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SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping (the former "Aggressive Prostitution") v2.2.5.5

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About This File

The latest Official Skyrim Patch (v1.9.32.0)
Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS
SexLab Framework
SexLab Aroused or SexLab Aroused Redux
Fuz Ro D-oh
SkyUI's MCM Menu
Brawl Bugs Patch (highly recommended as of v1.8)
Updating or Installing?
Refer to the Updating section below. Don't just update willy-nilly. Some versions might suit your taste better than others. I have now removed most of the previous versions to hopefully help the site run smoother. If you would like a certain version, please contact me via private message. Also, as a general rule, don't update when you are in the middle of a sex/dance animations. Make sure that the scripts have had ample time to clean themselves up.


The main package files have been relocated off-site. After clicking the Download button, select one of the Mirror links to be taken to the download location. The German translation files are still available for downloading directly off of the LoversLab. Update packages will also be available here as well.


Brief Description
This is a rather simple mod that adds dialogue options to initiate prostitution of the player character or followers and NPCs. Other prostitution mods found in LL render prostitution of a female player character redundant, so this feature may be disabled through the MCM menu; prostitution of male player characters are always enabled. Regardless of sex, the player character can still prostitute male/female followers and NPCs. The key feature of this mod is control over the prostitution of followers and NPCs.


Full Description

Player Prostitution
The player can approach most NPCs with a dialogue option of "Hey, baby! Would you like some company?"
The NPC can respond with two dialogue options:
1) "Alright, I'll follow you," which will immediately have the client follow the player until the player speaks to him//her again and initiates the monetary transaction and animation. This option adds 35 to 100 Gold to the player. (NPC's arousal must be greater than the configured threshold. RE: MCM Menu)
2) "Sorry, sweetie. Maybe, later," which will make the NPC no longer engage-able in previous dialogue for one hour, at which point a new dialogue option will appear. Saying "So, are you ready for me?" to the NPC will incite a response of "More than you can imagine," which will initiate a prostitution event and add 100 to 250 Gold to the player. (NPC's arousal level is less than the configured threshold or player has propositioned them in the last 3 hours.)


A jarl may be approached as well, with "My jarl, perhaps, you'll find my company soothing."
The jarl may respond with two options:
1) "You're right. That's just what I need," which will immediately have the client follow the player until the player speaks to him//her again and initiates the monetary transaction and animation. This option adds 60 to 200 Gold to the player. (Arousal threshold rules apply.)
2) "I can't right now. Talk to me later," which is consequentially equivalent to "Sorry, sweetie. Maybe, later." (Arousal threshold rules apply.)


Note that, by default, the player character (regardless of gender) can prostitute himself/herself. Due to redundancies with other LL mods, female PC prostitution may be disabled through the MCM menu.


v1.7.3 added a new lesser power, TDF Player Dance, which allows the player to dance similarly to NPC dancing. The animation can be cancelled by pressing the button assigned for jumping.


v1.7.5 added a leveling scheme to PC prostitution and an MCM menu to affect a multiplier applied to cash earnings from player prostitution, similar to NPC prostitution.


v1.8.3.0 gives the player a 20-minute magic effect after using the Dance Power, which allows nearby NPCs to approach the player to ask for sex.


v2.1.0.0 makes a significant overhaul to the PC prostitution component. Clients can now request specific sex acts. The player can negotiate a price with the client. The price is determined by a variety of factors, including the player character's experience, speech level, and the client's arousal. The success in negotiating a price is dependent on the player's speech level and the client's arousal. For transparency, the exact calculations are mentioned in the Support Thread, but I recommend that you don't refer to these for a more immersive experience.


v2.2.5.2 makes propositioning guards a crime (not always depending on how the conversation goes), as well as conducting prostitution-related activities in the sight of a guard (again, through conversation, bounties can be avoided).
Follower Prostitution
The player can approach a male/female follower and pimp him/her out, saying: "Hey, honey. You wanna make some money for us?" (It should be noted that I forgot to edit something in v1.2 so this dialogue option will still display as "Hey! Get to work, b*tch!".) This file supports management of up to three prostitutes. It should be noted that this assigns a "follow" AI package to the follower, so that even if you dismiss them as a follower, they will continue to follow you until you dismiss them from your employ. It is the responsibility of the player to find jobs for the followers by initiating dialogue with NPCs: "Perhaps, you can enjoy the company of my friend."
The NPC can respond with two dialogue options:
1) "I think I just might," which will immediately initiate a prostitution event between the prostitute and the client (in which there is minor dialogue and the client and the prostitute walk towards the nearest bed if applicable) adding 20 to 75 to a Global Variable that defines how much the player character may collect later. (NPC's arousal must be greater than the configured threshold.)
2) "I'm someone who prefers to watch," which will initiate an animation between the player character and the prostitute, while also assigning a "follow" AI package to the client to mimic "watching". This, by itself will add 20 to 75 to the Global Variable. After the completion of this animation event, the client will continue to have that AI package until the player dismisses the prostitute, the same scene is engaged with a different client, or the client is engaged in dialogue with "So, you wanna be part of the fun now?" which will initiate a three-way and add an additional 50 to 125 to the Global Variable. (NPC's arousal must be greater than the configured threshold. The likelihood of this scenario as opposed to option 1) is configurable in the MCM menu.)
3) "I'm not interested right now," which is essentially equivalent to the rejection in the PC prostitution section.
While in the player's employ, the player can say: "Why don't you dance for some cash?". This will cause the prostitute to undress and dance for roughly two minutes and this can also cause some NPCs to gather around her. The Gold earned is dependent on the number of NPCs gathered.


While in the player's employ, the player may say to the prostitute: "Alright, you're off the clock." This can result in 3 responses:
1) "Here's the Gold I earned," if the Global Variable is greater than 0 but less than 1000, which will give the player Gold depending on the value of the Global Variable and reset it.
2) "Let me do one job first. It's the least I can do for you," if the Global Variable is 0, which will not dismiss the prostitute.
3) "I sucked a lot of dicks for this Gold, so, if you want your cut, you're gonna have to earn it," if the Global Variable is greater than 1000, which will award the player the Gold while also initiating an event between the player character and the prostitute.


Payout is affected by a new leveling scheme in v1.6. Leveling is passive (through sex with clients) and active (through new dialogue options). The new dialogue options can be activated by saying: "I think you need to hone your sex skills." To prevent abuse of the feature, the dialogue option can only be engaged once every 4 hours. At level 100 in number of clients and level 50 in training, the prostitute's payout is 400% that of a non-leveled prostitute. Levels are not lost by dismissing a prostitute.


v1.6.5 introduced a new feature that allows autonomous prostitution. If a prostitute has had at least 10 clients, the player can say: "I don't have time to find jobs for you right now. Look sexy and find some yourself." This will temporarily disable all other prostitution dialogue regarding this NPC. In this state, the prostitute will seek valid clients. I recommend that this feature be used primarily in taverns, but there is no applied restriction to this effect. Saying "I will find jobs for you now," will remove the NPC from this state and other prostitution dialogue options will be re-enabled.


v1.6.6 introduced a new dialogue option ("Tell me about your experience.") to tell the player the prostitute's number of clients, number of trainings, and payout bonus.


v1.7.3 added a new debug dialogue for prostitutes travelling to a bed with a client ("Here's a good spot for you and the client. Have fun."), which is useful if they are taking particularly long to reach their destination.


v1.8 added a new randomly-triggered quest that offers the player the opportunity to confront a client that didn't pay your prostitute. The quest likelihood is configurable in the MCM.


v1.8.4.0 adds a new feature during autonomous prostitution mode. Occasionally, a client may request (through the prostitute) that the player character be involved in the sex as well. This chance is based on the set threeway chance in the MCM. Also, PC prostitution must be turned on for this feature to activate. The player may refuse or accept.


v2.2.5.2 makes propositioning guards a crime (not always depending on how the conversation goes), as well as conducting prostitution-related activities in the sight of a guard (again, through conversation, bounties can be avoided).
NPC Prostitution
Most NPCs will have a dialogue option that allows the player character to pimp them out for a flat fee of 100 up-front. The player's ability to pimp NPCs is now dependent on multiple factors, including speech skill, the NPC's arousal, and the NPC's relationships with the player and other characters. This option has now been expanded in v2.0.0.0 to allow the player character to simply hire the prostitute for themselves. Other engagements largely follow the same rules as with Follower Prostitution. This helps to address the issue of certain custom followers not being "pimp-able", as they are not added to the CurrentFollowerFaction. To be clear, this option will assign an AI package to the NPC which causes her to follow the player. However, she does not become a follower in the traditional sense. Very literally, it causes the NPC to simply follow the player around and nothing more (i.e. dialogue, faction changes, relationship to the player, etc.) Thus, it should be compatible with any follower overhaul mods.


v2.0.0.0 adds a feature where experienced prostitutes may be told to work independently in a major city (Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm) using the player's home as a base. A new dialogue option will appear for prostitutes that have had at least 10 clients, are not currently following the player, and have been dismissed from the player's employ. The player must own the house in the city for the option to be available. The prostitutes sandbox inside the city, find clients, and take them back to the player's home. Obviously, due to the fact that they player is not always going to be in the city watching the prostitute, the actions of the prostitute are cosmetic; the prostitute will earn a flat 100 gold (the payout, accessible by a dialogue option, give the player this gold affected by appropriate modifiers) and 1 practical experience every day. Again, I want to stress that the activity/scenes are cosmetic; the gold and experience earned are static. With v2.0.0.1, up to three prostitutes will be able to work in each city at a time. If you fill all three positions in a city, and attempt to hire another prostitute for that city, it will fail and a message will appear; you will need to dismiss at least one of the working prostitutes in that city in order to hire a new prostitute for that city. The more prostitutes that work in a city, the more money that will be earned. The prostitutes in a city will earn money together so the player can receive their gold from any of the prostitutes assigned to that city. v2.1.5.1 adds a quest entry that will making tracking the location of your city prostitutes much easier. Since v2.2.5.2, players can tell city prostitutes to work in the Jarl's keep, earning more money and acting as another means of clearing small bounties.

RockMic has kindly provided an Italian translation here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/208-italian-translations/
goldennboy has kindly provided a German translation here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/618-german-translation-for-sexlab-tdf-aggressive-prostitution-v1815/
Verodor has kindly provided an updated German translation, available in the Download Section of this mod.
torn has kindly provided a Russian translation here: http://yadi.sk/d/iwtk-cK3L2uCV
floranais has kindly provided a French translation here: http://floranais.blogspot.be/
nicolasslee has kindly provided a Chinese translation here: http://www.skycitizen.net/post/65897
The main package files have been relocated off-site. After clicking the Download button, select the Mirror link to be taken to the download location. The German translation files are still available for downloading directly off of the LoversLab. Update packages will also be available here as well.
Place the files in the Data folder. If applicable, based on what I've got uploaded, install the latest full package first and then overwrite it with the update package. It should be fairly obvious if this is the case but if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to post in the dedicated Support Thread. If using v1.5 and up, run FNIS and add music as described below.


If you are experiencing n issue with Blue Auras inexplicably appearing at certain times, be sure to also install the Blue Aura fix. Install it after installing your installation of the main mod and any translations and have the fix's .esp come after the normal .esp.
Speak to your pimped-out followers (if applicable) and tell them that they are off the clock.
Wait 24 hours.
Go into the MCM menu, under "Uninstallation" and check "Uninstall", and exit the menus.
Save after a message appears telling you to do so.
Disable (and delete, if desired) the mod.
Run FNIS for Users.
Reload the save and save the game again.
Adding music for v1.5.1 and up
Create a folder in your install "Data/Music/SexLabTDFAggressiveProstitution/DanceMusic". Use a tool to create .XWM files from whatever .MP3 or .WAV music files you would like to play during the dancing animations. I recommend MultiXwm for this. You will need to create 5 files, as the mod will randomly choose one of the five to play during the animation. However, if you only want one song to play, the just create 5 copies of it and add it into the directory noted above. The names of the files must be DanceTrack01, DanceTrack02, DanceTrack03, DanceTrack04, and DanceTrack05. DanceTrack05 is a special track that is designed for the player that may use this file for stealth purposes. It plays only if the player is sneaking when the player tells their prostitute to dance. I personally have the Mission Impossible theme for that. It should be noted that if you don't add any music files, silence will play during the dance animation. I also highly recommend that user review the MCM menu for new additions related to this content before fiddling with it. Included is a toggle for playing the music and a debugging function should it be required. Note: if you don't want to add any music, don't toggle the option on.


It has been brought to my attention by CoffeeHedake that MultiXWM may produce files with the extension ".xmv", which must be renamed to the extension ".xwm" to be functional.


Music Packages Uploaded by Users (note: manual install may be required)


Dance Packages Uploaded by Users


Adding new dance animations for v1.8.1.4 and up
You can register up to two new animations with FNIS: "BB_CustomDanceAnim1" and "BB_CustomDanceAnim2". Refer to the FNIS modding guide, available from the FNIS mod page, for registering new animations. Then, these can be toggled on/off in the MCM with the options "Allow Custom Animation 1" and "Allow Custom Animation 2", respectively. The duration options should also be set properly.
Updating Instructions

General Updating Instructions
Run FNIS for Users.
Dismiss all prostitutes.
Use the Reset Quests option in the MCM.
Some settings in the MCM may have been reset. Re-tweak as necessary.


Updating to v1.8.1.9 from an earlier version
I've tried my best to understand why, but I still can't explain it. The fact of the matter is that dialogue conditions appear to stick in a save game, so the condition changes made in this version will not fix previously-made "bugged" games. You need to start a new game to see the effects of the changes.


Updating from v1.4 or v1.4.1 to v1.4.2 and up
I sort of screwed up making the MCM menu the first time, so it will be necessary to type in the following codes:

stopquest BB_ConfigMenuQueststartquest BB_ConfigMenuQuest

Something to note is that, when you try to pimp an NPC, the dialogue option will say that you need to pay the NPC "[...] Gold". It will continue to say that until you reset the quest that it belongs to. The fastest way is to dismiss all of your prostitutes and use the "Reset" option in the MCM menu, under "Uninstallation and Repair". The trade-off is that the amount of Gold you must pay an NPC to work for you is now customizable in the MCM menu, under "General Settings". However, in a similar fashion, for instance, if you modify the Gold Needed from 100 to 75, the dialogue option will continue to read "100 Gold". Despite this, you will still spend 75 Gold to hire the NPC (it's purely an aesthetic problem, not a functional one). The dialogue option will only read the correct number when the quests are reset.


Using Custom Races
Generally, everything should be fine. However, some races (notably the Lunari race) require that the animations added by this mod (and likely others) be added to an additional folder. This issue is not true for most custom races, such as the Ningheim race. In the support thread, clp2011 suggests the following for users of the Lunari race (and the instructions can likely be adapted for other races as necessary). Please note that these instructions should only be used if you are sure that none of the dance animations are working for your player character:
- Find the extra actors folder for Lunari: Data\Meshes\bhakti\actors
- Copy the "animations" folder from this mod into the above folder and re-run FNIS
Version History

v1.0 was the initial release, featuring prostitution dialogue for female player characters and the ability to pimp one female follower. All animations were aggressive. The only requirement was SexLab Framework, with Fuz Ro D-oh being optional.
v1.1 rendered v1.0 obsolete, introducing the ability to pimp 3 female followers. Female NPCs could also be pimped for Gold up-front.
v1.2 shifted the focus from aggressive animations to regular ones. Male player character prostitution was also introduced.
v1.3 was bugged and replaced by v1.3.1, which added a dependency on SexLab Aroused. This allowed pimping of NPCs to be more complex. Successfully pimping NPCs was dependent primarily on the NPC's arousal level, the NPC's relationships to the player and to other NPCs, and the player's Speech skill.
v1.4 added an MCM menu component, thereby adding a dependency on SkyUI. The MCM menu allows the user to disable/enable female player character prostitution, giving the user the ability to reduce the redundancy of this feature due to other prostitution mods. Additionally, the MCM menu allows easier uninstallation.
v1.4.1 introduced a minor bug-fix. In previous versions, it was possible that the dialogue option to prostitute a pimped NPC/follower would show up early (a few moments before they had finished with the previous client) or a little late (after she had already finished with the previous client for several seconds). Thanks to Ashal's help, this has been fixed with a different, more direct, approach.
v1.4.2 introduced a new option to customize the cost to hire NPCs. Translation capabilities were also added.
v1.4.5 introduces some more realistic scenes. It fixes the problem where a "watching" client may get distracted and look somewhere else. It also adds a new scene where the client and a prostitute engage in dialogue and walk towards a bed if possible. The player can also now lead a client to a more secluded space before engaging in an animation.
v1.5 added an MCM menu slider to change the chance of the threeway scenario. A dancing option was added.
v1.5.1 added the ability to add music to dancing. MCM menu options were also added to this effect. Some of the dialogue was rewritten to be more unisex.
v1.6 introduced a new leveling scheme affecting payout from follower/NPC prostitutes. New dance animations were also added, courtesy of Casualmods.net.
v1.6.5 added autonomy for prostitutes through dialogue. It also increased the difficulty of NPC pimping-related speech checks and incorporated arousal levels into NPCs' acceptances of solicitations.
v1.6.6 rendered v1.6.5 obsolete. It added a new dialogue option to give the player more information on the prostitutes' "levels/experience". It also addressed a number of bugs related to dancing animations, dismissal and hiring, and how female-female client-prostitute animations were handled.
v1.6.7 allows the normal/modded "follower" AIs to take precedence over the prostitute "follower" AI. So, pimped followers can now be commanded to do certain functions, such as to sit down. Due to this, minor changes have been made to the conditions of the dialogue, namely that the prostitute must be within a certain distance of the player before she can be offered to a client or used for "training".
v1.7 added a new dialogue option to cancel a dance animation.
v1.7.1 fixed some issues regarding conflicts in prostitutes' AI packages when they area also involved in other quests. It also includes edits to the scripts regarding which animations to use during female/female sex. The fix for the "dollar-sign" bug was included in the main file.
v1.7.2 fixed some minor bugs.
v1.7.3 fixed minor bugs and added PC dancing, through a lesser power. Also, a dialogue option was added to prostitutes travelling to a bed with their clients as a means of debugging if they were taking too long to reach their destination.
v1.7.4 included a new option to disable most intrusive dialogue options through the MCM menu and a slider to adjust the money made by follower/NPC prostitutes. Foreplay was also re-enabled. Minor bugfixes, many purely aesthetic, were included. v1.7.4b fixed an aesthetic issue with the new slider from v1.7.4.
v1.7.5 began using functions from Framework v1.30+, rendering Framework v1.24 and below incompatible. It also added a leveling scheme similar to NPC prostitution. A cash earned multiplier for PC prostitution was added to the MCM. v1.7.5b fixed an aesthetic bug regarding the money multiplier sliders in the MCM.
v1.8 added a new Miscellaneous quest where one of the player's prostitutes may tell the player that her last client did not pay. The player can then confront the client (i.e. in a brawl). The likelihood of this quest triggering is configurable in the MCM. v1.8.1 (and later v1.8.1b then v1.8.1c then v1.8.1d) rendered v1.8 obsolete by adding new options to the Confront Client Quest and including multiple minor features/bugfixes, such as adding percent signs and other characters to the MCM menu.
v1.8.1.4 revamped the dance features, adding 4 new dances, MCM options to toggle dance animations, and an MCM option to toggle stripping during dancing. It also allows the user to add up to two new dance animations.
v1.8.1.5 included some minor bugfixes that solved some aesthetic issues. Additional translation capabilities were added. It rendered v1.8.1.4 obsolete.
v1.8.1.6 fixed issues that would arise the first time the player character tells a prostitute to dance. The player would earn money directly and the music would not play even if the player had enabled and installed everything correctly. Thanks to pijuan for pointing this out to me.
v1.8.1.7 made a few minor changes to some of the scripts to use native functions rather than SKSE onces that should increase consistency in the dialogue option to stop automatic prostitution.
v1.8.1.8 added a new MCM option to disable prostitutes' travelling to beds with clients before initiating a sex animation. Instead, the sex animations will be triggered where the prostitute is without the travelling.
v1.8.1.9 fixed issues with missing conditions in dialogue which caused the game to improperly check conditions regarding arousal level. It renders v1.8.1.8 obsolete. v1.8.1.9 itself is rendered obsolete by v1.8.1.9b, which corrects a bug where the player character will be unable to train a prostitute him/herself after using the dance power. But, then I realized that my fix broke music for NPC dancing, so I fixed it with v1.8.1.9c. Oh boy, am I having a bad day!
v1.8.2.0 brings users the ultimate Director's Cut! I'm just kidding, but it does implement and improve on cut content in the mod. When I first added in the scenes for the client following a prostitute to a bed, there was a line of dialogue that I couldn't get to play (because I didn't know what I was even doing!). Now I have fixed it, and added in some idles to really give some flesh to the scene. Other fixes include decreasing the radius of following clients, so you see less teleportation when the animations start. Note that the "automatic" scenes haven't been changed at all to keep the "transactions" as efficient as they were before (I actually nickname the automatic mode as efficiency mode).
v1.8.3.0 adds a new feature where NPCs may approach the player directly for, let's say, business. This is activated by the player upon using the TDF Dance power, granted that player prostitution is enabled (refer to the MCM option). At the end of the dance (which, still, may be ended early), the player will receive a 20-minute magic effect buff that will activate this feature. The reason for the arguably complicated activation method is that it makes sense to me in terms of realism. Additionally, a minor bug is fixed: some people have told me that I allowed a gratuitous amount of buffer time, I would call it, to let scripts complete after dancing, which appeared a bit abnormal. This has been reduced by 5 seconds.
v1.8.4.0 adds a new feature during NPC autonomous prostitution. The prospective client has a chance request the player character's involvement in a threeway. This version also addresses a few bugs, most notably the fact that NPCs had the possibility of randomly saying certain lines from the new feature added by the previous version.
v1.8.5.0 adds a new feature so that clients will have their player disposition increased (to a maximum of 1). This is toggle-able in the MCM. It also changes how the TDF Dance Power's Allure Magic Effect works; it is automatically dispelled on Location changes so that the effect will not be present even while exploring (granted that the effect was added elsewhere, such as in a city), which could lead to unintended behaviour. This version also fixes conditions on some of the newer dialogue lines to avoid the speaking of them during unintended instances. v1.8.5.1 fixes a minor bug where the automatic player quest (the one where NPCs approach the player for sex) would stall because an NPC who is following a follower/NPC prostitute fills the alias. It didn't break the quest, but the waiting was annoying. v1.8.5.1b fixes a bug where a prostitute's stats would reset to 0 after passing 127 clients.
v1.8.6.0 adds 5 new dance animations. The rest of the changes are bug-fixes for minor issues: fixed an issue where the incorrect Info could be displayed under an MCM option, fixed an issue where NPCs would still approach the player character after dancing even if the MCM PC Prostitution option is unchecked, and fixed an issue where NPC/follower automatic prostitution could be stalled by the quest that controls NPC approach to the player character.
v1.8.6.1 adds a new MCM option to allow prostitutes in automatic mode to choose only male clients. It should be noted that the effects do not extend to other features of this mod, such a dialogue availability and approaches to the PC by NPCs. Also, the dialogue to tell prostitutes to not continue travelling to a bed with the client, but rather to initiate a SexLab animation immediately, has been fixed.
v1.8.6.1b fixes a bug in the script that randomly chooses user-allowed dance animations. Previously, if the user had enabled more than 10 animations in the MCM, the script would be unable to properly select some of the animations, resulting in the dancer not actually animating.
v2.0.0.0 adds a major feature that allows the player to assign a prostitute to work in each of the five major cities. A minor feature has been added where the NPC hiring dialogue tree has been expanded to allow the player to hire an NPC for themselves. This version also fixes bug where aggressive animations could sometimes be triggered unintentionally. v2.0.0.0b fixes a bug where prostitutes hired for the "enjoyment" of the player character would initiate animations where they would be ordered incorrectly with respect to the player character. v2.0.0.0c allows the MCM "Hookers Travel to Beds" option to affect the new city prostitution feature as well, so that the SexLab animations will be triggered immediately upon completion of the scene, as opposed to after the prostitute and the client travel to the player's home. It also fixes a bug related to SexLab animations being triggered inside loaded cells that the player is not in, with regards to the city prostitution feature, which could cause unexpected and unintentional results. Now, if the player is not in the same cell as the prostitute and her client, the animation will not be triggered.
v2.0.0.0d fixes three outstanding bugs. First, it fixes an issue that was causing a benign error regarding an inability to initialize properties for one of the scripts. Second, changes were made to the scripts to have proper LeadIn anims play at the start of a series of SexLab anims, followed by non-LeadIn anims. Third, a check is added to prevent NPCs, who are attempting to approach the player character to solicit sex, from travelling great distances, which was previously possible, though difficult to execute on the player's part.
v2.0.0.1 extends the recent city prostitute feature, allowing up to three prostitutes to be assigned to each city. Please refer to the relevant section in the Full Description for more information. Additionally, the player will now receive a 10% bonus in buying and selling prices with merchants who have engaged the services of the player character and/or his/her prostitutes. Finally, some bugfixes were implemented to help aid in optimizing certain scripts and prevent the use of AggressiveDefault and Zaz animations during threeway scenarios initiated by this mod.
v2.0.1.0 adds the option to enable a "happy" expression to dancers (player character, NPC, and follower) in the MCM. Additionally, the issue where potential clients would decline the player's advances has been resolved. The issue was caused by SexLab Aroused sometimes not updating nearby NPCs' arousal levels quickly enough, causing them to assume the default level of -2. This version will consider NPCs with an arousal level of -2 to also accept the player's advances.
v2.0.1.0b successfully fixes the issue of client counts resetting to 0 at 128 clients. Unfortunately, I have realized that faction ranks are capped at 127, and this can be confirmed by using relevant console commands, so the solution I have chosen is to limit the client count to 100, which means that the maximum bonus from clients is 100%. If you were using the previous version and you have a prostitute in your game with over 100 client level, don't worry about it. The count will not reset down to 100, but you will enjoy an increased bonus amount (for example, 115 clients = 115%). I have also added back in the blank music files in the .bsa, purely for helping to troubleshoot some users' problems.
v2.1.0.0 makes significant changes to the PC prostitution component. Briefly, clients can now request specific sex acts. The player can negotiate a price with the client. The price is determined by a variety of factors, including the player character's experience, speech level, and the client's arousal. The success in negotiating a price is dependent on the player's speech level and the client's arousal. For transparency, the exact calculations are mentioned in the Support Thread, but I recommend that you don't refer to these for a more immersive experience.
v2.1.5.1 adds a new quest entry that will make tracking the player's city prostitutes much easier. Additionally, new MCM options have been added to allow customization of the relative probabilities of a client asking for certain sex acts in the PC Prostitution component of the mod. Finally, edits were made the some of the mods scripts to allow the player's prostitutes to level up to 200 in their client number/experience.
v2.2.5.2 adds in various guard interactions with NPCs and the player character when engaging in prostitution-related acts (using this mod) near a guard. Also, propositioning guards is now a crime. Guard interactions can be disabled/enabled in the MCM. Dialogue has now been given more purposeful Priorities so that the listing of this mod's dialogue topics will be less obtrusive or more apparent when appropriate. Support for male NPC/follower prostitution has been added as well. City prostitutes can now be specifically assigned to work in the Jarl's keep when they have had enough clients. In this position, they can act as another means of clearing small bounties.
v2.2.5.3 adds male prostitute-specific dialogue where appropriate or necessary. Also additional conditions on some dialogue lines are added to fix certain dialogue lines appearing when not intended. v2.2.5.4 adds more dialogue condition to guard dialogues so that they are disabled when the appropriate MCM option is unchecked. Also, the threeway scenario now offers the player character the opportunity to have another prostitute be involved instead of the player character.
v2.2.5.5 fixes bug where NPC/follower prostitutes get stuck in a scene (heading towards a bed) if their client dies/becomes aggressive. It also enables lead in animations during normal player anal scenarios. Finally, it integrates the blue-aura fix.

- The Dawnguard DLC's quest Chasing Echoes will not proceed properly once reaching Valerica's Study if Serana is currently one of the player's prostitutes. Serana will not open the Soul Cairn until dismissed as a prostitute. This has been fixed in v1.7.1.
- It has recently been reported that this mod may cause Bounty Collectors and Thieves from random encounters to become essential or say unexpected dialogue added by this mod. I haven't been able to confirm the former yet, but I can confirm that the latter has happened once in my game. I cannot yet identify the cause for this. This bug has been reported to the USKP team.
- There appear to be reports of issues with SexLab Framework v1.32+. I am currently investigating. Bugs have been fixed by Framework v1.34.
- Due to the very ham-fisted (albeit, effective) way that "crimes" are registered against the Thieves' Guild, attempting the Brawl a member through this mod's quest (which is really just a Vanilla quest in the game) or through any mod, will cause the Reparations quest to initiate as if you have committed a crime against a guild member. This is not the case with any of the other guilds, due to the more polished methods of registering crimes.
- Sometimes, the dialogue to ask a potential client if they would like to enjoy the company of a hired prostitute will not appear, even if the prostitute is available by all appearances. This tend to occur after the prostitute has just finished a SexLab animation. I suspect that it is due to the game being unable to quickly enough reassess the conditions of the dialogue topic. A save and reload usually fixes this issue.


Ashal for SexLab Framework, and for help with the mod.
Bromm83 and mainfct, whose scripts I looked at for help with this mod.
umpa, whose dance animations are included in v1.5.
Casualmods.net, for the dance animations included in v1.6.
CGi for being absolutely instrumental in helping me resolve the "dollar-sign" bug for non-English Skyrim users.
azmodan22 for beta-testing feedback.
Kageryu, Sumpfbauer, NicoleDragoness, GECK.O, DemonKnightRaziel, and others for the various help that has been given to improve this mod.


Feel free to do as you wish with this file. I encourage users to tweak the file to their liking and upload variations and/or improvements as desired. The animations are from Casualmod.net and umpa, so use of those assets is subject to their respective authors.


I'm sure I'm making this sound a lot more complicated than it really is, so I encourage you to give the mod a try and see how simple/intuitive it really is.
It might also be noted by users, that though this file began with the name "TDF Aggressive Prostitution", the true content of the file no longer reflects this, so it has been renamed appropriately. On the other hand, to prevent users from accidentally activating this plugin twice, the name of the ".esp" file will remain as "SexLab TDF Aggressive Prostitution".

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