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  1. TDF SexLab Aroused Rape and Aroused Sexy Idles v3.2

    Short Description
    A companion set of two simple mods making use of SexLab Aroused (Redux). Both are standalone and completely independent of the other, but can be seen as complementary in what they do. However, they share the following requirements: SKSE v1.7.3+, SexLab Framework v1.6+, SexLab Aroused (Redux), and FNIS v6.0+, and any of their dependencies.
    Aroused Rape
    This mod primarily causes NPCs who are above certain Arousal thresholds to attempt to rape the player character, after a short dialogue encounter. This is done by temporarily blocking any default dialogue with a short dialogue tree from this mod to that effect.
    An NPC will have their dialogue temporarily replaced depending on a few factors including their Arousal, whether they are a follower, and whether the player character is naked (according to SexLab Aroused's polling). The Arousal thresholds for this occurring (i.e. normally, when NPC is a follower, or when player chracter is naked) are 80, 70, and 40. These can be customized in the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) if SkyUI is installed. Version 3 further allows NPCs to forcegreet the player character with this dialogue. Forcegreeting can be enabled or disabled in the MCM, as well as the polling interval used to track eligible NPCs.
    An NPC's sex, compared to the player character's, can also be set to restrict whether or not they will attempt to rape the player character. By default, only male-male interactions are restricted, but both that and female-female interactions can be enabled or disabled using the MCM.
    When an NPC attempts to rape the player character, depending on which same-sex interactions are restricted, a follower may attempt to intervene to prevent the player character from being raped and instead have themselves be raped in a short dialogue scene. During this scene, the player may object to follower's offer by initiating dialogue with the follower, and remain the target of the assault.
    Version 3 further adds options to the dialogue tree. The aggressor can be resisted with a brawl (not available against follower aggressors), a persuasion attempt (chance based on speech skill), or an intimidation attempt. Version 3 further adds the possibility that, in addition to the primary aggressor, a second aggressor whose Arousal is above thresholds, may be added to the SexLab scene for a threesome.
    Aroused Sexy Idles
    Using animation assets created by Leito86, and FNIS Alternate Animations, idle animations are dynamically replaced for female characters (player character and NPCs) to reflect their Arousal states. By default, within the ranges 40 to 60, 60 to 80, and 80 to 100 Arousal (that is, thresholds at 40, 60, and 80 Arousal), female characters will have play idle animations.
    With version 2, an MCM is provided to allow the editing of these thresholds. Of course, the first threshold should be less than the second which should be less than the third. The MCM also allows the polling interval to be changed (that is, the time between periodic updates to assess nearby NPCs' Arousal to potentially change their idle animation) and the number of nearby NPCs tracked to be changed. Effects from this mod on the player can be enabled or disabled also.
    This can be an excellent companion mod to Aroused Rape since this will indicate (for female characters) their approximate Arousal level. To avoid conflicts with Devious Devices Integration's and PCEA2's own Alternate Animations when a character is using a device that requires alternate idle animations or the player character is using a unique idle animation, there are a built-in checks in this mod's scripts.
    Spanish by Gothuska
    SexLab Aroused (Redux) can take, by default, up to 2 minutes to update the player's status as being naked. This can cause a delayed response in the NPCs' ability to notice that the player character is naked or clothed for the purposes of this mod.
    Updating Instructions
    Version 1 can be updated to Version 2 without any special instructions (i.e. simply by replacing old files with new files).
    Updating from versions 1 or 2 to version 3 requires a clean save.
    Version History
    - Aroused Rape:
    --- Fixed bug where, even if same-sex interactions are disabled, player character can still be forcegreeted in violation of those restrictions.
    - Aroused Rape:
    --- Fixed bug where instead of followers NOT getting the brawl dialogue, they were the only ones getting it.
    --- Fixed bug where non-NPCs can be selected to potentially forcegreet
    --- Fixed bug where brawl ends prematurely if it takes too long
    - Aroused Rape:
    --- Added new dialogue options to resist the aggressor by brawl, persuade, or intimidate
    --- Added NPC forcegreeting in addition to the standard Blocking dialogue (new MCM settings to enable/disable and edit polling interval)
    --- Now possible for a second NPC aggressor to be identified and used in the SexLab scene for a threesome
    - Aroused Idles
    --- Fixed a bug where camera perspective change happens in opening sequence; idle changes will no longer happen when player camera is locked
    --- Mod now checks that PC is considered to be a female by SexLab before applying idles; NPCs are checked to be considered female by both the game and SexLab
    - Aroused Rape:
    --- Bug regarding enabling/disabling same sex interactions in MCM fixed
    --- SEQ file fixed to prevent bug where new dialogue does not appear on initial game load
    --- Attempted to add more cunnilingus animations to rape scenarios where aggressor is female
    - Aroused Idles:
    --- PCEA2 compatibility added
    --- MCM added - options to edit polling update time, number of NPCs tracked, enable/disable effect on player character, and Arousal thresholds
    - Initial release
    Leito86 for all animations contained in Aroused Sexy Idles
    Fore for all behavior files contained in Aroused Sexy Idles
    Bigjay for the SSE version of Aroused Sexy Idles
    Derivative work that makes use of assets not created by me contained in these mod packages must seek out the permission of the mod creators listed above. My own work here is free for anyone to use and share in its original form or a derivatized form, licensed under Creative Commons.



  2. SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping (the former "Aggressive Prostitution") v2.2.5.5

    The latest Official Skyrim Patch (v1.9.32.0)
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS
    SexLab Framework
    SexLab Aroused or SexLab Aroused Redux
    Fuz Ro D-oh
    SkyUI's MCM Menu
    Brawl Bugs Patch (highly recommended as of v1.8)
    Updating or Installing?
    Refer to the Updating section below. Don't just update willy-nilly. Some versions might suit your taste better than others. I have now removed most of the previous versions to hopefully help the site run smoother. If you would like a certain version, please contact me via private message. Also, as a general rule, don't update when you are in the middle of a sex/dance animations. Make sure that the scripts have had ample time to clean themselves up.
    The main package files have been relocated off-site. After clicking the Download button, select one of the Mirror links to be taken to the download location. The German translation files are still available for downloading directly off of the LoversLab. Update packages will also be available here as well.
    Brief Description
    This is a rather simple mod that adds dialogue options to initiate prostitution of the player character or followers and NPCs. Other prostitution mods found in LL render prostitution of a female player character redundant, so this feature may be disabled through the MCM menu; prostitution of male player characters are always enabled. Regardless of sex, the player character can still prostitute male/female followers and NPCs. The key feature of this mod is control over the prostitution of followers and NPCs.
    Full Description

    RockMic has kindly provided an Italian translation here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/208-italian-translations/
    goldennboy has kindly provided a German translation here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/618-german-translation-for-sexlab-tdf-aggressive-prostitution-v1815/
    Verodor has kindly provided an updated German translation, available in the Download Section of this mod.
    torn has kindly provided a Russian translation here: http://yadi.sk/d/iwtk-cK3L2uCV
    floranais has kindly provided a French translation here: http://floranais.blogspot.be/
    nicolasslee has kindly provided a Chinese translation here: http://www.skycitizen.net/post/65897
    The main package files have been relocated off-site. After clicking the Download button, select the Mirror link to be taken to the download location. The German translation files are still available for downloading directly off of the LoversLab. Update packages will also be available here as well.
    Place the files in the Data folder. If applicable, based on what I've got uploaded, install the latest full package first and then overwrite it with the update package. It should be fairly obvious if this is the case but if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to post in the dedicated Support Thread. If using v1.5 and up, run FNIS and add music as described below.
    If you are experiencing n issue with Blue Auras inexplicably appearing at certain times, be sure to also install the Blue Aura fix. Install it after installing your installation of the main mod and any translations and have the fix's .esp come after the normal .esp.
    Speak to your pimped-out followers (if applicable) and tell them that they are off the clock.
    Wait 24 hours.
    Go into the MCM menu, under "Uninstallation" and check "Uninstall", and exit the menus.
    Save after a message appears telling you to do so.
    Disable (and delete, if desired) the mod.
    Run FNIS for Users.
    Reload the save and save the game again.
    Adding music for v1.5.1 and up
    Create a folder in your install "Data/Music/SexLabTDFAggressiveProstitution/DanceMusic". Use a tool to create .XWM files from whatever .MP3 or .WAV music files you would like to play during the dancing animations. I recommend MultiXwm for this. You will need to create 5 files, as the mod will randomly choose one of the five to play during the animation. However, if you only want one song to play, the just create 5 copies of it and add it into the directory noted above. The names of the files must be DanceTrack01, DanceTrack02, DanceTrack03, DanceTrack04, and DanceTrack05. DanceTrack05 is a special track that is designed for the player that may use this file for stealth purposes. It plays only if the player is sneaking when the player tells their prostitute to dance. I personally have the Mission Impossible theme for that. It should be noted that if you don't add any music files, silence will play during the dance animation. I also highly recommend that user review the MCM menu for new additions related to this content before fiddling with it. Included is a toggle for playing the music and a debugging function should it be required. Note: if you don't want to add any music, don't toggle the option on.
    It has been brought to my attention by CoffeeHedake that MultiXWM may produce files with the extension ".xmv", which must be renamed to the extension ".xwm" to be functional.
    Music Packages Uploaded by Users (note: manual install may be required)
    Dance Packages Uploaded by Users
    Adding new dance animations for v1.8.1.4 and up
    You can register up to two new animations with FNIS: "BB_CustomDanceAnim1" and "BB_CustomDanceAnim2". Refer to the FNIS modding guide, available from the FNIS mod page, for registering new animations. Then, these can be toggled on/off in the MCM with the options "Allow Custom Animation 1" and "Allow Custom Animation 2", respectively. The duration options should also be set properly.
    Updating Instructions


    Using Custom Races
    Generally, everything should be fine. However, some races (notably the Lunari race) require that the animations added by this mod (and likely others) be added to an additional folder. This issue is not true for most custom races, such as the Ningheim race. In the support thread, clp2011 suggests the following for users of the Lunari race (and the instructions can likely be adapted for other races as necessary). Please note that these instructions should only be used if you are sure that none of the dance animations are working for your player character:
    - Find the extra actors folder for Lunari: Data\Meshes\bhakti\actors
    - Copy the "animations" folder from this mod into the above folder and re-run FNIS
    Version History

    - The Dawnguard DLC's quest Chasing Echoes will not proceed properly once reaching Valerica's Study if Serana is currently one of the player's prostitutes. Serana will not open the Soul Cairn until dismissed as a prostitute. This has been fixed in v1.7.1.
    - It has recently been reported that this mod may cause Bounty Collectors and Thieves from random encounters to become essential or say unexpected dialogue added by this mod. I haven't been able to confirm the former yet, but I can confirm that the latter has happened once in my game. I cannot yet identify the cause for this. This bug has been reported to the USKP team.
    - There appear to be reports of issues with SexLab Framework v1.32+. I am currently investigating. Bugs have been fixed by Framework v1.34.
    - Due to the very ham-fisted (albeit, effective) way that "crimes" are registered against the Thieves' Guild, attempting the Brawl a member through this mod's quest (which is really just a Vanilla quest in the game) or through any mod, will cause the Reparations quest to initiate as if you have committed a crime against a guild member. This is not the case with any of the other guilds, due to the more polished methods of registering crimes.
    - Sometimes, the dialogue to ask a potential client if they would like to enjoy the company of a hired prostitute will not appear, even if the prostitute is available by all appearances. This tend to occur after the prostitute has just finished a SexLab animation. I suspect that it is due to the game being unable to quickly enough reassess the conditions of the dialogue topic. A save and reload usually fixes this issue.
    Ashal for SexLab Framework, and for help with the mod.
    Bromm83 and mainfct, whose scripts I looked at for help with this mod.
    umpa, whose dance animations are included in v1.5.
    Casualmods.net, for the dance animations included in v1.6.
    CGi for being absolutely instrumental in helping me resolve the "dollar-sign" bug for non-English Skyrim users.
    azmodan22 for beta-testing feedback.
    Kageryu, Sumpfbauer, NicoleDragoness, GECK.O, DemonKnightRaziel, and others for the various help that has been given to improve this mod.
    Feel free to do as you wish with this file. I encourage users to tweak the file to their liking and upload variations and/or improvements as desired. The animations are from Casualmod.net and umpa, so use of those assets is subject to their respective authors.
    I'm sure I'm making this sound a lot more complicated than it really is, so I encourage you to give the mod a try and see how simple/intuitive it really is.
    It might also be noted by users, that though this file began with the name "TDF Aggressive Prostitution", the true content of the file no longer reflects this, so it has been renamed appropriately. On the other hand, to prevent users from accidentally activating this plugin twice, the name of the ".esp" file will remain as "SexLab TDF Aggressive Prostitution".



  3. Dark Souls Combat v1.5.3

    Before we begin, if you do not have at least consistently 40 FPS, this mod is not for you. A high framerate is required to keep up with the scripting demand of this mod.
    Dark Souls Combat is a mod for Skyrim meant to bring core elements of the combat system of the Soulsborne series (the Souls series and Bloodborne) to Skyrim. Previous work has focused primarily on the numerical aspect of this series' combat system - stamina regeneration or damage, for example - or has been stunted by a lack tools to manipulate the animation engine at the time of their development. Dark Souls Combat is meant to focus on delivering improvements in terms of new and appreciably apparent mechanics from the Soulsborne series that have not been attempted yet or attempted with this sort of depth. This mod is designed for combat to be played in third person.

    Courtesy of er hong. A demonstration of some parries and ripostes (as they occur in v1.5+) is shown at 1:26. 

    Courtesy of Shinji72. A review of the features of this mod. 

    Courtesy of theDeModcracy. Features multiple mods, but has a review of the features of this mod at 5:00. 
    Five of the most fundamental mechanics from this series are brought to Skyrim:
    Poise System
    This entire mod was built off of my Poise System mod (effectively, this mod renders Poise System obsolete). The poise system of that mod is largely left intact with some minor improvements.
    This mod's poise system is primarily based on the rules governing the poise system of Dark Souls, with some differences to better suit the already-present mechanics of Skyrim. Poise is calculated as the total weight of worn items, except for shields and weapons if equipped. Poise is damaged when one is hit by an unblocked weapon, unarmed attack, or arrow or bolt; magic does not damage poise. Power attacks will do more poise damage than regular attacks, by default. Poise damage from weapons is based on their weight. This is all configurable in the MCM.
    Once an attack causes one's poise to reach 0, a stagger will ensue. Subsequent hits may cause subsequent staggers - a stunlock. The maximum stunlock combo can also be configured. Over time, if one is not hit, poise can recover; the amount and update time is also configurable. The poise feature can be disabled by setting the poise damage multiplier options in the MCM to 0.
    The poise system extends to other NPCs in addition to the player, and to creatures as well.
    Critical Hits
    If, during the beginning of an attack, an actor is hit with a shield or weapon bash attack, the actor will enter a parried state, indicated by a downed animation. During this temporary state, on the next hit, the actor will take double damage, in the style of Bloodborne. If that hit strikes their front, a riposte animation will play. Ripostes are deadly; they can do large amounts of damage. Using the power of Fore's New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS), we can integrate killmove animations that won't automatically kill. In this way, it is possible to execute a riposte animation that does massive damage to NPCs, but does not outright kill them. The damage dealt is configurable in the MCM. It is calculated based on the executor's One-Handed or Two-Handed skill, depending on the weapon used for the riposte. Though now disabled by default, ripostes to creatures are not supported by this feature; they will automatically kill. Parries and ripostes may be executed by all NPCs.
    When an actor is struck in the back with a power attack, the actor will also enter a downed state, in the style of Bloodborne. In this state, the first strike against the actor will also do double damage. If the actor is an NPC and the strike hits their back, a backstab animation will play, killing them. Backstabs can be initiated and executed by NPCs also.
    Roll Mechanics
    Using the power of FNIS, we can bring an equally powerful roll/dodge system to Skyrim. Previous work on dodge mechanics has relied on developer animation events, restricting both the animation itself as well as the time for dodging. Dark Souls Combat brings a roll system that is meant to complement the poise system. Roll weight is considered equal to the player's poise, in addition to any weapons, shields or torches that may be equipped. Roll weight is divided into three categories: fast, medium, and fat. The fast roll weight affords a greater invincibility time (time in which the player cannot be struck by any hit, as a method of simulating the dodging of an attack) as well as fast speed of rolling. The fat roll weight allows a much smaller amount of invincibility time and longer times to roll. Note that the invincibility time is not the entire duration of the roll animation. The medium roll weight lies somewhere in between. Roll weight thresholds are based on maximum stamina. The threshold for mid-rolling is by default maximum stamina divided by 4; the threshold for fast-rolling is half of that. Rolling can only occur if your weapons or magic are out. Rolling/dodging will prevent a poise break, but only fast rolling/dodging can escape a poise break stagger. In the style of Dark Souls 2, rolling can cancel a attack if it is executed early in the attack animation. Rolling can also break out of poise breaks. A poise break can be broken out of towards the end of the stagger. The window for this decreases with increasing roll weight. By default, 50% of the stagger must play before a fast-roll can break out, 65% for a mid-roll, and 80% for a fat-roll.
    Rolling is four-directional. Quickly pressing and releasing the roll key (by default LAlt, the default sprint key; configurable in the MCM) while moving a certain direction initiates a roll in approximately that direction (forward, backward, left, or right). Pressing and releasing the roll key while standing still results in a backstep. In the style of Dark Souls, backsteps afford no invincibility time. The rolling feature also supports gamepad-users, such as myself. Remember to customize your roll key for gamepad! Rolling can be disabled by setting the Roll Key in the MCM to a key you will not use.
    Stamina Usage
    Normal attacks now require stamina and attempts to swing a weapon with no stamina will stagger. The stamina consumed is a function of the today weight of items equipped in either hand. This applies to bows as well. Stamina does not regenerate while performing most weapon combat actions. There is also a delay on stamina regeneration after rolling and bashing, and critical hits will fail when Stamina is 0. This helps prevent the infinite roll- and bash-spamming that was previous possible. To balance this, stamina regeneration is increased by default for the player. You will notice your stamina usage to be very similar to what you would see in a Souls game. This entire feature can be enabled or disabled and customized in the MCM.
    Counter Damage
    While attacking, enemies will take 50% more damage when struck by the player. In the same vein, while the player is attacking, he will take 50% more damage as well. This is known as counter attacks in Dark Souls. While I really do hate features that are solely based on numbers and add nothing in the way of visible mechanics, the above is only half of this feature. Dark Souls 2 added a second dimension to counter damage compared to its predecessor: a counter also will do more poise damage to an opponent. In that style, this mod allows counter attacks to deal 50% more damage to poise. This is of course a comparatively minor feature, but one worth mention nonetheless.
    SKSE 1.06.15 or later
    FNIS 5.5 or later
    SkyUI 4.0 or later (optional for mod configuration)
    Install the above requirements.
    Install this mod's files from the download package. The ESM version is recommended for users.
    Generate behavior files with FNIS, using its Generate FNIS for Users.
    Enter the game, and optionally configure this mod at that time.
    Remember that this mod is meant to be played in third person. The roll mechanics do not work otherwise.
    "Updating" from Poise System
    Use the "Uninstall" option in the MCM menu.
    Save, then uninstall the mod.
    Reload the game with the save and wait for the Poise System MCM to disappear.
    Save again.
    Follow the Installation instructions above.
    Adding Sounds to the Experience
    Certain combat sounds can be played while performing certain actions in this mod. All sound files played should be located in Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC
    You can add sounds that will play during a Fast Roll, a Medium Roll, a Fat Roll, a Parry land, and a Backstab initiation. Remember to convert them to XWM files using a program such as MultiXWM.
    Fast Roll: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\LightRoll.xwm
    Medium Roll: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\MedRoll.xwm
    Fat Roll: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\HeavyRoll.xwm
    Parry land: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\ParryLand.xwm
    Backstab initiation: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\BackstabLand.xwm
    This is entirely optional; you may wish to add sounds for all of these events, some of them, or none of them. Note that there are direct audio extracts from Dark Souls on the internet, if that is what you are looking for.
    Uninstall the previous version.
    Install the new version.
    Re-run (regenerate behavior files with) FNIS.
    Enter the game and select in the MCM the "Reset" option, under the "Uninstall" page.
    In-game, select the "Uninstall" option, under the "Uninstall" page.
    Uninstall the mod.
    Rerun FNIS.
    Installation (for Roll-Only version)
    If a Full version is currently installed, perform an uninstallation procedure as described above.
    Install the Roll-Only version following the steps described above for the Full package as well.
    Updating to ESM versions
    If an ESP version is currently installed (this includes all versions prior to v1.4.3 as well as the v1.4.3 ESP versions), perform an uninstallation procedure as described above.
    Install the one of the ESM versions following the steps described above.
    egocarib, for a fundamental component of the script used for the poise system
    Fore for giving me suggestions on working with some of the newer aspects of FNIS
    canderes and Reena, for guiding me through editing animations
    WorshipTheSatan and urielmanx7, for invaluable testing and suggestions
    GIF images made with ezgif.com
    Bugs/Other Issues
    First and foremost, this mod does use running scripts, necessary for the poise element of this mod. There are certainly mods out there much more script intensive than this, so on the grand scale, it's not that bad. The fact is that if you really want to change the way your game is played, you need a healthy dose of scripts!
    There may be animation issues. It happens; sometimes, and I'm sure you've seen this in un-modded Skyrim, you may see some NPC or creature animating strangely, and it can happen from this mod too. The most common issue (which is actually not common at all) may occur after a roll/dodge. The player character may finish the dodge with their weapons/magic still out but not in the normal combat stance, but rather appearing in a non-combat stance. This can be easily fixed by rolling/dodging again, or by entering first person, unreadying and then readying your weapons/magic again, then re-entering third person. The same issue can occur after a riposte. NPCs may also suffer from this after being downed for a riposte or backstab. However, this is uncommon, but of course a natural side effect of making ambitious leaps with animations.
    Depending on how many scripts are already running, staggers from the poise system may be slightly delayed by a split second. In the same vein, rolls may be less responsive, especially if magic is equipped.
    The stamina usage feature does not affect the dual-wield normal attack yet.
    Version History
    - Initial release.
    - Added a bit to the backstab and riposte scripts to help to reduce the likelihood of a victim not drawing their weapons. Not something you can fix entirely, but this will help a little.
    - Further edits to help decrease the likelihood of borked combat stances from NPCs in the backstab and riposte scripts.
    - Decreased the length of the parry window against NPCs.
    - Fixed a part of the poise/roll mechanics script that was generating many repeated errors.
    - Backsteps are now considerably faster at all roll weights. Previously, there was no advantage to backstep over backward rolling.
    - Rolling/backstepping can cancel attacks if they are executed early in the swing (prior to the "preHitFrame").
    - Weapons, shields are torches that are equipped now also count towards the roll weight.
    - Counter damage feature added.
    - Roll Feature-only version added
    - MCM option-set roll thresholds removed; replaced with a formula based on maximum stamina.
    - Ability of fast-roll to automatically break out of staggers removed; replaced with specific timings to roll out.
    - Allowed rolling earlier after the swing of an attack, immediately after the HitFrame animevent.
    - Set Actors or Races with the ImmuneParalysis to have virtually infinite poise. I felt that if the developers didn't feel it was appropriate to paralyze these Actors and Races (or perhaps didn't even include the data necessary to properly do so), it would be hazardous to allow staggering, even if it was not necessarily game-breaking. Notable races include the Wisps, Magic Anomalies, and Werewolves (since that playstyle would include having no intrinsic poise yet requiring close combat this change makes sense).
    - Improved rolling feature. Previously, spamming the roll key would actually cause significant script delays; this has been mitigated, though it is still not a good idea to try to spam the button. A sort of queuing feature has been added so that a roll can flow nicely into another roll if you tap the button towards the end of the first animation.
    - Edits from v1.4.2 added into the main packages.
    - .esm version added. .esm (master plugins) are believed to exhibit better script performance than .esp.
    - Ripostes on humanoids no longer force the riposted actor into a ragdolled state afterwards. The bug where riposted NPCs cannot attack afterwards is largely resolved.
    - Stamina use on attacks that previously required no stamina, and stamina regeneration delay during attacks, bashes, and rolls. This prevents the infinite roll-spamming that was possible previously. It also punishes bash-spamming with a larger stamina regeneration delay. Normal attacks with 0 stamina will stagger the player.
    - New MCM options added to customize stamina usage.
    - By default creature ripostes are disabled. There is a new MCM option to enable/disable this.
    - Stamina cost for attacks now calculated as intended.
    - Ripostes and backstabs will fail if stamina is 0.
    - Script optimizations based on the suggestions and advice of Borgut1337, FBplus, and WorshipTheSatan. This version features much greater stability than previous versions, but much more work potentially remains.
    - Option to disable rolling entirely added to MCM.
    - Creatures no longer have a delayed death when they have been parried but subsequently killed normally, while the Creature Riposte option is disabled.
    - Creatures not explicitly supported by the mod's poise feature have poise automatically calculated based on maximum health and stamina.
    - Weight calculations for rolling weight class and stamina consumption on attack were not being run as intended due to changes made in v1.5.2. This has been corrected.
    - Further script optimizations for improved stability.
    Please do not reupload, make a derivative work, or use assets from this mod without my permission.



  4. Beacon Automatic Looting Harvesting and Scavenging - Automatic Settlement Delivery

    This mod adds a new Loot Collection Beacon item. Dropping it in a cleared location allows you to automatically loot all bodies, containers, plants and loose items.
    After reaching a total of at least 20 settlers in all controlled settlements, a new NPC appears in the Diamond City marketplace named Brother Bob. Speaking with this NPC will allow you to receive one complementary Loot Collection Beacon for you to try out. Clear a location and drop the Beacon to use it. It is sorted as a Miscellaneous Object. The Beacon is most effective at facilitating looting when it is in the centre of an area. The Beacon will call a Scavenger who will allow you to select a controlled settlement to which the looted items will be delivered. When a Beacon is used but the player leaves an area before selecting a destination settlement or if a destination settlement is not chosen, all looted items will be automatically added to the player. Returning to Brother Bob will allow you to purchase additional Beacons.
    The looting mechanisms used by this mod to automatically loot whole ares is functionally the same as having your companion, for example, pick up items/harvest plants/loot containers. Because of some oversights by Bethesda, this can actually cause some scripts to not fire as presumably intended. For example, Bobbleheads and Magazines must be picked up by the player directly from the game world to fully elicit their effects. Having your companion pick up a Bobblehead then taking it from their inventory does not fully confer the same intended effect. This is the same case for this mod. You need to drop it on the ground and the pick it up again.
    Only items of the Vanilla game are fully supported. Items added by the DLCs or other mods will not be looted unless they are stored in bodies or containers. I do not own the DLCs.
    Do not upload this mod or derivatives to the Nexus. This mod and/or derivative works can be uploaded to all other sites.



  5. Battle Bard

    At this time, this mod is as complete as it can be as far as my skills will allow. However, I filed it under the category of WIP because there is one particular aspect that I want to add that I simply do not have the knowledge to do. That is animations. With Fore's FNIS Alternate Animations feature, I would like to add proper lute-playing animations to replace the default attack animations. Certainly, the LoversLab community has some of the best animation artists for TES games around. And that is why I have released this here and now. In addition to mod users who might be interested, I'd like to invite mod-makers who are familiar with animation-making to try out this mod and, if it shows promise, to consider helping me accomplish that goal.
    This mod brings a playstyle from Dragon Age: Inquisition's Multiplayer to Skyrim. Dragon Age: Inquisition's Virtuoso is primarily a support class with a diverse arsenal of magical abilities. But the method by which the Virtuoso readies these abilities for use is rather unique.
    The mod will add a Lesser Power to the player called "View Bardic Perk Tree". This Lesser Power will bring the player to an area where they can obtain the Lute Weapon (which is the player's access to the majority of the mod's features). Here, the player can also choose from a selection of 18 Perks specifically designed for this playstyle. 3 of the perks are offered for free. The others will require perk point investment, sufficient Speech skill, and prerequisite perks. 10 of the 18 perks allow your character to use unique abilities with their Lute. Using the Lesser Power again or activating the floor returns the player to their original position.
    With a Lute equipped and out, the player can queue Fire, Frost, and Shock "Notes". The keys used to queue these must be configured in the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) of the SkyUI mod. Up to 3 Notes can be queued. When 3 Notes are queued, but further Notes are added to the queue, the earliest Notes queued will be replaced. Using normal attacks will fire off basic projectile spells with the type corresponding to the earliest note queued. These projectiles deal very modest damage, but allow the player to regenerate Magicka. Using Power Attacks cause the player to play "Songs". Songs are your special abilities and which Song is played depends on the combination of Notes queued. To play a song successfully you must know it by obtaining the corresponding perk. Songs also consume Magicka.
    The effectiveness of the player's Songs and basic attacks are governed by the attack rating of their lute, whose damage scales highly with Speech skill.
    The majority of the Songs give a buff to the player and their allies while delivering debuffs to foes, within a 12 foot radius (shown visually with a ring effect). This is designed for a support class playstyle that enhances the combat efficacy of followers and nearby non-hostiles, while delivering little damage from the player him/herself.
    A list of the Songs' effects is below:

    SKSE v1.7.3 or later
    SkyUI v4.1 or later
    Qsleeves on Looperman for sounds
    Sampleswap for sounds



  6. Bard Songs Replacement Mod

    I thought about why I was using a mod to totally disable bards' automatic playing, and I realized that it wasn't because I disliked the idea of such a feature (I think it's actually quite immersive, more so than ambient tavern music). It was because of two reasons:
    1) I dislike the bards' music (both singing and instrumentals)
    2) The audience gathering and clapping scene is obnoxious and can actually disrupt scenes that I am interested in.
    So, what does this mod do?
    - Changes to Bard Scenes to either skip dialogue in favour of replacement (songs) or to redirect sounds to new files (instrumental).
    - Change to script (SF_BardAudienceQuestScene_00108ED5) for Bard Audience Scene to cause it to end as soon as it attempts to start.
    Bards will now randomly (not equally randomly, but approximately enough) choose songs from a custom directory to play. This applies to bards' instrumental music and singing music (they both select from the same pool of files).
    How do you customize your music?
    Installing the mod, you'll see that a new folder is added (Data\Sounds\fx\DAIBard). This folder contains 20 silent .xwm files. Replace them with your own music (converted to .xwm) and remember to rename them appropriately. The first 10 tracks ("Track01.xwm", "Track02.xwm", ..., "Track10.xwm") are for female bards (so put female-voiced songs in those slots); the last 10 ("Track11.xwm", "Track12.xwm", ..., "Track20.xwm") are for male bards (so put male-voiced songs in those slots); if you don't really care, then just duplicate you first ten tracks and rename them.
    Why is stuff in this mod prefixed by "DAI"?
    I originally made this to replace the Vanilla bard songs with bard songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition. And, I personally, like the first, sixth, and ninth tracks a lot. If your interested in those tracks, Bioware is giving them out for free for a limited time (until February 9, 2015): http://www.dragonage.com/en_US/news/inquisition-tavern-songs-giveaway
    Notes about the result of this mod
    You'll find that the bards will still select their instruments (Lute, Flute, Drum, Voice) based on the original track that was going to be played, but your custom track will be played instead. They will still animate (if applicable). They will not lip-sync the new track (nor will they lip-sync at all).
    - Initial release.
    - Tracks played are now dependent on the bard's gender. Tracks 01 to 10 make up the female bard songs pool, and tracks 11 to 20 make up the male bard songs pool.



  7. HDT Preset (14-28) for SeveNBase Bombshell Body

    So... I beat Dragon Age: Inquisition... Bloodborne's still a way out.
    I started streaming on Twitch to see if playing Skyrim from a different sort of perspective would be interesting to me, but my god-awful collision kept bothering me.
    Here's what I've got: not perfect, but it's pretty satisfactory to me. The video should give you a better idea of what the preset would look like in-game than my own words.

    HydrogensaysHDT for HDT Physics Extension
    Monsto Brukes for "Just For Fun" (JFF) hdtHavokModifier



  8. SexLab Slut Shout v2.5c

    Before you update or download, READ THIS! First off, take a look at the new features or changes. They are always listed below. Then, make sure that you like the changes, and only then download the update. Don't update "just 'cause"! Often, I make certain stylistic decisions that might not appeal to everyone. So, read the version history (where I emphasize this same point) and choose the version that best suits your needs. That's why I keep some of the versions up that I consider milestones or turning points.
    This is the most ridiculous mod I've ever made. Actually second most, but I'll still never compare to DDproductions83.
    This mod was requested by UglyManG, so here we go...
    Description and Version History
    This shout, which is added to the player upon loading the game, pacifies nearby women of Skyrim and causes them to transform into sloots. Nearby men (and possibly other things) will be pulled into some frenzied action. Note that the first two words of the shout only produce a calming effect; all three words must be used to initiate SexLab animations.
    v2 adds an interesting feature against nearby dragons. They get transformed into women to temporarily please the Dragonborn. They will return back to their original (likely aggressive) form once the spell has worn off (i.e. once the animation is over).
    v2.1 just fixes something minor: makes the dragon women run to you faster. Don't waste your time updating if it doesn't mater to you.
    You might want to think first before upgrading to v2.2. v2.2's big change (really this is a tiny mod, so...) is that "reserved" references are now allowed to be included in the orgy. In practice, this fixes the "bug" in earlier versions where pacified NPCs wouldn't be registered. Generally, however, bypassing the "reserved" check can break things if you use the shout during complicated scenes, so just try not to use the shout when complicated things are happening (or at least don't save after it appears that things might be beginning to break!). A second feature is a bit fetish-y: it makes the Dragon Wenches appear more dragon-scaled, like there's a real transformation going on. I apologize for my terrible texturing skills beforehand, but at least it's not my worst texturing work! Oh right! One last thing, but I don't think it will really matter with normal use. The shout can handle up to four dragons (since v2). Past that, you just have the Dragon Wench running away from the Dragonborn (but really, when will you ever be fighting five dragons?). Previous versions had these running Dragon Wenches transforming back within 20 seconds. That has now been increased to 3 minutes.
    v2.2b increases the allowed distance to nearby males, so that they will be more likely to be involved in animations (still, the filling of the aliases is totally up to the game's engine. I've done what I can). It also should fix an issue where the dragon scale effect shader isn't showing up properly.
    v2.3 fixes something that was really bothersome: the quest seemed really wonky in registering nearby men. So, I took a different approach and everything on that front seems to be working nicely. More orgies!
    v2.4 makes the shout a bit more combat-oriented. Now, after the sex animation with the Dragon Wenches, hitting them (which simply reverted them to their dragon form in previous versions) now also causes 30% damage to the Dragon's current health. Also, the Dragon Wenches will take on the Dragon's name so that the "transformation" is more believable. There are some minor aesthetic bugs related to this feature. First off, the name will not have the proper capitalization (which I can't do anything about). Secondly, there is a distinct possibility that, if you are using the shout on more than one dragon, the wrong name may display (this is just due to the limitations of what I can do with the script).
    v2.4b makes some minor tweaks to v2.4 which some users will like and others will not. It reduces the radius of the Shout's effect, and it removes the aura from the third Word of the Shout to reduce the likelihood that the Calm aura remains during a SexLab animation.
    v2.5 adds real sounds to the Shout now! At the time, I was watching a PewDiePie video, so I took a couple lines from it that I thought were fairly appropriate. However, you too can customize the sounds of the shout. Refer to the section below for more information. Aside from this, this version fixes a bug where Dragon Wenches' Dragon Scale appearance could disappear after a SexLab animation.
    v2.5b succeeds where v2.5 failed to fix the DragonScale Shader bug.
    v2.5c adds AI packages to affected female targets to have them travel closer towards the other actors that will be involved in a SexLab animation with them. This helps to decrease the likelihood of the player noticing as much "teleportation". Additionally, one of the scripts has been edited to include an extra check to avoid the possibility of SexLab animations not initiating if an invalid actor is accidentally included in the function call.
    A Chinese translation by RebyaAs.
    Customizing the Shout Sound for v2.5+
    - Navigate to Data\Sound\Voices\SexLab Slut Shout.esp. Notice that there are some subfolders here, each containing the same four files "BBSS_Playe_BBSS_PlayerShou_000038C5_1.xwm", "BBSS_Playe_BBSS_PlayerShou_000038C6_1.xwm", "BBSS_Playe_BBSS_PlayerShou_000038C7_1.xwm", and "BBSS_Playe_BBSS_PlayerShou_000038C8_1.xwm". I did not choose those names!
    - Consider the Fus Ro Dah shout. As a player, you may use Fus only (called StartShort), Fus...Ro (called StartLong for "Fus..." and EndShort for "Ro"), and Fus...Ro...Dah (called StartLong for "Fus..." and EndLong for "Ro...Dah"). Really read that and understand what is being said.
    - For this mod's Shout, "BBSS_Playe_BBSS_PlayerShou_000038C8_1.xwm" corresponds to StartShort, "BBSS_Playe_BBSS_PlayerShou_000038C7_1.xwm" corresponds to StartLong, "BBSS_Playe_BBSS_PlayerShou_000038C6_1.xwm" corresponds to EndShort, and "BBSS_Playe_BBSS_PlayerShou_000038C5_1.xwm" corresponds to EndLong. Again, really understand that!
    - So, use your favourite audio program to produce .wav or .mp3 files for each of StartShort, StartLong, EndShort, and EndLong.
    - Then, use an .xwm converter, such as MultiXWM, to create the necessary .xwm files.
    - Rename the files appropriately, and replace the existing files with your new files.
    - Remember: this process is not difficult or complicated; it only seems complicated because the Creation Kit chose those very long and confusing names!
    If you have thoroughly read the instructions, but are still confused, please post on the Support Thread for help. I will try to help explain things more simply for you. I really want people who try this mod to enjoy it as much as possible and I don't want confusing instructions to be the reason that that cannot be achieved.
    Install by copying the three files contained in the .rar file into your game's Data folder, or use a mod manager.
    As for updating, I'm pretty sure that overwriting should be fine. But don't overwrite your previous save file just to be sure!
    This mod requires SexLab Framework v1.30 or higher.



  9. TDF Equipment Restriction v2.6.8

    Short Description
    This mod seeks to mirror the level/skill restrictions found in some RPGs and MMOs regarding usable equipment. Weapons, armor and magic will now have skill requirements to be usable.
    Long Description
    When equipping weapons and armor, this mod will check to see if the player character meets skill requirements. As of v2.0, weapons are dealt with in the style of Dark Souls: the player can still attempt to swing the weapon, but will deal less damage, suffer heavy stamina damage, and be staggered/stunned temporarily. As of v2.5, armors are also no longer simply unequipped. Higher-level armor can still used, but at the cost of decreased effectiveness and, in the case of Heavy Armor, increased encumbrance. With the MCM menu, the skill requirements for each material type can be modified, and the mod can be made to affect or not affect Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Archery Weapons, One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, equipment used to block, and Magic. v2.6 adds support for shields and magic spells. Higher-level shields (and weapons for which the player fails the Block skill test) will cause staggering to the wielder when they block or bash. Higher-level magic can be used at the cost of lower effectiveness (Destruction and Restoration), lower duration (Conjuration and Illusion), and higher cost (Alteration).
    To explain the mod with an example, assume that the player has set the skill requirement for Iron equipment to 50; for the purposes of the example, this player has a One-Handed skill of 60, a Two-Handed skill of 40, a Block skill of 45, and a Heavy Armor skill of 35. The player may equip an Iron Sword without issue. As of v2.0, attempting to swing an Iron Warhammer will have the player deal significantly less damage and suffer staggering and stamina damage. In Dark Souls, the concept is that you lack the strength/dexterity to effectively wield the weapon, which results in your epic-ly failed swings. Bows which the player cannot use effectively will not cause the stamina damage and staggering, but will also deal significantly reduced damage. As of v2.5, the player's attempt to equip an Iron Helmet will result in the helmet being 15% less effective and increasing encumbrance. Similarly, higher-level Light Armor pieces are 30% less effective, but don't affect encumbrance. As of v2.6, the player's attempt to block or bash with the Iron weapons will cause the player to be staggered.
    By default, the mod affects Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Archery Weapons, One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, equipment used to block, and Magic, and the level requirements are as follows:
    Draugr, Hide (and Forsworn), Imperial, Iron, Leather (and Thieves Guild), Stormcloak, Wood - 0
    Bonemold, Steel (and Dawnguard), Studded - 20
    Chitin, Elven, Falmer, Glass - 30
    Aetherium, Dwarven, Nordic, Orcish - 40
    Ebony, Stalhrim - 50
    Daedric, Dragon - 60
    Novice - 0
    Apprentice - 20
    Adept - 40
    Expert - 60
    Master - 80
    v2.6.5 adds a new MCM option that incorporates a minor feature. Now, weapon swings when the player has 0 stamina will cause a staggering effect, if the feature is enabled.
    Latest Official Skyrim Patch (v1.
    Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs (optional)
    SkyUI (Highly recommended to allow customization and safer uninstallation)
    Extract and merge contents with Data folder.
    Can be placed anywhere in load order because it does not edit any Vanilla objects, and is thus fully compatible with all other mods.
    Unequip all equipment and save. Overwrite the files.
    Unequip all equipment, and use the Uninstall option in the MCM (if possible, otherwise a clean uninstall is not really possible).
    Save, quit, uninstall the mod, reload, and save again.
    FAQ (or, at least, good concept-related questions)
    Isn't this mod useless since Skyrim levels with the player, so they won't see higher-level equipment until they are a higher level?
    A lot of people use mods that delevel the world, like SkyRe and Requiem, so they can encounter higher-level equipment at low levels. Even without these mods, consider a high-level character specializing in Two-Handed weapons. They will be able to pick up some high-level One-Handed weapons, but probably would not be able to use them due to this mod. In a sense, this mod discourages multi-classing and encourages specialization. Additionally, even the the Vanilla game, many unique items that would qualify as higher-level items are available early in the game, so this mod discourages their premature use.
    Isn't a sword just a sword? Why should you wield one more effectively than another?
    Consider that high-level swords are heavier. That means that you need more experience to deal with the new weight properly, which explains why a lower-level player will wield a higher-level sword less effectively.
    Isn't this sort of system better suited to games based on skill investment rather than skill progression?
    I agree, but I feel that it still works quite well with Skyrim's system despite this. You could always use a mod like Skyrim Experience Mod if you prefer skill investment.
    Does this affect custom equipment from other mods?
    If the mod author added Keywords properly, it should affect that equipment or magic.
    Does this mod conflict with any mods?
    This mod was designed for maximum compatibility. I didn't edit any existing perks/weapons/armor/quests/etc. The only conflicts might be stylistic. For example, if you use a mod that gives you stamina as you swing a weapon (which doesn't make any sense), it will cancel out the stamina damage that my mod causes.
    - When the script unequips armor pieces, the change may not appear in the menu, but it is a purely aesthetic problem. This feature was removed in v2.5.
    - If a mod attempts to force you to use a specific weapon/armor to complete a quest or complete some action, for example, and the weapon/armor is (as far as my mod is concerned) requires higher skill levels, you won't be able to equip the item and thus won't be able to complete the quest. A Vanilla example would be with Nettlebane. My mod accounts for Vanilla conditions (i.e. gives Nettlebane, the Rusty Mace, and the Blade of Sacrifice exemption), but cannot account for equipment from other mods. In that case, you'd just have to temporarily disable my mod's feature(s). v2.0 is not based on weapon unequipping anymore.
    - I forgot to add a line to the translation file that causes the "dollar-sign" bug with the MCM header "Apply restriction to...". Fixed in v2.0.
    - The new spell magnitudes and durations may not display properly in SkyUI, but I don't think there is anything I can do about that.
    R0R0N0 for the mod idea.
    CGi for help with the MCM localization.
    monbabii for help with the mod concept.
    Chesko for a script that prevents the unequip-enchantment-charge bug.
    Version History
    v1.0 caused weapons/armors, that the player lacked the skill to use effectively, to be automatically unequipped.
    v2.0 developed the weapon aspect. It allowed the equipping of weapons that the player lacked the skill to wield, but using the weapon in combat would have consequences. Inspired by Dark Souls, such weapon swings would deal significantly reduced damage and cause the player to suffer staggering and stamina damage. I removed v1.0 because I felt that the original concept was very bland and too removed from what is realistic.
    v2.1 made minor tweaks. It causes staggering and stamina damage from failed two-handed weapon swings to be more severe than their one-handed weapon counterparts. To combat the Vanilla game bug where the player can attack while staggered, this version also causes weapon swings to slow dramatically to mimic the inability to swing the weapon again temporarily.
    v2.5 allows the use of higher-level armor pieces, but at the cost of decreased effectiveness (15% for Heavy and 30% for Light). Also higher-level Heavy Armor will increase encumbrance. It also adds support for lesser-used Armor/Weapon types that I missed earlier.
    v2.6 added support for Bound Weapons. Specialized support for Magic and Shields (and weapons used for blocking) was also added. The player can choose level requirements for Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, and Master level spells. Failing the level requirements in the respective school causes Alteration spells to cost more Magicka, Illusion and Conjuration spells to not last as long, and Destruction and Restoration spells to be less strong. For Blocking, failing the level requirement causes attempted bashing and blocking to stagger the wielder while blocking effectiveness is reduced by 25%.
    v2.6.5 adds a new minor feature that can be enabled/disabled through the MCM. When the player has 0 stamina, weapon swings will cause staggering to the player. v2.6.5b is identical to v2.6.5, except that it does not extend support to DLC equipment and does not require them. v2.6.6 and v2.6.6b rendered v2.6.5 and v2.6.5b, respectively, obsolete. They fixed an issue with one-handed Bound Weapons being improperly associated with the incorrect weapon type.
    v2.6.7 and v2.6.7b (for Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC users, and non-DLC users, respectively) add a new option to cause a chance to be disarmed after a failed weapon swing, block, or bash. By default, the chance is 10%, but the chance can be modified in the MCM.
    v2.6.8 and v2.6.8b finished up any keywords I missed. The No-DLC version added support for Stormcloak Officer armor; the DLC version added support for Dawnguard armor sets and Falmer Hardened armor sets.
    Modify/Edit/Upload anywhere as you wish, but credit me.



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