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Bathing in Skyrim - Male Animations




Has this ever happened to you?


You and your Dovahkiin have just finished clearing Bleak Falls Barrow (for the 1000nth time). After searching crypts and fighting Draugr, he is tired, sweaty, dusty and sore (and you have a cramp in your pinky). Nothing seems more inviting than an invigorating dip in the cool river that stretches out before him.


He climbs down the rocks and meanders ruggedly to the bank of the roaring watercourse, relishing the thought of relief that awaits within that swirling tributary.


He deftly removes his armor; and steps gingerly, yet with virility, into that cold flood. You hand him (console) a bar of Dragon's Tongue Soap. None of that frilly floral scented rub will do for your Dragonborn. He takes the soap and as he begins to cleanse himself you suddenly think:


OMG!!! What...in...the....HELL.....is he doing??


You watch in horror as your masculine, virile, macho Character transforms into Marilyn Monroe standing over a NYC Subway Grate. You quickly look away from your monitor, trying in vain to not lose the immersion for which you have so desperately striven; but, too late. The spell has been broken; your connection, violently severed.


Finally, after what seems like an eternity, he is dressed and ready to continue the adventure; looking as dapper, strong, and masculine as ever. Yet, the memory of that event haunts the depths of your mind, for what has been seen cannot be unseen; and your view of the Dragonborn has been forever altered.




Well, folks, gather 'round and may Talos be Praised. Never again will your male play-through be disrupted by non-masculine animations. For the low, low price of carpal tunnel and weight gain (from sitting in front of the computer all day; navigating with a mouse; and eating cheesy poofs and hot pockets), you too can download bathing animations that will do your Dovahkiin proud. Imagine, you can now sneer at Nazeem as you manly bathe in the Whiterun waterfall in preparation for your ascension to the Cloud District and your first meeting with the Jarl.







Bathing in Skyrim
(thank you Captain Obvious)


(duh, animations, yeah)





  • Install Bathing in Skyrim.
  • Install the Male Animations. Ensure that both FNIS files are overwritten
  • Run FNIS for Users. Ensure that Bathing in Skyrim V1.11m is read.



  • Remove the Male Animations
  • Run FNIS for Users. Ensure that Bathing in Skyrim V1.11m IS NOT read.


Note on Wash Cloth:


I did not animate with the Wash Cloth. I found the Bar Rag, that the original mod references, to be too large and bulky to be usable. If use of the Wash Cloth is important, then the original animations may be the better choice.




For the "pics or it didn't happen" crowd:


Password: bathing







Bethesda Game Studios: for TESV:Skyrim
@mz1n: for Bathing in Skyrim
@fore: for FNIS
me: for having too much time on my hands.

What's New in Version V1.00


  • Initial Release - V1.00 - 6/22/2017

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