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TDF Aggressive Prostitute Dance Music Version 1.1b

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About This File

25 February 2015


In my tireless quest for incompetence, I fouled up the file path for the Nord and Outsider files. They are now fully tested and repaired. I apologize for any inconvenience. I will now beat myself in shame.


This folder contains 5 tracks for the SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping mod authored by TheDriedFinger. All music is royalty free, so no musicians were harmed in this upload.


I highly recommend this mod: Bards Play Less. It keeps the bards from attempting to play along while you work. Especially the tavern banshee in Dawnstar. Seriously, how's a strumpet to earn a living with that howling pooch chasing away the customers?!


6 December 2014:


version 1.0- File includes 5 songs. All tracks are instrumentals with aEuropean or Middle Eastern vibe.


9 February 2015:


version 1.1- I made no changes to the original file, but added 2 new files. Music in the "Nord" file has a Western European sound. Music in the "Outsider" file has a mix of Polynesian, Middle East, and Far East sounds.


The artist in these files is Kevin MacLeod.


Download and merge into your Data folder, or download then install with the mod manager of your choice. Make sure you toggle custom music on in the MCM menu.

What's New in Version Version 1.1b


  • 1.0- Five royalty free music tracks.
  • 1.1- Added two new files. One with a Western European flavor, one a mix of Polynesian, Middle and Far East sounds.
  • 1.1b- Fixed file path for Nord and Outsider files.

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