Ball and Chain Ankle Cuffs
  • HDT Ponytail Plugs (4 versions)



  • Havok Rope Short & Long Variant
  • Havok Hangman Rope
  • Havok Chain


SlaveTats (Separate Download)

  • Breast bondage tint overlays (2 versions, with veins and without & light and strong variants for both)
  • Full-Body dirt textures






Zaz AnimationPack and all its requirements. This mod uses textures from the Zaz AnimationPack so keep it updated.
Devious Devices Assets
Bodyslide 3.7.5+
SlaveTats (Optional) Only needed when installing the Heretical SlaveTatsPack.




Please do not repackage & upload the assets in this mod.
If it is necessary to repackage one of the meshes because of edits, please ask before.
If you want to use the assets in your mod just add Heretical Resources as a requirement (it is not necessary to add it as a master if just the meshes are used).


Support Me


If you want to help me, or just say thanks, you can become a Patron


If you know how to do CK work(like integrating new items or naming them) and want to help me just PM me.
I have limited time and even basic stuff like integrating Items takes its time, which I could use to make new content.




Thanks to Zaz for helping me with blender & nifskope, letting me use his assets and making his animationpack.
Thanks to Arkon89 for converting all the BB items to CBBE.

What's New in Version 1.51


  • v1.50
  • Added the following items:
  • HDT Chain Collar (4 length variants)
  • HDT Prisoner Chain
  • HDT Ball and Chain Ankle Cuffs (2 length variants)
  • HDT Ponytail Plugs (4 versions)
  • v1.51 Hotfix
  • Added missing Color change Script for Tail Plugs.

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