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[AAF] Sexual Harassment - Gender Neutral NPCs (Dialogue Translation) Uncocked, Cocked 1.16.8

About This File

Sexual Harassment Gender Neutral NPCs Dialogue Translations

Requires Sexual Harassment and all of its dependencies


There are now 2 versions of this mod:
Player characters with a vagina should use the "Uncocked" version of this mod.
Player characters with a penis should use the "Cocked" version.

Both versions are now compatible with version 1.16.8!




As a fan of twistedtrebla's Sexual Harassment mod there was one thing I wanted to see change.  The option exists in the MCM to allow female harassers but many sections of the dialogue use he/him/his pronouns to refer to the NPC's.  My goal with this 'translation' is to make those interactions gender neutral in the sense that the NPCs will refer to themselves as they/them.  There are now 2 translations to choose from.  If your character has a vagina, please choose "Uncocked".  If your character has a penis, please choose "Cocked".  Uncocked may still include some female player character pronouns, but I tried to make Cocked more neutral when it comes to the player in order to support a broader range of play styles.  If you want to see a sample of the dialogue changes, I've moved them into this post on the support thread.  Generally I changed the NPC pronouns and adjusted the grammar accordingly. 


If you play through as a male presenting character with a vagina and don't feel that either of these versions work for you, I want to let you know that I'm hoping to do a third version in the future.  Please check the support thread for details and to make suggestions.


I will only be supporting relevant dialogue changes with this mod.  Any other issues should be brought up and discussed in the original Sexual Harassment support thread.  I will do my best to update this mod within a reasonable time frame as the original.


If you like the original mod please go and hit the thumbs up button on its download page!  You can also hit the Follow button to get updates in your inbox.



What's the deal with Uncocked?


"Uncocked" is the original version of Gender Neutral NPCs Dialogue Translations and has been updated to fix 5 more dialogues that I missed the first time around.  If you have the original mod feel free to update to Uncocked for even more immersion.  It's designed for players that are choosing female at the start of play with no changes to genitalia.  NPC dialogue retains the original genital dialogue with regards to playing with clit and fingering, etc.  Player character may still be referred to as 'miss' and 'girl' etc.  But NPC's themselves are referred to neutrally, with They/Them style pronouns.


What's the deal with "Cocked"?


"Cocked" is the new version of the dialogue translation geared towards any player character that has a penis regardless of their presented gender in game.  I wanted to provide a way for more people to enjoy this mod and have it be a bit more immersive.  Play as a Furry Cocksmith?  Awwesome.  Trans woman?  Sounds grand.  Gay gentleman?  Fantastic.  Bisexual?  Quite effectual.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or run into any lines of dialogue that have pronoun issues.  I think I caught them all, but I may have missed something.  There's definitely at least 1 message prompt which talks about "being wet" and I swear it's got to be buried in a script somewhere because I couldn't find it.  So if you see that one you'll just have to pretend it was raining.  I left some dialogue alone on purpose, like NPC's telling you to bend over, spread your legs, things like that.  So if you're playing as a male with female harassers, I guess you are about to get pegged (or rimmed if you prefer).


Disclaimer 1- Issues with Devious Devices:

If you use Sexual Harassment along with Devious Devices (and I recommend using the DD Community Patch!)
You should definitely check out Devious Devices RC8 Male Addon by @Nivea


Disclaimer 2:

If something doesn't work due to choosing male at character creation, I won't be able to fix it and I don't expect TwistedTrebla to either, since they have specifically designed it to work for female characters.  But if you want to report it in the support thread here so we can keep track of it, that's fine.


Recommended Settings:

- Set the Eligible NPC's in the MCM of Sexual Harassment according to how you want your character to be harassed.  By default the MCM sets female to disabled and male to enabled.  So if you want to go for pure Femdom for example, disable males and enable females.  However you decide to set it up, it should all work out pretty well.

- I recommend setting the maximum devices in SH MCM to between 2-4.  This should allow the "molest" scenes to mostly work ok.  
- If your hair disappears, don't worry.  It's not the radiation catching up with you,  it's just a devious hood that's been applied.
- Turn morphs off since they won't get applied anyway, as they only work for CBBE or Fusion Girl.  However, you can try leaving the chance for injection at default, my assumption is that you'd still get the buff/debuff and dialogue.





Fallout 4 ;)
Sexual Harassment- The original mod is required!  I am only providing a replacement plugin.  

The latest supported version is 1.16.8 (For both Cocked and UnCocked)

If you need an older version for whatever reason, I only have 1.11.5, 1.13.0, 1.13.4 and 1.14.3
Read, Follow and Install all of the requirements for the original mod

Please note that there's a newer version of Devious Devices now, it's currently referred to as the Community Patch.  I'll link to it in the comments.


Installation Instructions:


[AAF Fucking Manual] Up-To-Date Adult oriented setup guide - (If you have trouble getting AAF to work properly, please join the discord from the link in the guide!)
Sexual Harassment (SH) (Read and follow the original mod page and get that working first)

Once you have verified that your AAF and SH is working, and have downloaded your chosen version of the dialogue translation:


(Recommended Safer Method) - Install this mod as a higher priority than the original, while keeping the original enabled.  The plugin I am providing is the full plugin from the original mod, so if it has a higher priority in your mod manager then you should start seeing the updated dialogue.  If you install it this way it would be much easier to revert back to the original mod's dialogue if you don't like the changes, by just disabling this mod's entry in your manager (e.g. on the left hand side of Mod Organizer)




(Live on the edge) - Merge the included esp into your existing Sex Harassment mod folder.




Thank You:


@twistedtrebla - for the original mod and giving permission to post this translation!
Epervier 666 and anyone else involved in making the ESP-ESM Translator mod
All the people that make AAF work!

And thank you!


Feel free to follow my blog if you are interested in future plans for this or other mods I've uploaded.

Edited by Sgt. Marge
Added Cocked 1.16.8

What's New in Version Uncocked, Cocked 1.16.8


What's New?


Released September 6, 2022 - Cocked Version 1.16.8

- Thanks for your patience, let me know if anything needs adjusting ;)

- I'll leave the 2 older versions up until the next iteration of the main mod


Released June 17

June 17, 2022 - Uncocked Version 1.16.8

- Uploaded Uncocked 1.16.8
- I am working on the Cocked version, there are more changes to be made there.  It should be ready in a few days. (oops)

 May 9, 2022 - Version 1.15.0

- Uploaded new versions to align with the most recent release of Sexual Harassment 1.15.0
- Dropping support for 1.11.5, 1.13.0 and 1.13.4 as they are no longer available for upload on the original mod page.  Ping me in the support thread here if you want them.
- If you are staying on 1.14.3 I'll leave that test file in the support thread if you need it (Uncocked only), as it is still available on the original mod page.

- I didn't include the .eet files. If you really really want them, let me know.
- You are worth it.  Be kind to yourself.  Take breaks, hydrate, and don't mod while hungry, angry or tired!

April 19, 2022 - Version 1.13.4

- Uploaded new versions to align with the most recent release of Sexual Harassment 1.13.4
- Old versions will remain
- I skipped 1.12.0 but I doubt anyone needs it for that version since it was short lived.
- "Time is an illusion.  Lunchtime doubly so." - Douglas Adams


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