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  1. Here's a screen shot of one. The frost giants are the vanilla model, only with genitals. I added the facial bones, and unfortunately they don't work with XPMSE. Being able to mold and move the jaw, mouth, and tongue makes kissing and oral sex look much better. I appreciate the offer, but I just don't want the hassle of building and maintaining 2 separate mods. As I have always said, I am doing this for my game, first and foremost. The ultimate gay Skyrim. What I release, is what I use. Since I don't play SSE, I have no desire to build a mod for it.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Busy, busy, busy. lol The giants are now mostly body re-placers, just a bunch of big hairy men wandering around Skyrim. I had to "fix" their skeleton to make HDT work and that broke all existing sex animations. I tried some animations for them, but they just don't look right. They are too big for sex with humans, and too bulky for sex with each other. The carriage drivers rely on the facial add-on. All of my newer animations require it. The look is just too good to go back to the sexlab mouthOpen function. But, as I said, I can't get it to work consistently. Also, it requires a special skeleton, and that removes all the XPMSE customization features. But then, when I installed my skeleton and noticed the performance and HDT improvements, I have no interest in ever using it again. But more than anything, SSE pretty much ended my interest in distributing more content. Now that I have removed SSE from my systems, I don't even have the tools to convert. I enjoy modding the game; I despise converting and keeping track of 2 separate mods.
  3. Nope, no changes. Why, you want something? lol Just had someone PM me that he had tried to find it in the downloads. Doing well, thanks. Still trying to get the fucking faces to work. Works for the PC, but not the NPCs, and I don't know who to ask about it. I wish @smurf was still around. He got SOS to work. How are you?
  4. Per an indirect request, I have added Jewelry for Men to the downloads section. 🙃
  5. Here you go. This has an installer, so choose which one you want. Tested in NMM and Vortex. Also there is a strong box in the Riverwood blacksmith area, on the table in the back, that has five of each in it. The box is locked. Jewelry_For_Men - SoS.7z
  6. To import animations, the skeleton must be the same as in the animation, so you can't freeze or add controllers. Any changes to the skeleton have to be made after the animation is imported.
  7. You need the SSE version of SexLab. I don't know if NSAP was ever updated for SSE. Go here for a list of updated mods and links: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94228-sse-conversion-tracking-sep-16-3885/
  8. Oh, and more questions: Does anyone use Enhanced Character Edit or Character Making Extender? There is an entire second skeleton in XPMSE that I assume is for that because they are named CME. Does anyone use the genitals racemenu sliders for the schlong? I will see about adding them to the skeleton if it is a popular option. I don't use it, but then I have edited the meshes for the look that I want. Is anyone highly attached to the weapon positioning in XPMSE?
  9. I wish I could just do humans, but it appears that I will have to do something where beasts are concerned. Maybe just weight the jaw and not fight with the lips. For a chair it would have to be an animobject that pops in at the start of the animation. Something that I am thinking about doing is adding another quest that would involve bed animations. I really don't like animobjects popping in and out (and possibly getting stuck), so I am thinking about a few bed animations that would only play on specific beds (player houses). Something I learned from the Carriage quest is that Skyrim or Sexlab, or both, really don't like using existing markers for sex animations. So I am thinking of adding markers to specific beds and placing a dildo on the nightstand that when clicked would start a sex animation associated with it. I would probably do a masturbation and bj animations for that.
  10. If characters are not animating, that is a FNIS problem. Did you install the SSE version of FNIS and run the FNIS for Users tool? If so, were there any warnings? Is it the Steam version of the game?
  11. Well, this is the situation. I have built a new skeleton with facial nodes, adjusted the HDT nodes for smoother bounce and better collision and am working on a working anus. The HDT bodies can be easily corrected in nifscope. The problem is the facial nodes. If I continue with this, future animations will need to use the facial nodes for BJ animations (and kissing to an extent). In order for it to work with beasts, the head will have to be weight painted and that is something that I am hesitating getting into. So, I was curious how many used beasts and I guess you gave me the answer. This adds a whole lot of work that I am not looking forward to doing. (sigh) Why can't things ever be easy.
  12. I'm in a bit of a quandary. Question: Are there many users of my animations that play or engage with the beast races?
  13. Chances are, that is your problem. The body texture in your pic is the vanilla texture with the underwear. Make sure that Tempered Skins is loaded after WICO and SOS, and overwrites both.
  14. I like that idea, except for the not twins. I like the twin idea. For half-orc (or deformed) could use the human mouth with the orc textures, or modify the teeth to reduce the fangs. (hmmm, I'll have to try that and see how the facial morphs look. I hate the fangs.) Back-story could be that they were ostracized because the fangs didn't grow in (sign of manhood) and had the "family item" stolen because they were misfits. Find the first bro in an early dungeon with a series of quest to find the twin and then the item. JMHO
  15. Cell View - World Space - DLC1AncestorsGladeWorld (drop-down) Be sure to select Dawnguard.esm when loading the CK.
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