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FloppySOS is an addon for Schlongs of Skyrim or Shape Atlas for Men.
This mod adds HDT behaviour to the schlong (and balls), making them twist and bend in ways schlongs are supposed to twist and bend.





  • Automatic: add FloppySOS to your mod list via MO or NMM.
    If you have a HDT mod installed, make sure to place FloppySOS after that mod in the mod priority list.
  • Manual: unzip FloppySOS.zip in your Skyrim folder. Overwrite hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll when asked.



How can I change the floppiness?
Any actor that has a schlong (that is XPMSE-compatible) can be floppified using one of the methods below.
This depends on the Toggle Mode set in the configuration menu (MCM). You can set a separate mode for the player and for NPCs:

  • Manual: floppiness is only changed when you use the floppify keys.
    By default, they are Shift+Del (floppify self) and Shift+Insert (floppify target). Note that these keys also work in the other methods below.
  • Erection Detection: floppiness changes when erection events are detected.
    For example, when a Sexlab scene starts, all involved actors will usually receive an erection event. When the scene ends, the actors receive an 'un-erection' event.
  • Arousal Based: the floppiness changes along with the actor's arousal level (from the Sexlab Aroused Redux mod).
    This is still in an experimental phase. Currently there are only 5 states; more states (with subtler differences) will be added later.


What are these floppy presets?
FloppySOS contains 5 presets that correspond to different physics attributes.

  • Full Floppy: the schlong dangles freely
  • Low Arousal: same as Full Floppy
  • Med Arousal: the schlong stands at 'half attention'
  • High Arousal: the schlong is erect, but can still bounce at the base
  • Balls Only: the schlong's physics are disabled. Use this mode for penetration during sex scenes.


How can I customize a floppy preset?
In the configuration menu (MCM), there is a Floppy Presets section. There, you can customize any of the 5 presets.


Open Issues

  • The balls may stretch away under some circumstances (under investigation)
  • The balls may get stuck inside the schlong upon certain sudden movements. The easiest way to 'unstuck' is to draw & sheathe your weapon.


  • tenzan, Fredas, ffabris, OmegaNovaios, unit00 - For testing, giving feedback and helping improve the mod
  • B3lisario - For UNP SOS, RCAE, and maintaining SOS
  • HydrogensaysHDT - For the HDT-PE mod
  • The authors of SOS, SkyUI, SKSE, and many more


Fixed: leak causing FPS drop and out-of-memory


Fixed: crash when entering specific areas, such as Jorrvaskr Living Quarters
Added check to make sure the correct patched hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll is being used
Made the MCM page 'Floppy Presets' a bit easier to use
Fixed: crash on random moments, generating a large dump file
Fixed: crash in MCM when exiting the preset menu without selecting a preset
Added the 'Disabled' preset again
Redesign: no longer item-based: no more equip sounds or slot conflicts
Added new mode: arousal-based floppiness
Add new slider: balls droop
Fixed: Schlong jitter in certain FPS ranges
Fixed: All modes now support the racemenu sliders
Fixed: Vagina collision: increased collision shape
Fixed: NPC schlongs no longer shrink on cell change
Fixed: Schlong size difference vs racemenu (nonfloppy)
Changed Floppify Target keybinding from Shift+End to Shift+Insert (because End is already used by Sexlab to end the sex scene)
MCM: Overhauled, added button "Reset All"
Added separate toggle modes for player and npcs


Custom "near-erect" mode: improved, more realistic movement
Showracemenu: all schlong sliders are now properly supported in custom mode
Fix for conflicts with other mods using slot 44: FloppySOS can now use any free slot, see the MCM for details
Fixed: collision with HDT vagina. Note: hdtm.xml is not required for collision
Fixed: constant equipping/unequipping sounds and broken floppiness in some savegames
Fixed: schlong or balls may jitter when using the key binding to change floppiness


New option for custom mode: Half-erect (shaft). Gives you an erect shaft but still HDT physics at the base of the schlong.
Fixed collision with hands/boobs/vagina in erection mode (i.e. when floppy schlong is disabled).
Fixed incorrect schlong size on game load.
Added more checks and diagnostics for possible conflicts or savegame issues.


New floppy mode: Custom (configurable in the MCM menu)
Added Floppify Self/Target key bindings (configurable in the MCM menu)
Added ground collision for the schlong and balls
Reduced frequency of the 'balls stuck' issue, also easier to unstuck


New config menu option: Default NPC Mode


Bug fixes
Requirement to RCAE added


Floppify spell split into two spells: Floppify Self and Floppify Other
No longer requires modification to the schlong nif
Config menu added with auto-disable option for erections.


Floppify spell added
More schlongs supported


Initial release


What's New in Version 2.3


  • Fixed: leak causing FPS drop and out-of-memory

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